The Simple Fix to Turn Off Your Keurig's Descale Light

5 min read SEP 05, 2023

The descale light in a coffee machine can illuminate for various reasons, and one is the accumulation of calcium or dirt particles that impede the machine's internal components, ultimately leading to a malfunction. Another factor that can trigger the descaling light is when refillable K-cups are used and packed too tightly, causing water flow restriction within the machine.

It is recommended that users descale their coffee machines regularly to remove any mineral buildup and use refillable K-cups with a moderate amount of coffee grounds to ensure proper water flow to prevent such occurrences. Neglecting these maintenance practices can result in the machine breaking down, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

How to Fix It?

It is important to clean/descale the machine every three months to maintain the optimal functionality of your Keurig. If the Keurig descale light has turned on, it is time to perform this essential cleaning process. Fortunately, we have a helpful, in-depth guide on effectively descaling your Keurig and restoring your machine to its prime condition.

The following are the step-by-step instructions to describe your Keurig and eliminate the pesky descale light. Following these instructions will ensure that your Keurig functions at its best.

1. Ensure that your Keurig is turned off and all power sources are disconnected.

2. Locate the water filter and remove it from inside the machine.

3. Once this has been done, it is time to pour in the descaling solution to thoroughly clean out any buildup or debris lingering in the machine.

4. After adding the solution, switch the machine on and place a cup underneath to catch any excess liquid.

5. Pour the mixture down a safe spot, such as a sink.

6. Once the brewing cycle is complete, it is important to rinse the water reservoir to remove any remaining solution.

Although we have provided steps for fixing this issue, there may still be instances where the descale message persists. To address this, further troubleshooting may be required to ensure that your Keurig machine is functioning correctly.

Keurig Duo Descale Light Stays On

The Keurig Duo descale light staying on is a typical issue users face. However, your Keurig Duo can be easy; follow the simple steps. If cleaning the machine does not turn off the descale light, simply press the 8oz and 10oz buttons for 5 seconds, and the light will switch off.

What If Descale Doesn't Work?

If the descaling process for your Keurig machine does not appear to be effective and the descale light remains lit, it is imperative to take further action. A significant amount of scale buildup may obstruct the water flow, impeding the descaling process's effectiveness. In such a case, it is recommended to repeat the process with an additional solution or opt for an even stronger solution, such as vinegar, to descale the machine.

Letting the machine sit for an extended period, up to an hour or two, is pertinent to allow the vinegar solution to dissolve the buildup effectively. In rare cases where the buildup is particularly tenacious, citric acid can be utilized to pierce through even the most stubborn accumulations.

The descale light on a Keurig machine is intended to indicate any blockages affecting the flow of water through the machine. If, despite your best efforts, the descale light remains on, it is essential to thoroughly investigate the cause of the obstruction- such as an obstructed pipe or the use of excessively large cups that could overwhelm the machine's functional capacity. By identifying and addressing the source of the blockage, you can ensure the optimal performance of your Keurig machine and enjoy endless cups of fresh, delicious coffee.

Cleaning The Keurig Exit Needle

If you've ever encountered an issue where your Keurig isn't brewing any coffee, it could be due to a blocked exit needle. This minuscule needle penetrates the bump at the bottom of your K-cup but can sometimes become clogged with coffee grounds or other debris.

Thankfully, resolving this issue is relatively simple. You can dislodge the blockage and clean the needle by inserting a sewing needle or paper clip. It is an important step to remember when descaling your Keurig, as it ensures that your machine is functioning properly and you can brew a fresh cup of coffee without any issues.

How Often Should You Descale My Keurig?

It is recommended that you descale it every three months To ensure that your Keurig always brews a perfect cup of coffee. However, the frequency may vary depending on your usage. If you are a regular user who consumes multiple cups every day, you may have to descale your machine more frequently.

But that's not all. You must also be proactive in changing the water filter every two months and cleaning it to avoid a stale taste in your coffee. Failing to do so may cause the taste to deteriorate, ruining your coffee experience. So, follow these steps diligently to keep your Keurig in excellent condition, ensuring a delightful cup of coffee every time.


A descaling light in your coffee maker is an essential feature that reminds you to frequently clean your machine, making it safer to use. Neglecting regular cleaning can cause a buildup of grime and dirt within the device, leading to the malfunctioning of the coffee maker. Therefore, cleaning your coffee maker thoroughly when the descale light illuminates is crucial.

However, if the light persists even after cleaning, you might need to perform an additional deep cleaning to remove stubborn dirt, preventing the device's proper functioning. Therefore, ensure you prioritize cleaning your coffee maker using the descale light feature to enhance your coffee experience and extend its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the descale light to illuminate in a Keurig coffee maker?

The descale light can turn on due to the accumulation of calcium or dirt particles that impede the machine's internal components or when refillable K-cups are used and packed too tightly, causing water flow restriction within the machine.

What is the best descale solution to use for my Keurig coffee maker?

Various descale solutions are available in the market, and you can choose any of them. However, it is recommended to use Keurig's descale solution as it is specifically created for Keurig machines and is relatively efficient in removing buildup and maintaining the functionality of your device.

How often should I descale my Keurig?

Descaling your Keurig every three months is recommended, but the frequency may vary depending on usage.

What should I do if the descale light persists even after cleaning?

If the descale light remains on after cleaning, it may be necessary to perform an additional deep cleaning to remove stubborn dirt or investigate other sources of obstruction, such as an obstructed pipe.

How can I clean the exit needle in my Keurig?

To clean the exit needle, you can use a sewing needle or paper clip to dislodge any blockages and clean the needle thoroughly. It is important to ensure that your Keurig functions properly and can brew a fresh cup of coffee without any issues.

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I phoned Keurig and they sent me a new machine but of course that light won’t turn off either


Turning off and holding 8& 10 oz. Uttons down at same time worked for me as well.

R English

Button pushing did NOT work for me….machine used for 1 month. I followed the directions to the letter and the descale light still blinks


This machine is not a quality product. I can’t get the decals light off either after spending an 1 and 1/2 hrs following all the descale instructions.


I turned the machine off and held the 8 and 10 oz. buttons down for 5 sec. and it worked for me also.

Dave O'C

I also had the same problem, but this stopped it for me. I turned off the machine, then held down 8oz and 10oz buttons for five seconds. When I turned it back on, it was fixed. I hope this works for you.


Nothing I do is turning off the descale light


We have been using our K-Supreme for over a year now with the Descale light on, since descaling does not turn the light out. I believe this is a problem with the sensor that tells the machine it needs descaling. We have also put a small hole in the side of the K-Supreme in a location where the temperature Over Temp device is located; which I believe Keurig deliberately designed so the customer must send the unit in for repair! They then make a ton of money on people either sending their units in for repair or the customer just throws the unit out and purchases a new one.


The YouTube videos you also find about this issue is very vague in fixing the issue.


Ok add me to the list , descale light won’t go off….can someone help us fix this situation ?? I don’t think coffee even comes out of the machine correctly with the light on


I’ve had the same problem, but I went to YouTube and follow the directions very closely and had success of getting the light off, although one big mistake people make is letting the water reservoir run out of water. It will destroy your machine. Thanks.


I have a 3 month old K-Supreme. Like many others, my Descale light won’t go out despite 3 descale cycles, cleaning the pin, and trying the button reset. I’ve tried unplugging the machine. Nothing works. I had another Keurig that did the same thing. Any suggestions?

Gregg Michael

Why aren’t there any solutions to this persistent problem? Has anyone contacted the manufacturer? This is really annoying. My descale light still on after following the instructions and using Keurig’s actual descale solution. Crazy.


I just bought this keruig and the descale will not go out

Peter Watson

These are expensive junk.

Alpha yocham

My descale light will not turn off even after descaling. Tried the 2 button push didn’t help. My Keurig is only 3 months old ….

Marcia S.

I have followed all instructions and the descale light is still on I have had my Keurig about a month and a half. I’m at my wits end and will probably take it back and not purchase another on. Descaled 6 times light still on.

Mary Lou Jarzyna

Have followed the instructions for descaling. However the light remains on!

How do I find “clogged pipes”.


I had the trouble with the descale light staying on. I just kept repeating the descale process! 5 times! After the 5th cleaning cycle the descale turned off automatically


Button Trick Doesn’t work.


I too cannot get descale light to turnoff . Any other product recommendations?

Karen Franklin

I have descaled. Light is still on. Cleaned all the needles, light is still on. Won’t make a cup of coffee. If I put an empty cup under, and no coffee pod, I get accurate measure. When I put the pod in, water will not run through. I have cleaned all the needles, top and bottom. I’m afraid my machine is now junk. 3 years old.


Also can’t get descale light to go off. Have followed all directions, really aggravated, will not recommend Keurig to friends and family.

Sarah tucker

Can you tell me how old is this brewer 910.2200.0200059 resistered it with you

Harold distefano

i still cant get rid of the discaling lite