Meet Taylor Bryant - Lifeboost’s Leading Lady Of Service And Connection

10 min read FEB 25, 2024

Since 1987, by presidential proclamation, the month of March has been nationally recognized as Women’s History Month, a time when Americans are called upon to recognize, remember, and honor the achievements of our nation’s women.

During this time, we often hear of the accomplishments of notable women who served our country in times of war, those who paved our way to advancements in space exploration through expertise in mathematics and physics, women authors, activists, leaders, lawyers, and more.

And, while I do believe it’s fitting to highlight such women for their invaluable contributions to our society, I do not believe the celebration of women should end there.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I would never want to diminish or dim the guiding light of greatness exemplified by these ladies; however, I do want to expand the spotlight if you will, ensuring we see the greatness in each of the women we’re privileged to know in our own lives.

In other words, as we celebrate Women’s History Month, may we learn of the women who’ve aided the field of science and medicine as well as those women who may never have their name in the spotlight, but have loved, nurtured, and raised strong daughters and sons who go on to lead nations, cure diseases, become the first to reach the moon, and provide the knowledge which allowed for space travel in the first place.

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, may we recognize the women who’ve battled through suffering and stereotypes to become great judges, leaders, and lawmakers as well as those women who’ve spent their years quietly and faithfully teaching children, instilling knowledge and inspiring a hunger for it.

I could go on for hours listing the accomplishments of some of the greatest women our nation has ever known, but what I really hope we can all recognize as we celebrate these incredible achievements is the fact that each of us, be it in our families, communities, and/or workplaces are privileged to know incredible women…women who give their all, day in and day out, making the world a better place (whether they realize it or not).

Women who learn. Women who grow. Women who inspire. Women who serve. Women who lead.

Women who love. Women who care. Women who connect. Women who make a positive impact on the lives of all those privileged to be in their circle.

Just typing out those words, my mind is flooded with women who have made such an impact in my own life, and I’d venture to say you can personally think of such ladies as well.

Why? Because, the women described above are our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, daughters, sisters, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

And, whether they realize it or not, each day that they show up, care, put their best foot forward, give, grow, and connect with those around them, they are profoundly impacting this world.

We’re blessed to have multiple women on our team here at Lifeboost, those which exemplify the gifts and graces we’ve noted thus far, and today we’d like to spend some time highlighting one of those women, a very important leader in our company, our customer service manager, Taylor Bryant.

So, you’re in for a treat today, as Taylor has given us a glimpse into her life, personal and professional, allowing each of us to connect with Lifeboost’s leading lady of service and connection!

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Meet Taylor

As I mentioned above, Taylor is our customer service manager here at Lifeboost.

And, while her wisdom, skill, and leadership in our company is something worth reading about, let’s first get to know a bit more about her as a person.

Taylor is a wife and mother.

She and her husband have two children, an 11 year old daughter and 7 year old son. Their family also includes 2 cats and 1 dog.

Taylor is from Indianapolis and currently lives in the same township where she grew up.

And, part of her enjoyment in watching her kids grow up in her hometown involves being a youth cheer coach.

For the three seasons she’s been coaching, she’s had a lot of fun being able to spend time with her daughter who’s on the cheer team. “It’s something I enjoy and plan to keep doing even though she’ll be in middle school [next year].”

Outside of school activities, Taylor’s family loves Notre Dame football!

“We are huge Notre Dame football fans. My husband and I go to a game every year. The campus is beautiful, and being on that campus gives me butterflies each year. It’s such an experience.”

Then, aside from coaching and spending time with her sweet family, Taylor has also taken up line dancing.

She says she’s never been a great dancer, but line dancing has proven to be the best type of dancing for her.

“I look forward to learning each time I go as well as the memories I’ve made and continue to make with my friends.”

Taylor also enjoys gardening, including tending to her indoor plants, and she loves watching her birds when they visit her many feeders.

But, of course, Taylor’s role at Lifeboost is another thing in her life that brings her much joy.

How can I say this with confidence?

Because, this is grandly evidenced in YOUR feedback.

Many of you have reached out to us, some on multiple occasions, to let us know that our customer service department has gone above and beyond to meet your needs as Lifeboost customers, and this high praise is largely due to Taylor, who manages her team with great wisdom, care, and an overall desire to connect with others.

Taylor has been working at Lifeboost for just over three years now.

She started as a customer service agent on our phone team in January of 2021, and it wasn’t long before our leaders recognized what a true gift she was/is to our Lifeboost family.

Soon after she started, Taylor began training new hires; she even designed our electronic handbook where the information for all customer service agents is stored, aiding each person on the team in connecting with and meeting the needs of our fabulous Lifeboost customers.

And, by August of this same year, Taylor had excelled to become Lifeboost’s customer service manager.

Before entering the Lifeboost family, Taylor worked a corporate job, but the ability to work remotely with our company was something that greatly appealed to her, that and the opportunity to get back into customer service and connect with others.

I love her description of the decision to join the Lifeboost team, and personally, I think these qualities are what make her the best at what she does for our customer base - “I enjoy working with customers. And, I’m a talker and love making that connection with others.”

But, aside from her love of helping and connecting with people, Taylor has also loved the ‘family feel’ of working for Lifeboost.

“I call this a ‘small, big company.’ Small in that they’re more family oriented, working with all departments, so you’re not just a number within a large company. And, having that connection with leadership and your team is really important to me.”

Both Taylor’s ability to connect with others and promote this type of interaction with her team members has been a big factor in her success within our company. Couple that with her drive, setting goals and achieving them for herself and Lifeboost, and that’s what makes her such a tremendous asset.

Can you guess what fuels her ambition and contributions to the Lifeboost team?


Taylor chose to work at Lifeboost because she loves coffee. “I was already drinking coffee daily, and I thought to myself, what a BONUS to work for a coffee company!”

Of course, her love for java is something we can all relate to, and perhaps you can even see some similarities in your daily coffee routine and her own coffee-fueled secret to many happy days…

“Typically my day has to start with a cup of coffee, whether it's a hot cup or a cold brew. It’s what starts my work day on a good path.”

This daily cup allows her to be focused and prepared before her team members begin their shifts.

Being energized and prepared in this manner allows Taylor to be with both customers and her agents right away as the day begins.

Overseeing her team and making sure our customers have a positive experience is key, so Taylor spends a great deal of time receiving reports from her customer service agents within emails, listening to recorded calls for continual improvement, looking for ways to expand our loyalty program, and looking over subscription reports as well as customer reviews.

When she’s not helping an agent or following up with a customer, her behind the scenes work includes a lot of reporting, auditing, expanding platforms, and ultimately ensuring our amazing customers are happy…not only with our product, but with the service her team provides as well.

Then, as she evaluates these processes and interactions, it’s up to her to communicate with her team regarding performance, goals, and growth.

Hmmm, no wonder Taylor runs on Lifeboost, right? She’s one busy lady!

Busy…but fulfilled.

We asked Taylor what her favorite part of her job was, but she couldn’t pinpoint one particular thing.

She explains that Lifeboost Coffee is such a huge part of her everyday life, and “it’s nice to be able to say that you enjoy, each day, what you do for a living.”

As far as her role as a leader here at Lifeboost, she even enjoys her innate gifts she’s sought to expand over time - “Being in a leadership position and having that problem-solving mind, even that is enjoyable to me!”

Overall, her favorite part of being a customer service manager comes down to making a tangible difference in customer experiences, leading and developing her team, and constantly striving for improvement and innovation in those services to and for YOU, our loyal Lifeboosters.

But, Taylor does experience some challenges in her role.

And, the biggest of these challenges is one many of us can relate to - finding the right balance between work life and home life.

Since Lifeboost is an eCommerce business with an email and phone team, this means some of these services operate around the clock as customers need assistance and agents need assistance in helping those customers.

Thankfully, with these challenges come great rewards, and Taylor sees these in their weekly reports, customer feedback and reviews, as well as simple successes, such as when her team “nails it” despite busy days which come with mounting pressures.

In both the lives of her team members and customers, Taylor has truly made a difference.

Though her role has changed from her time as a customer service agent to now managing the entire customer service team, Taylor still has two customers she (personally) works with regarding their subscriptions and loyalty points…customers that ask specifically for Taylor.

“We have built a connection about coffee and life. They are taken care of with coffee, but we also share life and family stories together…I’ve enjoyed being able to stay connected with them after all these years.”

I think that says a lot about Taylor as a person and as a part of the Lifeboost family.

She cares, and she seeks to connect, two things that make our customer service team and Lifeboost family so special.

As a woman in a position of leadership here at Lifeboost, Taylor has expressed gratitude for being able to be a part of a company that “accepts everyone with open arms, no matter your gender, culture, or individual circumstances in life.”

Women’s History Month celebrates and recalls to our minds the fact that we all have an opportunity to succeed, to do our best, care for others, seek to grow, connect, and make a positive, powerful, and lasting difference in the lives of others and in our world as a whole.

Taylor has described Lifeboost Coffee as a company that believes everyone has an open door and opportunity for growth (here), a statement that I can certainly affirm.

So, in light of this thought and the recognition of the impactful role of women surrounding this celebratory month, let me leave you with her thoughts on being a woman in a position of leadership in such a company, “being a woman in management can also be an opportunity to break barriers, challenge stereotypes, and inspire others. It’s a chance to bring diverse perspectives to decision-making, and contribute to creating an inclusive and equitable workplace.”

If you’ve been blessed to connect with Taylor, feel free to express your kind gratitude for her connecting character, wisdom, and aid.

And, to our female customer base, we’d like to take this moment to salute, honor, and express our gratitude for your contributions to your families, your circle of friends, your communities, cities, workplaces, our nation, and this world!

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