Top 8 Bubble Tea Flavor Combinations In 2023

6 min read SEP 19, 2023

Summer is here, and so is the season of delectable, iced bubble teas.

If you love this Taiwanese tea drink as much as we do, you might have tried around 5-10 flavor combinations by now. But did you know there are as many as 250 varieties of bubble tea? The most popular ones are strawberry, banana, coconut, mango, peach, honeydew, and lychee.

Today, we’ll be talking about the best of the best. From easily available flavor combos in corner cafés to creative innovations by professionals and avid bubble tea drinkers, we have rounded up our favorites. Scroll down to discover the eight best bubble tea flavor combinations you must try this summer!

What Is Bubble Tea?

Originating in Taichung, Taiwan, bubble tea was created as a tea-based drink. It was invented in the 1980s but exploded in the 90s when it spread all over Asia and the US.

Traditionally, bubble tea is made with tea and milk accompanied by chewy tapioca balls, a.k.a. pearls or boba. When the drink hit the American market, it evolved with endless varieties and recipes using different techniques and ingredients. Hence, today, we can see hundreds of bubble tea flavor combinations, with almost every café offering its own signature recipe.

Generally, all bubble teas fall under two categories- milk teas and teas without milk. Both varieties include a tea base (black, oolong, or green). As for drinks made with milk, the recipe usually uses fresh milk, powdered milk, plant-based milk, or condensed milk.

Nowadays, you’ll find varieties of boba toppings as well. While traditional topping consists of tapioca-based boba, there are other fruit-flavored, gel-like toppings known as Popping Boba or Popping Pearls.

8 Best Bubble Tea Flavor Combos

Black Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls

Let’s start with the most popular and classic bubble tea flavor combination. It is traditional, creamy, and oh-so-delicious. If you don’t have any particular health concerns, we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t indulge in this drink every once in a while. Weight problem? No worries; you can always decrease the sugar syrup or reduce the number of boba pearls!

This flavor combo is also great for people new to bubble tea. It has no overwhelming flavors except for the texture of the tapioca pearls. Note that people who don’t like the texture of mochi or rice cakes might not like boba pearls either, as they’re very chewy.

Black Milk Tea With Coffee Jellies

Now, here’s a solution for people who just can’t stand the texture of regular boba. Switch it up with coffee jellies instead.

Mix cold water and gelatin powder to make the jellies, and let the mixture bloom for about 5 minutes. Next, microwave it in 10-second intervals until the mixture becomes a liquid. Then, add some hot water, instant coffee powder, and the sweetener of your choice. Stir and refrigerate for about 5-7 hours. Finally, cut the coffee jellies into cubes, pop them in your black milk tea, and enjoy!

Taro Milk Tea With Taro Chunks or Jellies

Also known as taro boba or taro bubble tea, taro milk tea simply refers to milk tea made with taro, a starchy root vegetable similar to sweet potatoes.

Taro root has a nutty, light, and slightly sweet flavor. When combined with milk and sugar, it results in a delicious, pastel, purple-colored drink with subtle vanilla undertones. The drink tastes great on its own. But you can further intensify its taste by throwing in taro chunks or jellies and ice.

Raspberry Fruit Tea With Mango Popping Pearls

Enjoy the ultimate tropical vacation in a cup with raspberry fruit tea accompanied by mango popping pearls. To make the drink, simply mix green tea with raspberry syrup. It’ll result in a vibrant, red-colored drink that tastes as appealing as it looks.

Then comes the mango popping pearls that fill your mouth with sweet, pick-me-up flavors. If you want more texture in your drink, opt for mango jellies or mango boba instead of the popping pearls.

Strawberry Tea With Kiwi Popping Bobas

Craving some summer-worthy, fruity bubble tea? Nothing beats a combination of strawberry tea with kiwi popping bobas. Both fruits have complementary flavors; the sweet taste of strawberries and the tartness of the kiwi bobas will create a flavor that’s unlike any other.

For the base, you can use either green or herbal tea. You can also skip the milk if you want. This version is one of the healthier bubble teas out there, as it naturally tastes sweet without added sugar. And since both fruits are high in nutritional value, it’s a win-win for your health and taste buds!

Taro Milk Tea With Brown Sugar Tapioca Pearls

Here’s another sweet variation of taro milk tea mixed with tapioca pearls steeped in brown sugar. While the taro root gives the drink its distinct nutty flavor, the brown sugar brings out a rich sweetness with a hint of toffee flavor.

For this flavor combination, we recommend using a jasmine tea base which makes the drink lighter and naturally sweet. This means you can still enjoy a flavorful bubble tea without relying much on sugar and syrups.

When it comes to the caffeine content, there’s nothing to worry about. A 16-ounce serving of taro milk tea usually contains 25-48 mg of caffeine, far less than a regular cup of coffee.

Lemonade Slush With Pomegranate Popping Bobas

Want a citrusy twist to your bubble tea? Blend fresh lemon juice with green tea and ice cubes. The color of the drink screams summer, and so does its flavor.
Next, add some fun tartness to the drink with pomegranate popping bobas. Or, if sweet-tangy flavor combinations are more up your alley, you can use strawberry popping bobas instead. Either way, you’ll be sipping on a refreshing boba drink perfect to beat the summer heat!

Matcha Tea With Strawberry Bobas

We’ve got something special for health-conscious people too. A matcha-based drink is perhaps the healthiest bubble tea variation. However, most people skip it for its deep earthy, almost bitter flavor. But not anymore!

Throwing in some strawberry bobas will counter matcha’s savory taste and make the drink more palatable and sweet. You can also add your preferred milk for a creamier experience.

Wrapping Up

There you have it; the best bubble tea flavor combinations for the summer of 2023. As we mentioned before, bubble tea combinations are endless. So, you can always get creative in the kitchen and experiment with different tea bases, milk, syrups, and ingredients to create your own bubble tea recipe!


What is the healthiest bubble tea?

The Matcha Tea With Strawberry Bobas is the healthiest bubble tea on our list. You can order or make it in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure to use the sweetest strawberries for the recipe so as to enjoy a naturally sweet drink without the need for sugar.

Is bubble tea bad for your health?

Generally, bubble tea is considered bad for health since it contains high sugar. Sugary drinks are associated with health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. The good news is there are low-sugar and even sugar-free bubble tea variations you can always choose.

Which is the unhealthiest bubble tea?

Most brown sugar milk tea with boba contains as much as 18 teaspoons of sugar, making them the unhealthiest bubble tea.

Can you drink bubble tea every day?

No, drinking bubble tea every day is not recommended. That’s because a typical cup of bubble tea contains about 38 grams of sugar and 299 calories. Hence, it’s best to maintain moderate consumption.

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