Top 8 Espresso Cups for 2023: A Guide to Exceptional Coffee Enjoyment

10 min read JAN 03, 2024

The espresso is a meticulously crafted and exquisite beverage. Each well-prepared shot offers a mesmerizing symphony of flavors and aromas that are truly unmatched.

However, traditional coffee cups are often too large to accommodate just a shot or two, so investing in demitasse cups is highly recommended for espresso enthusiasts. These cups are specifically designed to enhance the espresso experience.

The following section will explore some of the finest espresso cups available. Additionally, they will reveal their top recommendation for those with limited time.

Top 8 Espresso Cups of 2023

Explore a meticulously curated assortment of the finest espresso cups revered by enthusiasts. Enhance your home espresso experience by selecting from this exquisite collection that flawlessly complements your machine.

1. Set of 4 double-wall insulated stainless steel espresso cups

Stainless steel demitasse cups are popular in café settings due to their exceptional durability. With the high volume of espresso coffee prepared daily, it's crucial to rely on shot glass options that can withstand the test of time and the occasional mishap of a falling portafilter. The preference for stainless steel stems from its practicality.

These cups are dishwasher safe and perfectly sized to support the creation of intricate latte art for small espresso-based drinks. Their powder-coated finish is also renowned for its exceptional longevity, even after multiple washes.

In addition to their durability, stainless steel cups offer the added advantage of easy cleaning. They play a pivotal role in calibrating espresso in cafes, and their stainless steel construction simplifies the cleaning process. A quick rinse with hot water immediately after brewing ensures that any soapy residue is kept at bay, guaranteeing the purest espresso flavor.

If you aspire to recreate the authentic café experience in the comfort of your own home, stainless steel cups could be an excellent choice for you as well.

2 De'Longhi Thermo Espresso Glasses - Double-Walled Delight

The Delonghi double-walled thermo espresso glass is perfect for those who prefer smaller coffee servings. These glasses are conveniently fit in pairs on almost any drip tray.

This glassware offers a departure from the sleekness of stainless steel and other modern pieces, bringing you back to the simplicity of the basics. It's a valuable addition to your home coffee kit, boasting easy cleaning and a visually pleasing design. Moreover, it excels at keeping your cups of coffee warm and bursting with flavor. Enjoy the exquisite taste and the ultimate coffee experience with this exceptional glassware.

3. Set of 2 exquisite Monty Milk Art Cups made of double wall ceramic

The fellow is renowned for its exquisite coffee, and their ceramic cups embody both style and functionality. Available in sets of 2, these cups not only exude elegance but also enhance the art of pulling off a split shot with two exquisite vessels.

This sophisticated ceramic set surpasses the size of your average espresso cup while still falling within the acceptable range. Moreover, it is dishwasher-friendly, catering to those who prefer the convenience of machine cleaning after brewing.

The double-walled design of these mugs offers an unparalleled tactile experience. Crafted to fit snugly in your hand, they ensure a secure grip while insulating your coffee perfectly. Although priced at a premium, these cups' quality and tactile sensation undeniably justify the investment.

4. Set of 4 Espresso Glass Cups Stovia Double Wall Insulated

This double-walled espresso glass is cherished by coffee enthusiasts for its exceptional functionality. Not only does it offer the convenience of being microwave and dishwasher-safe, but it also allows for easy stacking when storing your cups. Its 5oz capacity is the perfect size for your favorite coffee drinks. Effortlessly prepare a delightful flat white or any other coffee creation with this glass. If you appreciate a blend of timeless and contemporary aesthetics in your coffee wares, this glass is an excellent choice that seamlessly combines both.

5. Set of 6 Zenco Living Espresso Cups

Their first encounter with these glass cups occurred when they used a Nespresso machine. At that time, they were unaccustomed to savoring coffee at a non-scalding temperature, leading them to mistakenly believe they could touch the cup outside the handle. Oh, how wrong they were.

Fast-forward to the present day, and they find themselves as a professional barista. Although this cup may not be your typical double-walled option, the presence of a handle offers a reassuring sense of solidity when held. If you can resist the temptation to touch the sides out of curiosity, this cup will serve you well.

Not only does it boast an impressive appearance for a glass cup, but it also happens to be the perfect size for your small espresso drinks.

However, it's worth noting that pouring boiling water into these cups is not recommended. Additionally, while they look fantastic, they can be prone to breakage if mishandled even slightly.

If you need a bulk purchase of 6 cups, this is the ideal match for you and your espresso coffee needs.

6. Set of 4 Sweese 409.403 Porcelain Espresso Cups

This porcelain option from Sweese resembles the classic cups you find in coffee shops. Crafted from high-quality porcelain, rest assured it is free from BPA and safe for use in microwaves and dishwashers. Here's an interesting tidbit: porcelain, denser than ceramic due to superior clay and higher heat during production, produces exceptionally durable wares. Each set includes four 3.5 oz cups, providing versatility for single, double, or split shots to suit your coffee preferences.

7. Sweese 412.101 Espresso Cups: Sets Of 2

These coffee cups are meticulously crafted from mouth-blown borosilicate glass. Not only are they lightweight and stylish, but they also boast exceptional durability. Feel confident using them in the microwave and dishwasher as long as they are properly secured. Just keep them away from larger, heavier objects in the dishwasher! The fact that these cups are microwave safe gives them an edge over stainless steel alternatives on this list.

8. Aozita Espresso Saucers And Cups With Espresso Spoons

This ceramic coffee cup evokes nostalgia, reminiscent of the classic cups often found in diners and hotels. There's a reason why they opt for cups like this: durability.

While they may seem unassuming, these ceramic wares fulfill their purpose flawlessly, securely cradling your double shot of espresso. Though they lack the double-wall design, their thick walls ensure the safety of your palms and fingers. Moreover, each set includes spoons and saucers, offering an all-encompassing coffee experience at home. This option embodies both quality and affordability.

2023 Espresso Cup Buyers Guide

You've just discovered a selection of the top espresso cup options. Now, let's explore a brief buyer's guide to help you find the perfect espresso shot glass that fits your needs flawlessly.

Number Of Cups

It is a test to gauge self-awareness.

How many cups of coffee do you consume daily? Do you prefer savoring a cup or sharing the experience with fellow espresso enthusiasts? And if you tend to misplace or break kitchenware, would you find it beneficial to have backups?

The number of cups you require depends on your brewing and serving needs. Sometimes a set of four is sufficient, while others may call for more.

Having backups can be convenient as it eliminates the need for frequent reordering. However, if you are meticulous to the extent that you've been using the same espresso mugs for 15 years, you can make your purchase accordingly.


The pleasure derived from your espresso lies in your personal preferences. Do you sweeten it with sugar, add a hint of cream, or even a touch of salt? Do you relish when your spoon breaks through the crema, capturing the aromatic notes before a satisfying sip?

If you prefer a straight shot, an espresso cup and saucer set may not be necessary. However, for those who enjoy embellishments, having cups and saucers to elegantly rest your teaspoon can elevate your daily coffee routine.

A saucer becomes an indispensable companion if you opt for a visually appealing option that may be too hot to hold comfortably. Prioritizing the protection of your hands is essential to avoid the unpleasant experience of burning your fingers.

Remember to prioritize style and functionality when selecting the perfect espresso cups. Elevate your coffee experience while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of every sip.


Investing in durable materials is a wise decision, balancing functionality, aesthetics, and skills. For dishwasher-safe options, prioritize safety when it comes to espresso mugs. Look for lead-free and BPA-free demitasse cups and non-toxic saucers for food and beverage contact.

Double-walled glass cups look stunning and showcase the crema, a key indicator of a good shot. While it's not the sole determinant of quality, it adds an extra variable to track in your daily espresso-making routine.

Stainless steel is durable and visually appealing, offering a range of impressive designs or minimalist charm with a brushed finish. Choose the material that best suits your style as a home barista.


Insulation plays a vital role in preserving the quality of your cup. Borosilicate glass is renowned for its exceptional resistance to rapid temperature changes.

Well-designed porcelain cups can offer a cool and substantial sensation in specific areas. Double-walled espresso shot glasses are ideal for exquisite visual appeal and outstanding insulation. They effectively prevent heat transfer between your hand and your coffee.

When selecting the perfect cup, opt for a narrow-mouthed design. With various materials available, choose the one that best suits your preference. Additionally, ensure that it seamlessly aligns with your espresso routine.


When it comes to your espresso experience, finding the perfect cup is crucial. With cups of various shapes and sizes available, it's important to consider your preferences and priorities. Do you enjoy stacking cups on your home brewer? Should your cup set match the modern aesthetic of your other kitchenware?

They've noticed that borosilicate glass cups offer a wide range of shapes. You can even find double-wall espresso cups in the form of skulls. It's your cup, so choose a design that resonates with your coffee experience.

Remember, the right cup can enhance your espresso enjoyment and add a touch of personal style to your daily routine.


One crucial factor to consider is their dimensions when selecting high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate or ceramic glass espresso cups. Consider where to store them and whether any objects could accidentally knock them over. Additionally, consider whether you can conveniently store a set of six cups in your cupboard or on top of your coffee machine.

Another important aspect to ponder is the size of the cup. Opting for a 2-3 oz cup will effortlessly accommodate single and double-shot espressos, ensuring you won't encounter any issues.

Choosing the perfect demitasse cup involves aligning your available space, coffee machine, daily ritual, and personal beverage preferences.

The Final Verdict

The stainless steel espresso cups are their top choice. Not only are they dishwasher safe and non-toxic, but they also provide a premium experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions 

How do I know which cup size is right for me?

The right choice depends on the type of espresso you're making and your desired serving size. They recommend a 2-3 oz cup, accommodating single and double shots without issue.

What materials are best for espresso cups?

High-quality, heat-resistant ceramic or borosilicate glass espresso cups are ideal. Stainless steel espresso cups are also a great choice for those looking for a durable and non-toxic option.

How important is the design of an espresso cup?

The design of your cup can add an extra touch of style to the whole experience. There are numerous options available, ranging from traditional to modern designs! Pick one that reflects your personal preferences and complements the rest of your kitchen décor.

How often should I clean my espresso cups?

It's important to clean your espresso cups after every use, as coffee oils can quickly build up and leave an unpleasant taste. Handwashing with warm, soapy water is recommended, but certain stainless steel cups are dishwasher safe.

What should I do if my espresso cup breaks?

It's always best to replace broken espresso cups with new ones, as they may contain sharp edges or jagged pieces that can be hazardous. You can repair the damage with adhesive epoxy or a similar product if the damage is minimal.
What advantages do stainless steel espresso cups have over other materials?
Stainless steel is a great choice for an eco-friendly, non-toxic option. It's also highly durable and withstands temperatures higher than ceramic or glass. Additionally, stainless steel espresso cups are generally more affordable than their counterparts.

Are there other accessories that I need for making espresso?

Yes, having the right equipment is essential for a perfect cup of espresso. A good quality grinder and tamper will help you evenly grind the beans and compress them into your portafilter to ensure an even extraction. You'll also need a thermometer to keep track of water temperature and a scale to measure the amount of espresso you're making. Finally, a milk frother or steam wand will help create those perfect creamy lattes!

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