Energize Your Summer: How the Ancient Solstice Awakens Modern Vitality

6 min read JUN 19, 2024

Energy is the key to experience. Everyone finds their energy in different ways, but it’s safe to say that without it, we wouldn’t be able to get what we want out of life! Energy is defined as “the capacity or power to do work.” As much as we reach for our daily cup of coffee (or three) to get the energy we need throughout the day, we humans have a natural connection to the cyclical seasons that highlight our lives. Just as we brace ourselves for the fall and winter seasons, knowing the cold and cozy times are coming, the advent of spring and summer brings the excitement and energy of wanting to be alongside blooming life and nature. At the center of this natural build-up of energy is the summer solstice, the day in which the sun shines the longest, or, the longest “day” of the year.

At Lifeboost, we are always trying to harness the power of energy through healthy natural sources, all of which use the power of the sun to grow. From the coffee beans we use from all around the world, our tea leaves, and the mushrooms going into our various health booster products, we do not take the power of the sun lightly! The summer solstice, occurring this year on June 20th, has long been considered by many cultures as the peak moment in the year for renewal, energy, and connection to nature. In ancient times, when the universe was not yet understood, civilizations looked towards the sun for answers and used the summer solstice as a time to nourish one’s self, grow, and evolve.

At a base level, we know how important the sun is to our mood and energy levels. When those first hot summer days come our way, we are drawn to the warmth, energy and light the sun brings. With our four pillars of clean, cause, connection, & kindness, we at Lifeboost are always here to support your energy needs - making sure we are innovative in bringing new ways to energize the mind and body so you can have the power to get your work done. Sourcing the best ingredients for our products to keep our customers healthy in as many ways as possible is our primary goal, as seen with our VitD+K2 and HpAdapt boosters! What makes these perfect for restoring your energy levels and boosting your health? Let’s take a quick look!


Vitamin D, often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” plays a huge role in your overall health and well-being. How many times have you heard or been told to go outside and “soak up the sunshine” on beautiful days? That is because the sun can be a natural way for our bodies to create vitamin D, which can fuel your overall health and energy; however, air quality, fog, clouds, age, and a variety of other factors reduce how much vitamin D our bodies create simply through sun exposure (not to mention needing sunscreen and being careful of protecting our skin in other ways when it comes to sun exposure!).

Supplementing vitamin D into what we eat and drink can be a great way to gain the health benefits of this powerhouse vitamin, without relying too much on factors outside our control.

So why is vitamin D so important? Vitamin D is essential in promoting bone and muscle health, brain health, and hormonal balance, as well as supporting your immune system.

At its core, Vitamin D is like a master communicator. It binds to receptors on cells, known as Vitamin D receptors (VDRs), which are found throughout the body. This binding helps cells "talk" to each other, ensuring they function harmoniously.

These VDRs are found throughout our cells, including immune cells and brain cells. When Vitamin D binds to the VDRs in our immune cells it helps our body defend against invaders and gives us a boost in our defenses, if you will. When it comes to our brain cells, Vitamin D’s interaction with VDRs is believed to play a role in mood regulation and overall brain health. Who doesn’t want a healthy, well-functioning brain?

Vitamin D has been linked to many other benefits, from maintaining balanced hormones to helping our intestines absorb calcium which improves the strength of our bones. Vitamin D also promotes the production of vitamin K-dependent proteins, which need vitamin K to function properly. Vitamin K, similarly to Vitamin D, promotes bone and muscle health as well as supports our immune system. These two vitamins have been shown to be difficult to get through diet alone (or sunshine!), which makes our VitD+K2 coffee drops a perfect addition to your morning cup - helping you to start your morning off with a health boost so you are fueled throughout your day.


Sometimes pushing through a long day, whether you are worn down from family obligations, work deadlines, or maybe you pushed your body a little too far, can seem a daunting task. While caffeine, or other energy drinks, can have a great temporary effect, the effects are just that - temporary and short-lived.

Our HPAdapt Adrenal Drink is a natural, caffeine-free solution designed to give you long-lasting energy and focus.

What is HPAdapt?

HPAdapt targets your HPA Axis for energy restoration, aiming to fix the core issue of your fatigue and not just temporarily boosting your energy.
The HPA Axis is a complex set of relationships between the Hypothalamus, the Pituitary gland, and the Adrenal glands (or HPA).

This interconnected system controls reactions to stress and regulates many body processes including your digestion and metabolism, your immune system, your mood and, of course, your energy.

You may have heard of the “fight or flight” response. That’s your body’s primitive, hard-wired stress-response system and when it is activated, your HPA axis reacts by triggering a release of hormones from our adrenal glands, including adrenaline and the master stress hormone, cortisol.

These hormones cause the body to undergo a series of quick changes:

  • Our heart rate increases.
  • Our pupils dilate.
  • Our awareness intensifies.
  • Our perception of pain diminishes.
  • Our blood sugar levels rise, providing immediate energy.

And our blood is shuttled from areas of less importance at the time, like the digestive tract and immune system, into our muscles and limbs. In other words, we become prepared, physically and psychologically, for fighting or fleeing - hence the name “fight or flight.”

Once we deal with the threat… such as fighting a tiger like our ancestors, or handling the extreme stress of our day-to-day lives, our hormones SHOULD return to normal levels.

Unfortunately, our day-to-day stress has evolved throughout the years to be more emotional or empathetic rather than physical, and can be a consistent presence or at least a prolonged emotional state, rather than a quick physical reaction.

What happens is our adrenal glands are constantly turned “on,” pumping more and more toxic stress hormones into our bloodstream for events that pose no real threat to our physical survival.

The result is Fatigue. And that's a problem not only because it drains your energy, but also because it threatens your health.

HPAdapt is designed to help your HPA axis adapt through Adaptogens, which are a unique kind of plant compound that encourages the body to adapt to changes in the environment… especially to physical and mental stress… without any major side effects. Restoring your energy and focus, while also helping you to feel rejuvenated and ready to take on anything!

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