The ULTIMATE Guide to Starbucks Cup Sizes in 2023

8 min read MAR 03, 2023

While their coffee can’t boast the low acidity and attention to health brands like Lifeboost prioritize, there is something to be said about the convenience of Starbucks when you are in need of a quick caffeine fix away from the comfort of your own kitchen.

In almost every city around the United States, and even 74 other countries globally, Starbucks is a well known brand and easily spotted on most street corners. Starbucks continues to grow exponentially daily - becoming more popular than ever.

With the coffeehouse’s continually growing popularity, for those of us who aren’t regulars and use the chain as an indulgence or quick fix, the vast menu options as well as the “different” way of identifying cup sizing can seem a bit intimidating.

For today, we’ll tackle one of those: Starbucks cup sizes and what exactly that means. This guide will show you the various sizes of hot and cold drinks available at Starbucks. You'll also discover how many tea bags are used in each cup and the number of shots of espresso and syrup pumps needed to make them. With this information, you can order your favorite beverage with precision.

Starbucks Size Drinks

Short (8 Oz.)

If you're in the mood for a creamy and delightful coffee that comes in a smaller size, Starbucks' short cup is perfect for you. This size is only available for hot beverages such as brewed coffee and espresso drinks, but unless you ask your barista, they might not know it exists since it's not listed on the menu. It's ideal when you want less caffeine or sweetness in your drink or if you're purchasing a hot drink for children.

The short cup holds 8 ounces of liquid and is the smallest size Starbucks offers. It's ideal for those moments when you don't feel like a large or grande-sized beverage - but it can still provide enough caffeine to give you that much-needed boost throughout the day. The perfect amount of espresso shots that would fit into this cup are one (excluding flat whites) and two pumps of syrup as well as one tea bag.

Tall (12 Oz.)

If you're looking for a refreshing cold drink for your child, the barista can provide a tall cup- twice the size of the shorter cup and more suited to their needs. This size typically comes with one shot of espresso (excluding flat whites, Americanos, and iced shaken espressos), three pumps of syrup, and one tea bag. The larger size of this type of beverage will provide ample refreshment for your little one as it allows for more ingredients to be mixed, creating a richer taste.

The tall cup size contains 12 ounces in volume, providing a level of hydration that can help to quench thirst on hot days or during periods of physical activity. Moreover, coffee beverages served in this cup are more flavorful due to the combination of espresso, syrups, and other ingredients that go into making them. It also makes customization easier, allowing you to choose preferred flavors, such as vanilla or mocha, without compromising quantity or quality.

Grande (16 Oz.)

Grande, Spanish for "large," is the medium size coffee in Starbucks. This popular size can contain hot and cold drinks, such as teas and smoothies. Due to its convenience and practicality, a variety of people prefer it over other sizes. To reduce the plastic waste from disposable cups, many people opt to buy reusable cups that are readily available on both the official Starbucks website and Amazon.

A grande typically contains two espresso shots, except flat whites, Americanos, and iced shaken espressos. Other additions like syrups also come in at four pumps per cup. Additionally, two tea bags are provided for one of these beverages as well.

Venti (Hot – 20 Oz., Cold – 24 Oz.)

Did you know that Starbucks coffee cups come in two sizes labeled as "medium" yet actually have different capacities? The hot version is a 20 oz. Cup, while the cold one comes in 24 ounces - even though they both bear the same name: "venti," which interestingly translates to mean 'twenty' in Italian.

Regarding espresso shots, the hot drinks typically contain two shots (except for flat whites and Americanos). On the other hand, cold drinks may contain three shots (excluding flat whites, Americanos, and shaken espressos). Similarly, five pumps are typically used when adding syrup pumps to hot drinks, while six pumps are added to cold beverages. Tea bags are poured into both hot and cold drinks as well, with two tea bags added to each beverage.

Trenta (30 Oz.)

Starbucks introduced their new size, Trenta—Italian for 30—in 2011 to accommodate the demand for large drinks. This site exclusively offers cold beverages such as iced coffee, cold brew, brewed iced tea, refreshers, and lemonade.

Unfortunately, the Trenta size cannot be used for other types of cold drinks like frappuccinos, iced espresso beverages, and nitro cold brews like Americanos, lattes, macchiatos, flat whites, and mochas.

In terms of shot count, this size has some customizability for the specific drink ordered. But when it comes to volume, that's where Trenta really shines! You'll receive a generous amount of liquid compared to its counterparts in smaller sizes, and you can add up to seven pumps of syrup - so you can make it exactly how YOU like it.

Espresso Shots

Flat whites have three shots, Americanos have one shot, while iced shaken espressos are made with two shots. Depending on the preference, these different numbers of espresso shots can result in various taste profiles. For example, an extra shot of espresso can provide a stronger and more intense flavor to your drink.

Moreover, espresso shots are used as a base for most drinks that Starbucks offers, such as lattes and cappuccinos but other ingredients like milk and syrups are added to complete the drink. Therefore, when ordering any coffee beverage from Starbucks, it would be good to know how many espresso shots each size contains so you know exactly what you're getting in terms of caffeine content and taste.

Pumps Of Syrup

Besides espresso shots, there is also an exemption on the number of syrup pumps for different kinds of beverages.

Iced Shaken Espressos

Although Iced Shaken Espresso beverages and other espresso drinks may appear to have equal amounts of syrup pumps, the brown sugar syrup bottles used at Starbucks are specially made, featuring pumps that only distribute half-doses of syrup. This means that many other espresso-based beverages contain only half the amount of sweetener as an Iced Brown Sugar Shaken Espresso.

Caramel Macchiatos

The Caramel Macchiato has one fewer syrup pump than other espresso-based drinks of the same size. But don't worry - you won't be missing out on flavor. The thick caramel sauce poured over the top replaces that extra shot, providing a delicious and indulgent taste experience.

Bonus Facts

For those looking to get an extra kick of caffeine in their Starbucks beverage, there are multiple ways to do so. To start, one can simply go up a size on their order – while going from a Short to a Grande or Venti won’t directly increase the number of milligrams of caffeine, and it will give you more room for a higher concentration. An alternative method is adding an additional espresso shot on top of whatever regular order is being made. This will surely give you the desired jolt!

Still not enough? If you want the same amount of liquid but with more caffeine in it, then make sure to opt for freshly brewed coffee instead of espresso. The larger the cup size, the more caffeinated your brew will be – just make sure that it isn’t decaf before ordering! And lastly, if you would like a bigger cup without paying for a larger quantity of drink, then just ask for your normal order in a bigger mug and only pay for what is inside.

Starbucks has undoubtedly made an impact on coffee lovers around the globe with its cozy atmosphere and quality drinks. It has become a go-to spot for coworkers, friends, and family members to gather, chat and enjoy a cup of coffee together. If you haven't already tried out Starbucks's coffee, now is a great time to do so. The sizes of their beverages may seem complicated when ordering for the first time, so we have outlined this guide to help you make your selection.

In Conclusion

While nothing beats your favorite coffee mug (whether it is a “World’s Best Mom” mug or a similar sentiment) and freshly brewed Lifeboost wafting through the comfort of your own home, we know sometimes a Starbucks or chain can be convenient when out and about.

While the cup sizes of Starbucks can seem a bit off-putting or overwhelming, once you figure out what a “trente” actually means and how many shots of espresso comes in that size latte, customizing it to maximize your cheat day treat or capitalizing on your caffeine cravings mid-afternoon becomes just a little bit easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the size of Starbucks cup sizes?

The cup sizes available at Starbucks include Short (8 oz.), Tall (12 oz.), Grande (16 oz.), Venti (24 oz.), and Trenta (31 oz.).

How many pumps of syrup come in each size?

The number of syrup pumps varies depending on the type and size of the beverage. Generally speaking, Frappucinos have more pumps than other drinks, while Caramel Macchiatos do.

How do I order a specific cup size at Starbucks?

When ordering your beverage, you have the option to specify the size that you would like. For example, if you want a Grande-sized Latte, simply state, "I'd like a Grande Latte, please." This will ensure that your drink comes out in the correct size cup.

Are cold beverages served in different cup sizes than hot beverages?

Yes, the four standard sizes for cold beverages at Starbucks are Tall (12 oz.), Grande (16 oz.), Venti (24 oz.), and Trenta (31 oz.). Hot beverages are available in Short (8oz), Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes.

Does Starbucks offer a larger size cup than Trenta?

No, Trenta is the largest size available at Starbucks. Consider ordering two drinks instead of one large cup if you're looking for a larger drink.

Is there an additional cost when ordering a larger cup size?

Generally speaking, Starbucks does not charge extra for larger cup sizes. However, some specialty drinks may cost more when you choose a larger cup. Please speak with your barista if you have any questions about pricing.

Are all beverages available in every size?

Some beverages are only available in certain sizes due to their ingredients or consistency. Your barista can tell you which types of drinks can be ordered in each size.

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