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10 min read MAR 25, 2023

One of our core pillars here at Lifeboost is connection. But, why?

What does coffee have to do with connection?

Why would the concept of connection be an integral part of our company?

Simply stated, people are at the heart of every product, process, and interaction each and every one of us encounters on a daily basis, at Lifeboost Coffee, in our nation, communities, and homes.

A connection between people is needed in practically everything we do. And of course, we believe coffee serves as an excellent means of connection.

But overall, whether it’s conversations with friends, family, or colleagues, even spending time alone with yourself, life truly is all about connection!We connect with our coffee farmers, which helps us better know their practices as farmers, but also their passions and needs as people. This connection has prompted us to ensure they earn a fair wage.

It has also fueled the desires we have to support worthy causes like the Rainforest Trust, which protects our planet, specifically the rainforest land where our coffee is grown.

Getting to know our coffee farmers also led us to support Project Alianza, an organization building schools in the communities where our farmers live.

Here at home, we thoroughly enjoy connecting with our team here at Lifeboost. Our local members are rarely seen without a smile as they cooperate and collaborate on projects.

Even a quick look at the interactions between team members working from afar via email, phone, texts, or zoom calls reveals nothing but positive, encouraging connections, something we believe is vital to the health of our company.

We seek to connect with those serving our community via donations, specifically to local first responders, shelters, and other events.

And, when we encounter organizations that espouse some of the very same values we hold dear, like connection, we enjoy donating to these causes as well, which leads us to an exciting introduction:

Today we’d like to discuss a recent donation we made to The Sparrow Fund.

But, before we detail the mission of this organization and the privilege we had of donating coffee to one of their recent events, we’d like to further explore the idea of, and need for, connection specifically within the family unit.

The Importance Of Connection Within Families And Communities

Mother Teresa is credited with saying “If you want to bring peace to the whole world, go home and love your family.”

In other words, to make big impacts, we must start small, right where we’re at, building community and connection with those closest to us.

And, whether this means building healthy relationships with your parents, children, cousins, or friends (whoever makes up your family unit), as we’ll now see, the importance of such a community is vital.

So, let’s take a quick look at why these types of connections are so important.

1- Connection Supports Physical And Mental Wellbeing

Being connected within a family, no matter what your particular family unit is made of (including friends and other relationships), is vital for both physical and mental health.

Connection with and support from those closest to us can protect against anxiety and depression, regulate emotions, lead to greater self-esteem and empathy, and increase our overall mental well-being.

Studies show support within a family unit can even lead to improved immune functioning!

2- Connection Leads To Security

According to research, this is largely linked to a need that’s met for children, but I think we can all say, even as adults, that connection can lead to feelings of love and security for all of us.

When family relationships are positive, studies show this creates feelings of love and security in children, which widely opens the doors to exploration, education, and imagination.

Without connection, support, and positive family relationships, we can shrink back from opportunities, even failing to thrive, showing the vital importance of such healthy bonds.

3- Connection Leads To Achievement

We touched on this above, but let’s elaborate now.

When we build connections within our family unit, particularly in regards to children, something wonderful happens.

Family connection includes family involvement, and when families are connected, studies show that children have higher levels of attendance, homework completion, higher graduation rates, and greater positive academic outcomes.

A child’s behavior, attitude, and self-esteem all improve when they feel connected in their family.

4- Connection Aids In Problem Solving

One thing we often hear in today’s society is that respect for the opinions of others is lacking.

When we have a healthy respect for one another and our differing opinions, we grow as a family, as communities, as nations, and as a people.

Connection within families builds positive relationships leading to greater problem solving abilities, ease in resolving conflict, and a respect for others and their personal beliefs and opinions.

5- Connection Leads To Connection

Building healthy relationships takes work. We’ll explore what this work looks like in a moment, but for now, know this: when we experience healthy, positive connections in our family unit, this leads to healthy relationships in other areas of our lives as well.

And, in children, healthy relationships at home provide skills for how to have healthy connections with others in the future.

A quote The Sparrow Fund has shared on their site bears repeating within our discussion here. Many of you are likely familiar with it already, but ponder with us for a moment the words of Fred Rogers, who explained the necessity of connection in our world like this:

“Our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each one of us has something that no one else has, or ever will have, something inside that’s unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other, to discover that uniqueness, and to provide ways of developing its expression.”

As we’ve seen here, we can’t accomplish this, in our own lives, our family life, or in the lives of children, apart from connection.

So now, let’s explore a few practical ways we can build such healthy connections in our own families/circles.

1- Healthy Communication

Communication is a vital part of connection…positive, healthy communication that is.

When we communicate, listening without judgment, either presenting our own thoughts or listening to the thoughts of our family members, we strengthen our relationships.

In a family unit or community, we must be willing to both share and receive what others are communicating with patience, understanding, and an open mind/heart.

Connection from communication also occurs when we make it a point to use our words to uplift, motivate, and encourage others.

Seek to regularly talk, and listen, to your family members. Encourage them with praise. Communicate feelings of love and appreciation often.

Sometimes, you can even communicate these things without words. Positive tone, an intentional limitation of distraction, a hug or high-five, even simply showing up, being there for one another speaks loudly, even in silence.

2- Quality Time

Spending time with your family members is crucial to creating bonds.

Sometimes this takes work, planning, and scheduling, but it’s difficult to connect with or support your friends, spouse, children, or family as a whole without doing so.

Ditch your screens for a bit, seeking to limit distractions, and be present, in the moment with those you love.

Perhaps this looks like a walk after dinner or a weekend bike ride? Maybe you can enjoy an evening in the backyard together around the firepit, or an afternoon at the lake?

A simple evening playing board games, or a video game tournament amongst family members allows for time spent together, laughing, and simply enjoying one another’s company.

3- Share Responsibilities And Interests

In a household, seek to share duties, chores, and responsibilities. Learn new hobbies together, or share personal interests with one another.

Why do some people feel a connection to their work family? Because they regularly communicate, spend time together, and work on tasks as a group for a common good or goal.

The same concept can build connections within our families and communities.

In a community setting, we might come together to support a worthy cause.

In a school, children might work together to complete a project.

I’m sure you remember show and tell as a child, right? This not only built communication skills, but fostered relationships as students connected over sharing common interests and hobbies.

Each of these creates a connection between those involved.

At home, you can incorporate family meetings where members are informed, can communicate their own thoughts and feelings, and together a common goal or mission is conveyed and accomplished.

Learn new hobbies together, or seek to be involved in the hobbies your spouse or children enjoy.

Seek to allow children to share chores. And, whenever you’re able, work on house projects with your significant other.

Sure, these instances may not come without some differing opinions and input from time to time, but working through these times only seeks to further the goal here: positive, healthy relationships.

4- Show Appreciation

Practicing gratitude isn’t just a personal thing.

Sure, many of us have learned the benefits of practicing daily gratitude, regularly writing down or pondering what we’re thankful for, this practice improving our mood, outlook, even our circumstances at times.

But, this should extend past your pen and paper if you’re going to build positive relationships within your circle of family and friends.

As we express our appreciation to our family members, we can shift the entire nature of the relationship.

Our spouse and/or children will feel more loved and secure in the relationship when they are appreciated. This then fosters greater gratitude and connection.

On the flip side, relationships without appreciation can be filled with criticism and contempt.

Have you heard of the phrase “see beauty, speak beauty?” This is what we should seek to do within our families to create a positive atmosphere, building bonds, and fostering needed connections.

5- Meal Times And Cups Of Coffee

While some could certainly classify this as quality time, we’re going to make this a category all on its own.

When families sit down together for meals, studies show this fosters connection, leads to reductions in undesirable behaviors, improves mental health, and helps each individual better handle stress.

And, while not every family member may be able to enjoy a hot cup of coffee, setting aside time to do so with your significant other, friends, or other close members of your circle can improve your relationship.

Here, the cup of coffee, though decadent, only serves as a medium, a reason to take a break from the stresses of life to enjoy time together, communicate, and work on building (or improving) your bond with one another.

The Sparrow Fund - Lifeboost Connection

The Sparrow Fund seeks to do what we’ve discussed above in and through the many ways they care for and assist the families they serve, a mission we fully agree with at Lifeboost, one that puts family connection as a top priority.

In fact, their goals, desires, and passions provide a means of connection needed all across the globe.

Specifically, The Sparrow Fund is a nonprofit in the Philadelphia area whose goal is to care for foster and adopted children and their grownups by empowering relationships within and between families.The Sparrow Fund cares for and supports these families by:

  • Giving grants for families to receive support as they build their families through adoption
  • Providing counseling services
  • Offering training and connecting opportunities that serve to encourage, equip, and empower caregivers
  • Serving in orphanages and educational settings to care for those caregivers who bridge the gap for vulnerable children

Then, another way they offer support is by hosting Together Called, their annual marriage retreat for foster and adoptive parents.

This is their 9th year hosting the retreat, the event including approximately 110 couples from 14 states.

Together Called is a retreat designed for couples to simply get away, rest, and connect with one another as well as kindred others.

At this event, in between times for meals, gathering to fellowship, and other scheduled sessions, the couples are also treated with swag bags, intentionally curated to make them feel special and valued.

And, this is where Lifeboost was privileged to play a small part in the retreat, donating coffee to be used in the generous gifts given to those couples in attendance.

Specifically, we were able to donate 65 bags of coffee and 10 boxes of coffee pods to The Sparrow Fund for their Together Called retreat this year.

Representatives from the organization simply explained that they wished to include Lifeboost coffee in their generous swag gifts for the couples as this was already their favorite brew!

And, with shared values such as the belief in a common need for connection in our families and society, we were not only happy to donate, but feel abundantly blessed to be able to do so!

May we all strive to connect with those closest to us, whether over a cup of delicious coffee and conversation, or through the other ways we’ve listed here today.

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