How I Love Thee, Lifeboost Coffee - Let Me Count the Ways

7 min read SEP 27, 2022

I love coffee. I look forward to enjoying it each and every day. 

Of course, like most coffee-lovers, I’ve got my preferred methods for brewing. But, I also like to be adventurous, switching things up just to experience new methods, new recipes, and new flavors. 

And, these days, nearly every recipe, brewing method, flavor, and variety I try brings me great joy. 

But, it wasn’t always this way. 

I mean, sure, I’ve loved coffee for years, but not to the level I do now. 


Well, not all coffee is the same, of course. 

See, I went through a period of time when even trying to enjoy a truly great cup of coffee became pretty dang discouraging! 

Until I found Lifeboost Coffee

I could seriously talk to you for hours about Lifeboost, but I feel like this would be best summed up by just telling you about a conversation I had with a stranger, now a friend, in the aisle of my local grocery store. 

What, you don’t start up conversations with random strangers out in public?

Pondering health, flavor, and freshness in a grocery aisle

I’ve not purchased coffee from a grocery store shelf even one time since my first sip of Lifeboost coffee. But, as I briefly mentioned above, I do love a good coffee recipe. 

So, I found myself in need of rice milk to make an espresso infused horchata (incredible, by the way), and since I didn’t have the patience to make my own rice milk, I ventured out to our local grocery store. 

Well, it just so happened that the dairy milk alternatives were located on the opposite side of the aisle where the coffee was shelved. 

As I was perusing the rice milk options, I overheard a gentleman behind me lamenting the coffee selection, so much so that he commented to me, “you know, I don’t even know why I drink this stuff anymore!” 

I immediately made some kind of remark about how I couldn’t live without coffee, to which he kind of interrupted me to reply, “Me too, but it upsets my stomach 90% of the time, half this stuff tastes like it’s been sitting here for years, and anymore I’ve got to load it with cream and sugar just to make it palatable.”

Of course I couldn’t keep what I knew to myself…I mean, most of us can’t survive without coffee, so I had to let him in on my secret.

“I know what you mean, man. I used to be the same way.” 

“Used to be?”

“I don’t drink any of that stuff anymore. I only drink Lifeboost Coffee now.”

“Hmmm, I don’t see it here.” 

“Haha, nope, you won’t find it on the grocery shelves. It’s simpler than that. You can order it online and have it shipped right to your door.”

He then casts an inquisitive, if perhaps a bit skeptical, glare my way and says, “keep talking…” 

So, I did. 

“Since I’ve been drinking Lifeboost I’ve actually learned quite a bit about coffee in general. And, a lot of this mass produced stuff is grown in deforested areas in the sun at low elevations. It’s roasted, packaged, then journeys from warehouse, to truck, to grocery storage, to shelf with lofty ambitions for expiration dates. 

And, all of those things affect the flavor you’re experiencing. 

Lifeboost Coffee is a specialty, single origin coffee, so you can know exactly where it’s grown, in a single location. 

Lifeboost is also grown at high elevations using sustainable farming methods, which means their farmers incorporate the use of the natural habitat where the coffee plants are grown, negating the need for and use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides when growing their coffee. 

Each of those things affects the flavor of the coffee as well, except in Lifeboost’s case, in a positive way. 

Then there’s the matter of process. 

Lifeboost is hand selected, spring water washed, and 3rd party tested for mycotoxins and other chemicals, molds, and heavy metals.”

That’s where he interrupted, wide-eyed, “Wait, coffee has to be tested for mold? How come?”

“Yep. There’s actually a lot of foods that contain mycotoxins, and depending on where and how coffee is grown, processed, and stored, it can be a huge mycotoxin risk.

With Lifeboost, since their coffee is grown at high elevations, this actually reduces the risk for the build up of molds as the coffee grows. Then, with their meticulous processing methods, and rigorous testing, I don’t have to worry about those toxins when I enjoy my coffee. 

And, the taste is honestly just better!”

“Hmmm, so are molds why I have stomach issues when drinking just any old coffee that’s on sale off the shelf?”

“Depends, but probably. There’s also the issue of the acid content of coffee. 

Most conventional coffees, like those here on these shelves, have a pH of 5, which is acidic, and can contribute to acid reflux, GERD, and other stomach issues. Lifeboost Coffee naturally has a pH of 6, almost as alkaline as water…another win for taste and tummy issues! 

Personally, I’ve not had stomach issues from coffee even once since switching to Lifeboost.”

“Really!? Wow! Okay, so my wife likes the flavored stuff. You know, like french vanilla, mocha, and all that stuff. Do they have those kinds?”

“Haha. Actually, Lifeboost not only has tons of flavors to choose from, they’re continuing to add more flavors all the time!”

“Well, wait a minute. If they’ve got such a huge amount of products, aren’t they basically just like the crazy selection here in this store. So many to choose from that surely some sit for months at a time in a warehouse til they’re ordered?”

“Not at all. That’s another thing I love about Lifeboost. They don’t roast (or flavor) the coffee until you order it.” 

“Wait, what?”

“Yep, it’s that fresh!” 

“And, they don’t use chemical flavorings either. They flavor their coffee with natural oils and extracts, so it’s basically like our grandmas used to use in the kitchen, like vanilla or almond extracts when baking cakes and cookies…without the added calories!

Personally, I love to add a bit of heavy cream. I feel like this brings out the flavors even more, even with the classic roasts, like light, medium, and dark.

My wife absolutely loves the Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble and the Pistachio. My cousin is crazy about the Light Roast and the Cinnamon Cappuccino. Me, I love the Light Roast, the Dark Roast, and then I play around switching up flavors constantly.”

“Constantly? How much coffee do you order at a time?”

“Haha, honestly, the more you order, the more you save with Lifeboost since they offer a subscription service. So I order a lot!”

For instance, I get six bags a month with my subscription at barely more than $20 a bag. And, my wife and I can share those, rotating new flavors to try now and then, or sticking to all six of the same kind. It’s pretty awesome…and simple.”

“You’re kidding!? The way you’ve described this liquid gold, I thought I’d be taking out a second mortgage. Haha!”

“Nah man, they really do things right there. Specialty, clean, pure, smooth, tasty coffee and plenty of ways to get the best deal possible too!”

“Wait, what about k-cups?”

“They’ve got k-cups (that are environmentally friendly, by the way), cold brew, even bags to steep coffee if you need some on-the-go or travel options.

Here, you should download their app. Or, you could go to their website, their customer service is out of this world. 

Heck, here’s my number. If you try it, text me and let me know what you think.”

“Thanks, man. I will!” So, about a month went by after this grocery aisle conversation. I’d nearly forgotten all about it. 

Then, out of the blue one day I get a text from the guy. It’s a pic of him and his wife, each with a mug of freshly brewed Lifeboost coffee in hand, both of them smiling ear to ear. “Thanks SO much,” he wrote.

We later learned that our kids go to the same school. Our wives now go to the same gym. We get together about once every other month. 

Lifeboost coffee, I’m telling you, it changes everything! 

Great clean coffee, low acid, wonderful, delicious, benefits your health…and even sparks grocery store conversations that lead to great friendships!

Check out Lifeboost Coffee Optimist Light Roast.

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