How to Make Iced Coffee in a Keurig- Perfect Iced Coffee Hack

8 min read APR 12, 2023

Don't break the bank on your favorite summertime drink - iced coffee! With a Keurig, you can easily make barista-quality iced coffee at home without spending too much money. The convenience of having fresh homemade drinks from pod brewer systems like this is unbeatable for those always in need of their daily caffeine fix.

However, it's important to keep in mind that there may be compromises made regarding elements such as taste when using these types of machines over higher-end competitors. If flavor and intensity are what excite you about morning coffee though don't worry; we've got some tips coming up later on how to take things even further than just simply brewing with pods alone.

How to Prepare Iced Coffee Using a Keurig

What do you require?

For a delicious summery treat, making your own iced coffee with a Keurig machine is as easy as can be! Start by selecting either one of the amazing K-Cup flavors or use the My K-Cup Reusable filter. Then pour it into an ice-filled thermos or glass and add in two tablespoons of milk/creamer plus three teaspoons sugar for extra sweetness - voila! You have yourself the perfect iced beverage to enjoy on hot days.

We suggest going for a dark roast with intense flavor for the best results to avoid dilution due to the ice or added milk. If you are brewing directly over ice, be sure to use a larger cup than usual, and do not use glass as it may shatter from the sudden temperature change.

How to Brew it?

Get the machine up and running.

Getting ready to use this method is a breeze. Just turn on your Keurig, top up the water levels, and insert either your K-Cup or My K-Cup. When using the latter, you'll need to fill it with ground coffee first before popping it into the machine for brewing.

Ready the Cup

There are two different variants for this bit. You can fill your cup with ice first and brew directly over it, or you can brew into one mug and put ice in a separate glass. Then, when it is done brewing, slowly pour the hot coffee over the ice.
The first method is our preferred choice, as the risk of spilling or making a mess is reduced with an appropriately-sized glass. Furthermore, you only need to clean one cup rather than two - ideal for those who are short on time. However, if this is your initial attempt and you're uncertain about how much ice should be used or whether your glass will serve its purpose adequately, opt for the second option.


Brewing a cup of coffee is an easy process that starts with selecting your preferred cup size. After you have made your decision:

  • Initiate the brew.
  • Grab some milk or creamer from the refrigerator.
  • Wait for the process to finish.

Depending on the method chosen, this can take anywhere from a few minutes to half an hour.

Complete the task

Finally, you can bring your Keurig Iced Coffee to life by pouring in a splash of chilled milk. This addition will cool down the drink quickly and prevent the ice from melting too rapidly.

Keurig Machine For Iced Coffee

Now, you have a choice of Keurig machines to make iced coffee. Any brewing tool can be used - Iced coffees are THAT easy. However, if you're looking for something specifically designed with an iced coffee in mind, the K-Elite is your answer. Let us tell you more about it.

Keurig K-elite Single Serve

The Keurig K-Elite Single Serve coffee machine is an impressive innovation for those who love a strong, concentrated cup of iced coffee. With its "iced" button, the brew temperature and volume are adjusted to prevent any weakening when ice is added. What's great about this model is that it isn't exclusive in producing excellent cold beverages - all other models with a "strong" or "shot" option can do so equally well without affecting taste quality. Additionally, Keurig sells specially-made tea pods just for brewing over ice! Overall, the machine proves versatile and efficient at making both hot and cold drinks from home without sacrificing flavor or convenience.

Tips for Making Refreshing Iced Coffee

Make Coffee Cubes

Iced coffee is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy your favorite brew, but a problem often accompanies it – the ice dilutes the flavor as you drink. To combat this issue, an easy solution is to make coffee cubes.

This method requires some planning before making the cubes, starting with brewing a large batch of coffee. Once that's done, carefully pour it into an ice tray – metal or silicon work best, although plastic should be okay if you let your brewed coffee cool down first before pouring. Place in the freezer for 5 hours, and after that time, transfer the cubes to a ziplock bag or even wrap the entire tray in a gallon bag before freezing.

Brew In Twos

Brewing two 4 or 6-ounce cups of coffee back-to-back over ice is a great way to enjoy stronger and richer-tasting coffee. This method involves switching out the used pod between brews, allowing for a higher grounds-to-water ratio than if you brewed one 8-ounce cup.

However, this method does create more waste if disposable cups are used, so it is recommended to use recyclable or returnable cups or My-Cups that can be emptied and refilled. To maximize the strength of your brew, pour the finished product over a cup containing ice instead of directly over ice. This prevents the ice from melting too quickly and thus ruining the desired result.

Brewing two smaller cups consecutively also ensures that your coffee will stay hot through both brews without having to reheat in between. With this method, you can easily enjoy a tasty drink with increased strength and flavor.

Easy Iced Coffee Recipes

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you're in the mood for a tasty and refreshing beverage, look no further than Vietnamese iced coffee. This delicious drink is usually made with a special drip tool that brews an extra-strong cup of coffee, which is then combined with condensed milk and poured over ice.

However, if you don't have access to this equipment or just want an easier option, try using your Keurig K-elite Single Serve machine instead! Simply select either the "strong" or "shot" button on your device and add two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk to the bottom of your cup before brewing directly over it.
Once finished brewing, stir well to combine everything together and pour it all mixture nicely into some fresh ice cubes so as to enjoy great sips inch by inch - voila!

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is the perfect way for anyone who needs a quick and convenient iced coffee. Cold brews are created by steeping coarse grounds in room temperature water for 10-20 hours before filtering it to create a concentrated coffee that can be diluted with water, milk, or ice.
This concentrate can last up to a week in the fridge, eliminating the hassle of brewing multiple cycles to get your desired intensity. This makes cold brew ideal for busy people who need an energizing cup of iced coffee on the go every day.
Cold brew offers powerful antioxidant benefits due to its low acidity and higher levels of compounds like polyphenols than other brewing methods. Thus, not only does it provide an easy way to get your daily dose of caffeine, but it also has potential health benefits.

Iced Out

Brewing coffee with your Keurig is an easy and convenient process that can yield many delicious results. Whether you're looking for a strong espresso or a light, refreshing iced drink, you can create the perfect cup in mere minutes. The key to making an iced beverage is to brew directly over the ice with a K-Cup. Doing so will result in a homogenized temperature and full-bodied taste. However, it's important to use a mug or cup made of plastic or ceramic, as glass is not something you want to brew over ice.

Whether you're new to Keurig brewing or just looking for different ways to enjoy your favorite drinks, using K-Cups for iced beverages is a great way to try something new. With its quick convenience and wide range of flavors available, making iced coffee with your Keurig has never been easier or more delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is it necessary to use K-Cups for iced coffee?

No, it is not necessary to use K-Cups for iced coffee. You can also brew regular ground or whole bean coffee and follow specific instructions on how to make a cold brew.

2. Should I use hot or cold water when brewing over ice?

When making an iced coffee using the traditional drip method, you should always begin with hot water as this will extract more flavor from your grounds before being diluted by melting ice cubes.

3. How much ice should I use when making iced coffee?

The amount of recommended ice generally depends on preference - but usually adding one cup per serving works best since during the process some of them tend to melt.

4. What is the water-to-ground ratio used for an iced coffee K-cup?

This information may vary depending upon brands; however most manufacturers suggest that consumers add up to six ounces (180ml) of fresh water into their Keurig machine. Then after placing new k-cup filters inside they fill up another eight oz.

5. What’s The Best Way To Store My Leftover Ice Coffee?

If storing leftover brewed coffees were done carefully through sealing tightly without any remaining air in either plastic bottles containers pre-filled halfway around each while avoiding light entering somewhere cool such fridge area which could last up to one week.

6. Is there a way to make an iced coffee that doesn't involve using a K-Cup?

Yes, you can easily brew regular ground or whole bean coffee and follow specific instructions on how to make cold-brewed coffee or pour-over brewing methods such as Chemex which will always produce great tasting cool cups of java without having any harsh overtones coming off your drink.

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