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What could possibly be more quintessentially American than starting your day with a steaming mug of coffee? The irony, however, lies in the fact that the device you use to brew this symbolic beverage may not share the same roots.

If you've ever tried to consciously purchase a coffee maker manufactured in the USA, you've likely found that it's no easy task. With increasing numbers of companies outsourcing their manufacturing process to optimize costs and maximize profits, it's becoming more challenging for consumers to find authentic "Made in the USA" coffee makers.

However, there's no need to despair! After rigorous research and a good deal of exploration, we've done the heavy lifting for you. We've curated a list of the finest coffee makers proudly produced in the USA. So, all that's left for you to do is peruse our list and select the one that fits your needs perfectly!


To better understand the distinction between "Made in the USA" and "Manufactured in the USA " it's important to clarify their meanings. We often come across lists labeled as "Made in the USA " which actually include items that are only assembled domestically rather than entirely produced here.

While these terms may appear similar they represent different concepts.

The label "Made in" suggests that "almost all or all" of the components and labor involved are sourced and completed within the United States according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Sometimes businesses use labels like "Assembled in " "Built in " or "Manufactured in" to indicate that a product's assembly took place within US based facilities while its components were manufactured outside of US borders. As a result these products don't strictly fit into the category of being "American Made" since their materials originate from overseas.

Unfortunately finding American made coffee makers is becoming increasingly challenging in today's market. This is especially true when it comes to coffee brewing machines as finding one that is assembled within the United States can be quite difficult.

So which coffee makers are actually put together in the United States?


The coffee makers listed here are not just designed with superior quality. They also uphold a commitment to American manufacturing. Each component of these machines is produced domestically, ensuring that they are true American products. Their manufacturing and assembly processes are conducted entirely within the United States. As a result, these coffee machines proudly bear the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) certification as products "Made in the USA."


The Aerobie Aeropress, without a doubt, tops our list of favorite coffee makers manufactured in the United States. Every single component of this product is domestically sourced, and the assembly takes place in Palo Alto, California, USA.

You might encounter mentions of Aeropress in various corners of our site, owing to its popularity among several team members. The Aeropress is particularly revered for its innovative design and multi-functionality.

Capable of producing 1-3 cups of comforting American-style coffee in just about 60 seconds, the Aeropress offers the best of both worlds. It deftly maintains a balance between the sharpness of Pour-over coffee, courtesy of its paper filters, and the voluptuous richness of French Press coffee, thanks to the steeping process.

Furthermore, the Aeropress exhibits a versatility seldom seen in other coffee makers. It can also brew dense, rich coffee as a substitute for an espresso machine. This versatility, coupled with its consistency, makes it an exceptional brewing tool.


Following the Aeropress, we introduce the Pour Mason, a product of meticulous handcrafting in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. Red Rooster Trading Co. is a brand that prides itself on promoting American-made products. If you value craftsmanship and authenticity in your coffee brewer, they are the perfect match for you.

The Pour Mason epitomizes the maxim "Keep it simple, stupid". This straightforward brewing tool fits snugly on top of your mason jar. All you need to do is add a filter to some coffee grounds and let it brew. It doesn't feature any of the divots or texturing inside like many other pour-over tools.

Despite its simplicity, the Pour Mason doesn't compromise on durability or practicality. Unlike your fragile ceramic pour-over, this tool is sturdy enough to be your brewing companion on camping trips. In summary, the Pour Mason is a sleek, high-quality tool that combines simplicity with functionality.


Introducing the Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Maker proudly made in the USA. When you come across the "Made in the USA" label, on a product it signifies craftsmanship and quality. The Filtron Cold Brew Coffee Maker embodies these values as it incorporates mostly components with a few imported parts. Each unit is meticulously assembled in Westminster, California.

For over four decades the Filtron Cold Brew System has demonstrated its durability and longevity by satisfying users. It is renowned as an example of American made products.

What sets the Filtron apart is its reputation, simplicity and minimal maintenance requirements. The package includes all you need to embark on your brewing journey; a coffee bowl, with a handle, a water bowl, a wool felt pad accompanied by a plastic storage container, a rubber stopper, a grounds guard, an ample 1.5 liter decanter and two sample paper liners.


Our exploration of American coffee machines brings us next to Loveland, Colorado, home to the Toddy Cold Brew System. This is another coffee machine worth exploring.
The Toddy brewing device has been cherished by coffee and tea enthusiasts since 1964 due to its versatility.

One of the advantages of the Toddy is its ability to brew coffee and tea without requiring an outlet making it portable and convenient. The design is optimized to minimize acidity, which is a characteristic of the cold brewing process.

When you purchase the Toddy system you'll receive a brewing container with a handle, a glass decanter with a lid, two reusable filters (KONE and DISK) , one rubber stopper, as comprehensive instructions and a recipe guide. With these tools at your disposal you can experiment until you find your American cold brew.


The items listed here aren't wholly "Made in America," as the raw materials originate from various international locations. These products are designated as "built-in", "assembled in", or "manufactured in" the USA.


While the quintessential Chemex pour-over coffee maker may frequently appear as a symbol of American manufacturing in various "made in USA" articles, the reality diverges slightly from this perception. The production of this iconic brewer is overseen by International Housewares, based in Pittsfield, MA, but its components span the globe.

Indeed, the Chemex factory resides in Massachusetts, but the world contributes to this brewer's creation. The glass components are typically crafted in Taiwan, known for its high-quality, precision glass manufacturing. The rich wood elements hail from Malaysia, a country renowned for its durable, beautiful timber. However, the U.S. has its share of contribution, too - the sleek leather ties are sourced from a baseball mitt manufacturer in Tennessee's heartland.

Interestingly, the Chemex factory's in-house production is limited to one key aspect - the paper filters. This demonstrates the significance of local quality control for this crucial component, which plays a central role in brewing to ensure your coffee has a smooth, rich taste without any unwanted residues.


Bunn o' Matic is a renowned brand offering an assortment of coffee brewers, many of which are proudly made in the United States. Among these American-made models are the Speed Brew (Classic), B.T., GR, and B.X. models, all meticulously assembled in Creston, Iowa.


The Speed Brew (Classic) stands out as a compact yet efficient coffee maker. Its unique feature is the warmer's on/off switch located at the top of the machine, which employs a distinctive red indicator light for easy identification. It's a highly recommended pick for those on a budget who still wish for a quality brewer with an enhanced showerhead.


Our BUNN brand review singled out the B.T. model as a budget-friendly choice. Despite its affordability, the model features a thermal carafe, which is a rare find in this price range. The reasonable cost and the fact that it's one of the few coffee makers built in the U.S. make the B.T. Velocity Brew an exceptional value for money.


The GR model is the cornerstone of the Velocity Brew line. As the original Pour O' Matic, it's a reliable choice for those in search of a traditional, dependable glass-carafe coffee maker.


While not lacking in technical proficiency, the B.X. model is essentially an aesthetically enhanced version of the G.R. model. Its features are functionally identical to the G.R., making it a luxurious alternative. However, given the similarity in results and the extra cost, the G.R. model offers greater value for money.


The final item on our list of American-made coffee makers is the elegant French Press from Maldeco's Café Brew Collection. The collection, which predominantly features universal-fit and replacement items such as kettles and coffee accessories, is a product of Medelco, Incorporated. The company is proudly based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the heartland of the USA.

Notably, amidst their vast assortment of accessories, only the French Press and the Pour Over are standalone brewing products.

The French Press exhibits an aesthetic and minimalist demeanor. It boasts a durable double-walled construction made of stainless steel, promising lasting warmth for your brew and promising longevity. Moreover, it is fully dishwasher-friendly, meaning that post-brew cleanups are as effortless as they can be.

On the other hand, the Pour Over offers an impressive 8-cup capacity, where a 'cup' refers to the standard measurement unit, not a coffee cup. It features a stainless steel cone filter and a heat-resistant borosilicate glass carafe crafted in Germany. The carafe is designed with a heat-resistant silicone comfort grip that can be conveniently removed when desired. Similar to the French Press, the Pour Over is completely dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy maintenance.


It's common to come across numerous products categorized as coffee makers made in the USA. This, however, can be a tad misleading because these products cannot function independently without other brewing equipment. Technically speaking, they aren't the primary "brewing instrument."


Able Brewing is well known for producing high quality stainless steel filters specifically designed for Chemex and Aeropress brewing devices. Their KONE and DISK filters are proudly manufactured in Martinez, California.

The KONE filter is meticulously crafted to fit 6, 8 and 10 cup Chemex coffee makers. However it's not limited only to those sizes; it can also be used with any carafe or pour over device that has a similar structure. Made from steel this reusable filter provides an alternative to traditional paper filters.

The filter known as DISK, which is made of steel is also available, in both fine mesh options. This filter is a match for AeroPress Coffee makers allowing you to enjoy an American made brewing experience! It's a choice for those who enjoy taking their AeroPress on trips since it eliminates the need to pack paper filters.


Despite its name Coffee Sock has firmly established itself as a provider of top notch brewing essentials. The brand ingeniously adapts their sock design to suit a range of brewing needs. Each Coffee Sock product is lovingly handcrafted in Austin, Texas showcasing innovation and craftsmanship.

All Coffee Socks are made from cotton ensuring durability while prioritizing eco friendliness. They are designed for easy maintenance and they only require a simple rinse and air dry after use. This particular model is specifically tailored to fit a Chemex 6 13 cup carafe and can be used with pour over coffee tools of the same shape and size.

While Coffee Sock also offers brewing "kits" that include jars, for brewing and more it's worth noting that these additional components are not manufactured in the United States.

As a result we've decided not to showcase them in our section dedicated to "coffee makers made in the USA" so that the category remains true to its authenticity.


The Ratio Eight, often classified as an American-made coffee maker, is more than meets the eye. Conceived and assembled in the heart of Portland, Oregon, the Ratio Eight is not a standalone coffee brewer—it collaborates seamlessly with a separate pour-over or dripper tool to create the perfect brew.

Ratio Coffee also offers a comprehensive brewing package inclusive of a coffee dripper and a thermal carafe. While the package is marketed as being "assembled in Portland, Oregon," it's important to note that this label is explicitly for Ratio Eight. The carafe and dripper components are, in fact, assembled in China, as confirmed by Ratio.

Let's delve deeper into what makes the Ratio Eight stand out. This innovative machine simplifies the pour-over coffee process by taking on the roles of both the kettle and the barista. The package includes a glass carafe to place your selected pour-over tool, filter, and coffee grounds. Initiated by the simple press of a button, the Ratio Eight then heats the water and replicates the unique pouring technique required for a sublime pour-over coffee.

This device even takes care of the 'blooming' process, a crucial step in coffee preparation. With its straightforward setup and operation, the Ratio Eight is an ideal choice for those who appreciate the delicate taste of pour-over coffee but prefer to avoid the steep learning curve associated with mastering the technique.


Despite the surge in outsourcing trends, the quality of a product doesn't always take the backseat. As evident in various "best selections" compilations, numerous products made outside the USA can indeed rival their domestic counterparts in terms of superior quality. This, however, poses a challenging scenario for buyers seeking to endorse local goods.

In recent times, the ubiquity of the "Made in China" tag has been somewhat overwhelming. While this doesn't necessarily translate to poor quality, it's worth noting that some corporations have leveraged the inexpensive labor and lax regulations to mass-produce low-cost, subpar merchandise.

Nevertheless, apart from the assurance of quality, several motivations underscore the advantages of domestic shopping. These include but are not limited to:

  • Encouraging compliance with the stringent labor and safety laws in the United States
  • Bolstering American job security and fostering a resilient domestic economy
  • Upholding environmental sustainability by minimizing overseas transportation and engaging manufacturers with environmentally friendly practices

Supposedly, American-based companies like Mr. Coffee, Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Black & Decker, and Javapresse only design their products on American soil. While some of these companies go the extra mile to uphold high production standards, others seem to be on a steady decline.


So, there you have it! If you are on the hunt for a coffee maker that proudly bears the 'made in the USA' tag, our comprehensive list covers almost all your options. Sure, you might stumble upon a handful of other American-made coffee accessories out there, but it's unlikely that you'll find more coffee makers from the U.S.

While our list may seem surprisingly short, it's important to note that it boasts some truly top-tier coffee machines. Rest assured, there's a brewer out there perfectly tailored to brewing delightful cups of java, and they don't bear the 'made in China' tag.



Breville has established itself as a brand in the coffee industry known for crafting top notch coffee and espresso machines. However you won't find Breville on our list. So where are they actually manufactured?

Initially all Breville products were made in Australia, where their team still handles the design and engineering process. However to stay competitive, with pricing Breville has shifted most of its production to China.


In short, no. Not every single Bunn coffee maker is produced within the United States. Nevertheless a few models are manufactured domestically (as of June 2020). Those have been included in our list.

While the label "American manufactured" certainly holds prestige it's important to note that BUNN coffee makers are the drip brewers featured on our list. So if you're specifically seeking a coffee maker that brews American cups of joe then BUNN coffee machines are your sole option.


There is a reason why more coffee machines are not manufactured in America. Cost. The regulations, in the United States, which are aimed at ensuring quality, worker safety, product safety and environmental friendliness result in production expenses. Although these higher costs are justified for reasons many consumers only focus on the price tag.

Many individuals are likely to choose the cheaper option when comparing a $25 Mr. Coffee Maker to the $100+ BUNN brewers. Those who opt for the pricier option often do so based on positive versus negative reviews rather than the 'Made in USA' label.


There are several advantages to using an American-made coffee maker. Primarily, you're supporting local manufacturing and jobs when you purchase these products. American-made products also have strict quality control standards, ensuring a well-built, durable product. Additionally, customer support is often more accessible and efficient.


Generally, American-made coffee makers may be more expensive than their foreign counterparts, mainly due to higher manufacturing costs in the U.S. These costs can be attributed to several factors, including higher wages, strict safety regulations, and quality control measures. However, the higher cost often equates to superior quality and durability.

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