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4 min read FEB 08, 2023

Every year the Recording Academy of the United States holds an award ceremony, the Grammys, to recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry.

Creators, songwriters, producers, engineers, and artists who’ve captivated the industry and the world with their talents gather for the ceremony: to celebrate one another, to anxiously anticipate the announcement of the year’s Grammy winners, and of course, to sample incredibly healthy and delicious coffee!

Wait, what?

That’s right, this year some of the music industry’s most talented were privileged to sample and take home a bag of Lifeboost, some of the healthiest, tastiest coffee on the planet!

Prior to the award ceremony, nominees are annually invited to partake in some pre-Grammy pampering at Secret Room events where sponsors, like Lifeboost, put together luxury gifts they can enjoy.

And, today we’d like to give you a recap of our time there, doing what we love most - sharing amazing coffee with folks, bringing health and smiles to all we meet! 

Sharing samples, swag, and smiles

Lifeboost wasn’t simply founded upon a love for coffee, but a love for healthy and delicious coffee.

We knew the potential health benefits of this amazing brew, but we also knew most of the world’s coffee was produced in ways that could potentially harm both the environment and our health.

So, we sought the best of the best…

- a coffee that was sustainably farmed, supporting both the environment and the farmers who grew it
- a coffee that was grown without the use of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, etc)
- a coffee that was low acid, single origin, elevation and shade grown, organic, and densely nutritious
- a coffee that we could savor with each sip, knowing our health wasn’t compromised and our taste buds were fully satisfied

…and, long story short, we found it!

So then, what do you do when you find something you love, something that’s healthy and incredibly decadent? You share it, telling everyone you know about what you’ve discovered.

And, in a nutshell, here at Lifeboost, that’s what we love to do.

We love to share Lifeboost with our friends and family.

We love to offer our customers the best coffee on the planet, bringing you deals, discounts, and subscription offers so you can always have a healthy, tasty brew to enjoy.

And, each chance we get, we love to share Lifeboost with our local community, donating to our first responders, shelters, nurses, teachers, and more.

This time, however, the opportunity to share Lifeboost took us all the way across the country, to Los Angeles, California, where we were able to share our coffee with our favorites in the music industry at the Grammys.

Prior to the Grammys, each year nominees are invited to Secret Room Events’ Pre-Grammy Nominee Lounge.

And, this year, the luxury celebrity gift suite was located on the rooftop of the Petersen Automotive Museum, where co-sponsors in the beauty, fashion, jewelry, and wellness (ahem, Lifeboost Coffee) industries shared gifts with actors, influencers, nominees, and media.

What did we share, specifically?

Each gift from Lifeboost contained a full bag of coffee, a coffee scoop, 2 go bags, and 2 pods.

And, all those who spent time near the Lifeboost table, of course, were able to see the array of products we offer beyond coffee, from our Everlo Coffee Drops, to our t-shirts, mugs, and more.

But, it’s what couldn’t be sealed into a luxury gift box to hand out to honored guests that made the biggest impact that afternoon…samples and smiles!

Two of our favorite ladies at Lifeboost handed out decadent, healthy cold brew samples to guests of the Secret Room event, and since “a picture is truly worth a thousand words” we’ll let our words be few from here forward so you can see for yourself the impact a great, healthy cup of coffee, a kind word, and a smile can have on anyone: young, seasoned, serious, and so on…

Geared up for a great event, Lifeboost’s own set up a beautiful display showcasing our coffee and our care; aren’t those just the best smiles you’ve seen today?

And, as the afternoon progressed, these two ladies kept the smiles, gifts, and coffee samples flowing… 

Some stopped for a sample and stayed for a selfie…  

…and a great group photo as well.

Others took their sampling quite seriously, carefully taking in the aromas, slowly sipping to detect each sweet, even caramelized flavor note.


Of course, others enjoyed their sampling so much, they opted to forego seriousness for full-blown coffee-loving fun!

Grateful for the gift of healthy coffee and a fun, joyful encounter with Lifeboost representatives, many stopped for a snapped pic of their swag with a smile. 

Even some of the youngest in attendance found something to smile about with Lifeboost!

And, that’s truly what we’re all about - sharing clean, healthy coffee, spreading kindness as we connect with those around us, both locally, and across the country, be it with lifelong friends, family, and neighbors, or Grammy nominated celebrities.

Check out Lifeboost Coffee Medium Roast.

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