Dr. Charles’ Post-Holiday Recovery Tips

13 min read DEC 09, 2023

November is commonly known for Thanksgiving, and December is widely known for Christmas, Hanukkah, and a few other celebratory holidays, but the month of January is largely anticipated by many as it symbolizes a new beginning, the perfect time for a fresh start.

For months now most of us have had our fill of fun, festivities, family/friend gatherings, and feasting…lots and lots of holiday feasting.

But, after January 1st, it’s go-time!

Now that the holidays, and all the festivities and feasting that accompany them, are behind us, it’s time for a fresh start, a January Reset as I like to call it.

Why? Because if you’re like me, you might have gained an extra 5-10 pounds from all of that holiday feasting, and now you’re wondering how quickly you can get rid of it.

Well, over the years I’ve incorporated some incredibly healthy and helpful practices that have aided me in losing those unwanted holiday pounds, and today I’d like to share them with you.

Nothing crazy. No fads. Just 3 simple, tried and true, tips that I’ve been implementing in my own life - three simple hacks that will help to pull off that holiday weight in a flash!

Personally, I incorporate these practices on a regular basis, and they’ve had a tremendously positive impact on my health. My suggestion for you - try these tips for at least 4 weeks, then I’d love for you to send us an email at support@lifeboostcoffee.com and let us know your results.

Now for those post-holiday recovery hacks…

#1 - Do A 36 Hour Fast

Wait…don’t tune me out just yet. I promise you, this sounds much worse than it really is.

Fasting for 36 hours after months of feasting may seem like an insurmountable task, but consider the fact that you’ll be sleeping at least 16 of those 36 hours, so we’re really only talking about fasting for 20 waking hours.

See, this sounds more doable already, doesn’t it! So, let’s get down to the practicality of this fast.

First, I suggest that you stop eating at 9 pm. After this, you get a good night’s rest, sleeping for approximately 8 hours, then when you wake up, have a glass of water with lemon in it.

Or, you could replace that lemon water with a glass of kombucha. This fermented, probiotic-rich tea is loaded with antioxidants, helps with energy levels, boosts your gut health, and so much more.

Even better, our Lifeboocha kombucha powder is a great option here as it has all of the same powerful benefits of kombucha without the sugar normally found in these drinks. https://lifeboostcoffee.com/products/lifeboocha-kombucha-powder?

Next, you can move on to your morning coffee.

If you drink your coffee black, this works perfectly during a fast. But personally, I still drink my morning cup of coffee, even during a fast, with collagen, MCT oil (or Mito-creamer), and a splash of heavy cream.

As you can see, I’m not a purist, thinking you can’t have any calories at all during a fast.

The goal is to get through the day without eating, and in my humble opinion, I don’t think a small amount of calories will frustrate the benefits of a fast.

In fact, I’ve been doing it this way for a very long time with exceptional results.

After that morning cup of joe, I only drink water until around lunchtime.

Then, instead of a meal for lunch, I’ll generally enjoy sipping some bone broth.

Bone broth helps you stay hydrated, it has incredible gut-healing benefits, provides your body with collagen, improves sleep, and it even boosts the already-powerful effects of fasting.

In the afternoon, I enjoy another cup of coffee with a splash of heavy cream. Then, in the evening I’ll sip on a sparkling water with lime or a SpinDrift, which is a sparkling water brand that adds a small amount of real, fresh squeezed, fruit juice to their beverages.

Throughout the day, I also fit in 2-3 Fortagen essential amino acid drinks (or a similar EAA powder).

This equates to 100 grams of protein, used to build and repair my body. You can have these drinks in the morning, afternoon, evening, and before bed.

Then, I go to bed, enjoy a night of rest, repeat the first portions of this hack in the morning, and start eating again at 9 am.

See, easy peasy!

I like implementing this hack once a week until I’ve hit my goal weight.

Be prepared though…you will urinate pretty frequently while incorporating this fast. But, don’t be alarmed, this is a good thing, you’ll actually be (healthily) flushing out your system.

And, this system-flushing isn’t the only healthy thing happening to your body while fasting…

The benefits of a 36 hour fast are tremendous, and not only will this aid in losing unwanted holiday pounds, it can also contribute to your overall health and wellness.

A 36 hour fast is also sometimes referred to as the Monk Fast. This type of fast has numerous benefits, including:

  • Extended Lifespan - Promising studies have found that fasting may increase lifespan, likely due to the way fasting has proven to protect against chronic diseases.
  • Reduced Risk of Cancer - Fasting has been shown to reduce glucose levels in the blood, making it more difficult for some cancers to grow.
  • Boosted Immunity - Fasting for 36 hours supports healthy immune function, which is crucial for protecting against diseases and fighting infections.
  • Metabolic Alterations - A huge aid in healthy weight loss, fasting for 36 hours once a week has been shown to positively alter a person’s metabolism through the following mechanisms: altering circadian biology, improving the gut microbiome, and altering lifestyle behaviors such as sleep schedules and energy intake.
  • Enhanced Physical Capacity - Providing benefits for overall health and physical fitness, a 36 hour fast can improve athletic performance by helping you exercise for longer periods of time, thereby improving your overall physical capacity.
  • Improved Cholesterol Levels - This type of fasting has been shown to decrease triglyceride levels which helps to lower “bad” or LDL cholesterol, a highly important factor in overall cardiovascular health. A 36 hour fast has also been found to increase adiponectin, a protein hormone which has anti-plaquing properties that prevents the clogging of arteries which can lead to high blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss and Fat Breakdown - Fasting in this manner creates a calorie deficit, forcing your body to utilize stored fat for energy which leads to both weight loss and the breakdown of fat.
  • Improved Gut Health - Fasting gives your gut (or your digestive tract) a much needed rest, and during this rest, the healthy bacteria that reside in your gut multiply. When the healthy bacteria here are balanced, your body can properly digest or break down food, produce needed vitamins, and fight off diseases.

Each of these benefits can contribute to a person’s overall wellness, and when done properly and under proper guidance, such fasting can be a regular part of a healthy lifestyle.

But, it is crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any fasting regimen, especially a prolonged fast, like the 36 hour fast, to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your individual health circumstances.

#2 - Incorporate Intermittent Fasting

I know, I know. I just recommended fasting for 36 hours, now more fasting!?!

Yes…but in a completely different manner.

For me, and for so many others, intermittent fasting is essentially just skipping breakfast.

As a whole, intermittent fasting simply involves having a set eating schedule which shifts between intentional windows of fasting and eating.

For instance, if you follow a 16/8 intermittent fasting schedule, you would fast for 16 hours, then you’d use the remaining 8 hour window to eat normally (not over indulging). If you stop eating at 8 pm each evening, this would mean your first meal of the day would be at noon.

This is my preferred way of incorporating intermittent fasting.

But, as in my 36 hour fast, I certainly don’t skip my morning coffee when intermittent fasting.

And, as listed in the section above, when making my morning cup of joe (even while fasting) I add collagen, MCT oil, and a small splash of heavy cream.

Do this 80% of the time, then you don’t have to feel guilty indulging now and then with a big breakfast feast.

*NOTE: Some people go through a transition period when they start intermittent fasting, especially if they’re used to eating breakfast each and every day. In these instances, when a person who routinely eats breakfasts begins to skip this meal, they may feel hungry, irritable, or even light headed due to blood sugar fluctuations, etc.

Know that this is normal and may take a few weeks to resolve.

When you incorporate drastic changes to your diet, such as this, you will likely experience a period of adaptation.

This does not typically mean that the healthy change you're incorporating won’t work for you simply because you’re feeling uncomfortable at the moment. It just means that your body is going through a period of figuring out how to adapt to these changes.

The benefits of intermittent fasting are vast, including protection against chronic diseases, improved physical performance and memory, weight loss, a longer life span, and more.

These benefits await you on the other side of any temporary discomfort you may be going through during the transition into intermittent fasting. However, to help with this transition, you can simply add electrolyte drops to your water or coffee, such as Everlo drops, or use an electrolyte powder.

#3 - Resistance Training

Resistance training is a MUST for a healthy life as we age.

Basically, resistance training equals building muscle.

But, you don’t necessarily need to go from scrawny to Schwarzenegger to benefit from resistance training.

And, before we move on, just know, especially for you ladies, that building muscle doesn’t mean you need to be, or that you will look like, a bodybuilder.

It will, however, help you to shed unwanted fat.

As resistance training allows you to build more muscle, that muscle then helps your body burn fat faster and more efficiently.


Well, the more muscle you develop, the more mitochondria you have, and those mighty mitochondria are the fat burning centers of your cells.

So, when you’re wanting to shred fat, you need to build muscle, thereby increasing the amount of fat burners within your cells.

If you’re not currently exercising, the first step to incorporate resistance training is to simply start walking.

Movement is life, and your quality of life is improved tenfold by not sitting all the time.

I used to tell my chiropractic patients, sitting for your spine is like coca cola for your teeth.

So, if you’re not currently exercising, start moving (and building muscle) by walking.

Past walking, there’s a resistance training hack I’ve been using over the course of the past 2 years, and it’s changed my life…so much so that I want to share it with you here today.

This style of training takes 15 minutes a day to do, and you do it 4-6 days per week.

So, in 4 15-minute sessions per week, you can completely transform your body.

I’m 45 years old now, and I’ve lifted heavy weights my entire life, until two years ago.

Prior to this hack I’m getting ready to share with you, my joints were hurting. Now, I have zero joint pain!

So, what’s this “secret hack?”

It’s called the X3 bar created by Dr. John Jaquish.

You can go here to read more about it: https://www.jaquishbiomedical.com/x3-bar/

It’s a bit on the expensive side, but it’s 1000% worth it, IF you use it. And, it includes everything you need - equipment, workouts…everything.

There are only 2 simple workouts with 4 exercises in each workout. And, you alternate them, so you’ll do each workout 2-3 times a week.

If you’ve been working out for many years, spending multiple hours each week at the gym or in your home with various programs, these short workouts may make you feel like you’re not doing enough.

But, this is a proven system that works.

So, you don’t need to add your own stuff because you think the workouts aren’t sufficient. Simply follow the program for at least 4 weeks, and see for yourself.

I’d also caution you against buying any knockoffs on Amazon or a local store. These can complicate what Dr. Jaquish created, and the quality is inferior.

This is the same advice that I give to friends and family members as well. Saving a couple bucks to get something that isn’t as effective is typically a recipe for mediocre results.

If you’re serious about changing, then spend the money on yourself.

I wouldn’t have made this my 3rd tip if it did not give me life changing results.

They even have an app that’s easy to use, and you can track your results daily.


I know I gave you a lot of info in between the basics here, so let’s close out with a quick recap of those hacks.

Hack #1 - Do a 36 hour fast

  • Stop eating at 9 pm.
  • Get a good night of rest, then when you wake up have a glass of water with lemon or some kombucha.
  • Enjoy a morning cup of coffee next, either black, or like my morning java specialty, with collagen, MCT oil, and a splash of heavy cream.
  • Drink water throughout the morning.
  • Around lunchtime, sip some bone broth.
  • In the afternoon, have another cup of coffee with a splash of heavy cream.
  • In the evening, have some sparkling water with a little bit of lime.
  • Throughout the day, you can incorporate some Fortagen essential amino acid drinks or a similar EAA powder.
  • After a night of sleep, begin your morning the same way you did on your fast, then you can have a meal at 9 am.

Hack #2 - Intermittent Fasting

  • For intermittent fasting, simply follow a scheduled eating and fasting pattern where you fast for a set amount of hours per day, only eating during your feeding window. For example, stop eating at 8 pm, sleep overnight, then don’t eat your first meal until noon. This allows for 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating.


  • Remember, if you’re like me, I can’t go without my daily cup of morning coffee, so I still add a quality collagen powder, MCT oil, and a splash of heavy cream in my morning cup. Then, I break my fast around noon.

Hack #3 - Resistance Training

  • If you aren’t currently working out, start out by simply walking. Remember, movement is life!


  • Past walking, incorporate resistance training to build muscle, which increases mitochondria, thereby aiding in fat burning as well as enhancing overall health and wellness.


  • I highly recommend using the X3 bar system created by Dr. John Jaquish. This is the resistance training program I’ve used for over 2 years now. It’s simple and highly effective!

As I’ve mentioned periodically, each of these tips or hacks are things I do on a consistent basis, and they’ve had a tremendous effect on my health. That’s why I wanted to share them with you here today.

And, like I said in the intro, we want to hear from you.

So, try it out for at least 4 weeks, then shoot us an email at support@lifeboostcoffee.com to let us know your results.

I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me!!

Check out Lifeboost Coffee Lifeboocha Kombucha Powder.

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