The Last Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino Recipe You’ll Need

4 min read OCT 05, 2023

As the world’s biggest multinational coffee brand claims, the star in a cup of Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino is summer’s favorite berry itself. The drink is refreshing, sweet, coffee-free, and oh-so-creamy!

Here’s the best part: you don’t have to step outside or wait in line to get your hands on this drink. You can easily make it at home with a few easily available ingredients. Want to learn how? Just scroll down for the best Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino recipe that tastes as good as the real deal.

What Is Starbucks Strawberry Crème Frappuccino?

The Strawberry Crème Frappuccino from Starbucks is a caffeine-free, frozen drink made with a blend of ice, strawberry puree, milk, and vanilla whipped cream.

Do you prefer a caffeine-packed drink instead? Easy. Just add a shot of espresso to your Frappuccino and enjoy the delicious flavor combination of coffee and strawberry. You can go for any well-reputed brand of coffee, though we personally love the Lifeboost Blonde Espresso.

Coming back to the drink in question, a Grande cup contains about 370 calories, 16g fat, and 51g sugar. Sure, it’s a lot, but enjoying one drink every now and then won’t hurt. Moreover, when you choose to make it at home, you can always decrease the sugar content to cut down the calories.

Best described as gourmet frozen strawberry milk, Strawberry Crème Frappuccino is all sweet but with a surprising twist of tartness. You can call it a dessert drink, but it’s not as overwhelming as mocha or caramel-based frappuccinos from the coffee giant.

Ingredients You’ll Need For Making Strawberry Crème Frappuccino

The following list of ingredients is used for making a grande size Strawberry Crème Frappuccino, i.e., 16 ounces:

Strawberry Puree or Syrup

This is what gives the drink its iconic flavor. Use fresh strawberries for best results. Since it’s strawberry season, you can easily pick some up from the farmer’s market or your local supermarket. Simply clean and hull the strawberries and pat them dry. Next, add the berries, sugar (as per preference), and water, in a blender or food processor, and puree. Frozen strawberries work too.

No strawberries? No worries! You can use store-bought strawberry syrup. Just make sure to get one made with real sugar.

Frappuccino Base Syrup

The secret to Starbucks’ perfectly smooth and creamy Strawberry Frappuccino is their treasured Frappuccino base syrup. You can recreate it by:

  • Simmer ½ cup of water and ¾ cup of sugar in a saucepan over low heat.
  • Stir until sugar dissolves completely.
  • Turn off the heat and let it cool to room temperature.
  • Next, blend the sugar/water syrup with one teaspoon of vanilla extract and xanthan gum powder each. And voila! Your Frappuccino base syrup is ready.

The above recipe will give you enough base syrup for four grande-sized frappuccinos. You can store the remaining in an airtight container in the fridge for up to a month.


The original Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino recipe calls for whole milk. But you can use one that suits your taste.

Vanilla Syrup

Homemade or store-bought vanilla syrup will do.

Heavy Cream

You’ll need this to make the whipped cream. Even better if you have a readymade can in the fridge.


Make ice cubes with filtered water ahead of time.

Strawberry Crème Frappuccino: Step-By-Step Recipe

For the drink, blend 2/3 cup of milk, three tablespoons of Frappuccino base syrup, three tablespoons of strawberry puree or syrup, and 1 cup of ice cubes. Blend it on low first, then switch to high.

For making homemade whipped cream, whisk ¼ cup of heavy cream and one tablespoon of vanilla syrup. You can use either a whisk or a handheld milk frother.

For serving, add one tablespoon of strawberry puree or syrup to a glass. Pour the blended Frappuccino. Finally, top off with a dollop of whipped cream and a swirl of strawberry syrup, and enjoy!

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Don’t have time to make your own Frappuccino base syrup? Just use regular syrup to sweeten the drink. But remember, if you skip the Frappuccino syrup, you’ll have to consume your drink immediately because the strawberry milk will separate from the ice quickly.
  • You can play with the flavors of your whipped cream. Perhaps opt for strawberry flavor instead of vanilla syrup.
  • While blending the drink, add the ice cubes last in line. Or else, you won’t get an efficient mix.
  • You might want to use a handheld milk frother for whipping the heavy cream. It’ll take just about 30 seconds.


Does Strawberry Frappuccino contain coffee?

No, the original Strawberry Frappuccino from Starbucks does not contain coffee. If you do want a coffee-based drink with a hint of Strawberry flavor, you can check out Lifeboost’s Strawberry flavored coffee.

What goes in a cup of Strawberry Frappuccino?

Strawberry Frappuccino contains whole milk, strawberry puree, ice, and frappuccino syrup. It is finished with a vanilla whipped cream topping.

Can I make Strawberry Frappuccino caffeinated?

Yes, you can add a shot of espresso while blending the drink to make your Strawberry Frappuccino caffeinated.

How to customize a Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino?

Customization options are endless for a Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino. Switch the vanilla whipped cream with a strawberry-flavored whipped cream. Or, you can add caramel syrup at the bottom of the cup instead of strawberry syrup.

Can I buy readymade Frappuccino base syrup?

You can’t find Starbucks’ Frappuccino base syrup anywhere. But if you wish to buy a readymade one, you can buy it from other brands online or on Amazon.

Check out Lifeboost Coffee Medium Roast.


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