The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Coffee Lovers

12 min read NOV 25, 2022

As you pull out your personalized list of the friends and loved ones you’re anxiously awaiting to bless this holiday season with a heartfelt gift, do you ever struggle to settle on the perfect purchase? 

You think of these folks, their likes and hobbies, the things that truly bring them joy, and still, sometimes you just get stuck. 

Jim is a die-hard IU fan and treasures every cream and crimson item in his home, but over the years you feel you may have exhausted the Hoosier stocking stuffer ideas. 

Then there’s Jane, your office bff who loves ballet, but you just-so-happen to know that her spouse is already getting her tickets this year to her favorite upcoming performances. 

Even the best gift-giving intentions can sometimes leave you searching for ideas. 

For instance, what about all of the coffee-lovers on your gift list? 

Coffee drinkers are always easy to buy for, right? Not necessarily. 

I mean, of course you can get them a bag or two of their favorite beans, and there’s always the tried and true gift of a coffee mug. 

But, how can you get a bit more selective, specific, and heartfelt when it comes to gifting coffee? 

If you’ve ever searched the world of coffee paraphernalia you know the options can seem endless. 

So, we’d like to lend a hand this holiday season, listing all the cup of joe must-haves for the coffee lovers on your list.

Below you’ll find that we’ve included some broad categories of gifts sure to please your java-loving friends and family, then within those categories we’ll get down to the specifics, listing multiple items and ideas for everyone on your list who simply couldn’t imagine life without coffee. 

Mugs, and Cups, and Tumblers…Oh My!

Can I begin with a little honesty here? My dad loves coffee, and as a kid, when I didn’t know what else to get him, I almost always went with…you guessed it…a coffee mug. 

Sometimes, with some help, that mug would be more personalized, perhaps ordered specially with a drawing or school picture on the side of it. 

And, don’t get me wrong, those specialized mugs are something I’ve come to treasure as an adult, but there’s truly so much to consider when gifting the perfect coffee drinking vessel to those java lovers on your gift list. 

Going with a classic mug

Material options to consider here include ceramic, porcelain, insulated glass, even metal. 

Of those options, ceramic is often the most cost effective and environmentally friendly, and it’s a great heat conductor. Porcelain conducts heat well too, and this category of mug material often includes some classy selections. 

As listed above, when going with glass, choose something heavy or insulated. 

While none of these will retain heat for a lengthy period of time, these can be perfect for that cup you plan to enjoy from start to finish in one setting. 

When thinking of personality, look for a mug dressed with something witty for your humor loving friends, something bold, classy, and beautiful for others, or even something creative to stand out above those straight from the shelf (often more plain) options. 

From color changing mugs, customizable glass options, and more, a mug can be an affordable option to gift your coffee loving friends and family. 

And, for your tech-loving friends, temperature controlled ceramic mugs make great gifts as well. 

However, if you’re looking for temperature control minus the tech, a travel coffee mug or tumbler may be the perfect choice. 

When looking for a tumbler or on-the-go coffee mug, here are a few things to consider: 

  • What kind of lid would your loved one like best? Lids marketed as spill-proof can prevent casual spills, and are great for sipping throughout a commute or long morning at the office, but these tumblers can’t be tucked away for later use. If your coffee-loving friend totes their java in a bag to and from the gym or on a campsite, you’ll need to look for leak-proof lids. 

  • Iced coffee or cold brew fans may prefer tumblers with lids suited for straws, while hot coffee drinkers may prefer thumb-slide tops or rotating lock lids, both of which can keep coffee warm in between sips. 

  • And, while ceramic and plastic to-go tumblers are often the most affordable options, look for stainless steel insulated mugs (a popular “best choice”) when it comes to keeping hot coffee hot and cold coffee cold. 

  • Oh, and don’t forget about size. Espresso lovers may enjoy smaller sized tumblers, 12 ounces or less, while drip coffee lovers may enjoy a 16 ounce option. Then, for iced coffee fans, a 20 ounce option or larger can accommodate for a healthy dose of java complete with ice. 

Brewtiful Gift Ideas 

All coffee drinkers know that brewing is an art. So, this means that each and every one of us: you, me, and everyone on your gift-giving list who loves coffee, likely has a preferred method of brewing. But, we also enjoy exploring new and delicious brewing methods as well. 

Here we’ll look at the top 5 brewing methods, giving a few gift ideas associated with each method:

**Each method includes a list of items needed for brewing, thus making great gifts for coffee lovers. Naturally, some items will be repeated as there may be an overlap of needs between brewing methods. 

Drip Coffee- If your favorite coffee lover likes to have their coffee brewing set on autopilot, a drip coffee maker can be the best option for both convenience and ease. 

There are a number of great drip coffee maker options on the market, ranging in price. Some require filters, some allow for the use of k-cups or coffee pods, and all (of course) require great coffee and pure, filtered water for making the perfect cup.

If your friend or loved one prefers this method, consider the following on your gift-idea list: 

  • Coffee: ground, whole bean, pods
  • Coffee grinder: a conical burr grinder is recommended for best results
  • Airtight coffee storage container
  • Coffee scoop

Pour Over Coffee- This method requires a bit more effort than a drip coffee maker, but yields a clean tasting, customizable cup of joe. 

Since making the perfect pour over requires a mug or carafe, coffee, hot filtered water, and a filter, any of the following would make a great gift for a pour over coffee fan: 

  • Coffee: whole bean is best, allowing for a medium to coarse grind for the perfect pour over
  • Coffee grinder
  • Airtight coffee storage container
  • Coffee scoop
  • Water kettle: electric or stovetop
  • Pour over coffee maker: for single serve an over-the-mug style works well, a carafe can be suitable for multiple servings, automatic options are available as well

French Press Coffee- Brewing with a french press is perfect for campers, travelers, and anyone who loves a rich, full-bodied, delicious cup of coffee. 

Like the pour over, this method requires a few extra, but easy, steps. So, consider any of the following for the perfect french press gift this season: 

  • Coffee: whole bean is best as a coarse grind is needed for brewing with a french press
  • Coffee grinder
  • Airtight coffee storage container
  • Coffee scoop
  • Water kettle: electric or stovetop
  • French press: available in prices suitable to most budgets

Cold Brew- Cold brewing coffee has recently become popular, and in this method, grounds are soaked for several hours (even overnight) to yield a less bitter, slightly sweeter tasting coffee. 

While you can warm cold brewed coffee, anything pertaining to the cold brewing process would make a great gift for those iced coffee fans on your gift list:

  • Coffee: whole bean is recommended as a coarse grind is needed
  • Coffee grinder
  • Water filter: like all brewing methods, pure, filtered water makes the best cup
  • Airtight coffee storage container
  • Coffee scoop
  • Cold brew coffee maker: wide range of options available for most budgets

Espresso- Espresso is made by forcing small amounts of very hot water, under pressure, through tightly packed, finely ground, intensely dark roasted coffee beans. 

Many common coffeehouse drinks use a base of espresso, combined with steamed milks, syrups, and sauces. 

So, while many love a rich, bold espresso, making this delicious drink not only requires a special brewing system, but typically uses a specific roast of coffee while incorporating the use of many other products as well. 

Therefore, if you’re looking to wow your espresso loving friends with a great gift this season, you’ve got a lot of choices:  

  • Espresso roasted coffee beans: whole bean for a fine grind
  • Coffee grinder: be sure to fine grind for espresso machines
  • Airtight coffee storage container
  • Coffee scoop
  • Espresso machine
  • Milk frothing pitcher: hand frothers or electric frothers work too, but most espresso machines come with a steaming wand

What’s in Your…Cup

If you’re familiar with the Capital One commercials, which voice did you recite that subheading in? (I went with Samuel L. Jackson.) ;) 

But, commercial jingles aside, coffee lovers tend to fall on a spectrum when it comes to enjoying the perfect brew. 

Some like it hot, some like it iced. Some folks drink their cup black, sans any cream or sugar, while others opt for a range of milks (dairy and non), syrups (artificial or natural), and on and on. 

Talk to your coffee loving friends, if you don’t already know their preference, and find out how they take their brew. 

Because, to go with another popular commercial slogan, the more you know…

The more you know about your coffee loving friends and loved ones, the more creative you can be with the perfect coffee themed gift this holiday season. 

Here, we’ll break it down by exploring many popular cup components: 

1- Coffee

Of course, we’ve got to start with the biggest need: coffee. 

And, for your friends and loved ones, not just any coffee will do! 

Obviously, we prefer clean, tasty, healthy coffee, so keeping those must-haves in mind, here’s what Lifeboost coffee has to offer. 

Lifeboost coffee is:

  • Single origin
  • Specialty beans
  • Organic
  • Sustainably farmed
  • Elevation grown
  • Shade grown
  • Low acid
  • 3rd party tested for mycotoxins, molds, heavy metals, pesticides, and 400 other toxins 
  • Sun dried, spring water washed
  • Small batch, fresh roasted

We offer light, medium, dark, espresso, and midnight roasts. 

Our Lifeboost Luxe coffees are some of the finest coffees in the world, including Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Java Blue, Pacamara, and more. 

We also offer half caff and decaf options, where we use the clean Swiss Water Method for decaffeination. 

And, we offer a huge variety of flavored selections (more than 50): from whiskey and bourbon barrel aged offerings, wine infused coffee, seasonal flavors like peppermint mocha, pumpkin spice, gingerbread latte, and english butter toffee, to classics like caramel macchiato, french vanilla, and hazelnut, as well as creative and delicious pairings like cinnamon blueberry crumble, double dark mocha, chocolate peanut butter truffle, highlander grogg, and the list goes on! 

Aside from whole bean and ground coffee options, we also offer coffee pods, and cold brew coffee packs.

2- Sweetness

If your coffee-loving friends and family prefer syrups and sauces to make their preferred cup of joe, you can add a bottle of their favorite sweetening element to a carefully selected bag of coffee. The thoughtful pair surely bringing a smile. 

Even coffee liqueurs would make a great gift for the coffee cocktail lovers on your gift list. 

3- A Spot of Cream

While gifting a carton of milk or creamer, dairy or non, is likely not the best gift option for your coffee loving friends, there are actually a few gift ideas that come to mind regarding the creamy component to the perfectly crafted coffee beverage. 

Ranging in price from low to high: 

  • Handheld milk frothers are a necessity for crafting both hot and cold coffee drinks that require a bit of foam. From the classic cappuccino and macchiato, to the everyday tik tok coffee recipe sensations and those beautiful and delicious creations we come up with on our own, a frother makes a great, inexpensive gift. 

  • Electric frothers take the handheld varieties to the next level, not only doing the frothing work for you, but also allowing for heated options. And, with an electric frother, there are multiple options available in varying price ranges.

  • For coffee lovers that opt for non dairy milk additions to their brew, an automatic nut and seed milk maker would make a great, unique gift, saving your friends/loved ones lots of money on store bought nut milks while allowing them to make delicious non dairy coffee additions right in their own kitchen. 

4- Recipe Books/Ebooks

Since we’ve explored the components of a great cup of coffee, from bean to sugar to cream, another great and creative option here would be the gift of recipes. 

If your coffee-loving friend loves to explore, always looking to try new and delicious coffee drinks at home, a coffee recipe book would be a fantastic gift by itself or as an addition to a bag of coffee, a mug, and a frother. 

Sure, there’s a lot of options online that coffee lovers can scour through to find the perfect recipe for new and old beverages, but a recipe book that has a variety of options all in one place makes a great gift. 

Across the Miles

Technically, these options would be perfect for your neighbor, coworker, even your spouse, but when you live miles away from your loved ones, options like subscriptions and gift boxes make great, thoughtful gifts. 

Unlike Clark Griswold’s unwanted jelly of the month club, I think it’s safe to say that any coffee lover would be delighted with this gift that keeps on giving. 

And at Lifeboost, our subscriptions not only mean your friend/loved one will receive clean, tasty coffee on a regular basis, but this method of ordering saves you lots of money, up to 48% depending on your subscription choice. 

And, if you’d like something a little more involved than single bags of coffee, gift boxes are the perfect option to include coffee, accessories, and treats for those you aren’t able to present a gift to in-person. 

Lifeboost gift boxes include 1, 3, or 6 bags of coffee (light, medium, or dark roast, whole bean or ground), a heavy glass mug with a chalk marker for writing positive, daily affirmations, a copper coffee scoop that doubles as a coffee bag clip, and a sweet treat of your choice (biscotti or chocolate covered espresso beans). 

Gift Giving Recap

We’ve covered a lot of gift giving ground here today, so let’s take a look at those options (and a few extras) here in one place. 

Beginning with a few items we haven’t covered

  • Coffee themed shirts, socks, and ties 
  • Coffee scented candles 
  • Water filtration pitchers (we know that great coffee starts with pure, clean water)
  • Coasters
  • Warming plates

And, for a recap of what we have covered: 

  • Coffee (whole bean, ground, pods, cold brew packs)
  • Coffee scoops
  • Mugs, cups, and tumblers
  • Coffee grinders
  • Airtight coffee storage containers
  • Electric or stovetop water kettles
  • Pour over coffee makers: mug, carafe, or automatic
  • French press coffee makers
  • Cold brew coffee makers
  • Espresso machine
  • Milk frothing pitcher
  • Handheld and/or electric milk frother
  • Nut Milk maker
  • Coffee syrups, sauces, and liqueurs
  • Coffee recipe books/ebooks
  • Coffee subscriptions
  • Coffee gift boxes

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