The Best Coffee Makers with Grinders ( 17 Top 2023 Picks)

13 min read JAN 21, 2023

We describe a coffee maker/machine as a kitchen appliance that brews coffee using hot water and coffee grounds. The device uses pressure or gravity to pass the hot water over ground coffee and brew coffee.

On the other hand, a grinder breaks down whole coffee beans into freshly ground coffee to be used in brewing coffee. Most sellers have a separate coffee grinder, while coffee machines are sold independently. But with modern coffee makers with grinders, brewing classic drip coffee gets easier.

You get to grind your coffee beans and still brew the coffee in one brew coffeemaker. Some coffee makers include espresso machines, drip coffee makers, and automatic coffee machines. Most people prefer freshly brewed coffee; hence finding coffee makers with built-in coffee grinders has become a priority.

If you want to find the best coffee maker with a grinder, keep reading this article. We have researched exclusively to bring you the best coffee makers with grinders that guarantee a fantastic brewing experience.

Which Are The Best Coffee Makers with Grinders? Auto Grind and Programmable

1. Java Starr Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

This drip coffee maker comes with a built-in grinder for providing fresh coffee. It uses steam pressure technology, providing the ultimate fresh cup of coffee. This technology guarantees that your cup of coffee comes out deeper, richer, and more concentrated for the perfect brewing experience.

You will also not require paper filters since this coffee machine has a reusable built-in 300 mesh with ultra-fine filtration qualities. In addition, the grinder proves easy to use. You may press and quickly convert your coffee beans to ground coffee with a single button.

The compact design makes this device a portable option you may carry anywhere you go. You don't have to miss that brewed coffee anymore.

2. Philips Fully Automated Espresso Machine

Espresso machines prove to be some of the best coffee makers currently. This Philips coffee maker has a sophisticated design to wow all coffee lovers. The special features include a water filter, a milk frother, a programmable design, a removable tank, and an integrated coffee grinder.

The tank holds five coffee cups hence ideal for a family brewing experience. This espresso machine won’t disappoint with its 12-step grinder adjustment. Therefore, you will get coarse to very fine coffee grinding for various brewing needs.

It comes with dishwasher-safe parts boosting your convenience. So, if you need a versatile coffee maker, this makes the best.

3. Cuisinart Grind and Brewing Machine

This automatic coffee machine has a unique Cuisinart grind to grind whole coffee beans to fresh ground coffee. It comes with a 12-cups holding capacity. You will therefore enjoy several coffee cups from a single brewing episode.

The grind settings provide various options to determine the concentration of your espresso coffee. After getting ground coffee, hot water flows in to brew flavorful coffee for coffee lovers. In addition, Cuisinart's trademark guarantees a durable device that will serve you for years.

We recommend this brewing machine due to its North America Electrical standards for the ultimate coffee maker with a grinder.

4. Cuisinart Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Do you live alone and need a quality coffee maker? If so, the Cuisinart single server makes the best choice. The removable reservoir adds to the beauty of this machine. So, if you need a Cuisinart grind, this machine offers precisely that.

Each brewing exercise provides one cup of delicious coffee. In addition, the device comes with a removable drip tray in case you need to use it while traveling.

Since it’s programmable, you don't have to struggle to make a cup of coffee. This one tops the list of coffee makers with grinders for a person staying alone.

5. 10-cup Coffee Maker with Grinder

The automatic coffee maker suits a family setting or an office. It will serve ten cups on a single-serve episode. The burr coffee grinder has fitted into the coffee machine guaranteeing complete service if you need to grind fresh coffee beans.

The water tank has a capacity of 1.5 liters, which is ideal for large-scale coffee brewing. We find the design attractive to add to your house décor without fail.

You will also enjoy the easy operation that comes with this device. If you need a coffee machine with a burr grinder, this one gets you sorted.

6. Gevi Professional Espresso Coffee Machine

Have you wanted a stylish coffee machine with a grinder? Gevi coffee maker uses both pre-ground coffee and ground coffee from fresh coffee beans. The grinder helps grind the coffee beans and uses the ground coffee to brew the sweetest coffee.

Any coffee lover who enjoys traveling will find this a fantastic travel piece. It comes equipped with great features, like most espresso machines. Get this unique coffee brewing product if you wish to serve your coffee drinks in style.

7. Gevi Drip Coffee Maker

Do you fancy large coffee machines with a grinder? This classic drip coffee maker brings more than one solution to your brewing. The coffee grinder helps grind the coffee, while the water tank provides water to brew coffee.

After determining how much coffee you need, you only need to grind the correct amount of coffee beans. The superb grind control allows you to convert whole beans into your desired coffee size.

The 1.5L tank capacity serving up to ten cups won’t be a struggle. You will find it easy to operate as you may set favorable grinding settings to guarantee flavorful coffee brewing.

8. Mcilpoog Super-automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

Have you seen a Smart espresso maker yet? The Mcilpoog super-automatic espresso coffee machine brings more than coffee brewing. It comes with a conical burr grinder that delivers a perfectly made coffee dose to brew sixteen cups.

The conical burr grinder makes the best feature of this espresso machine. In addition, you get to appreciate the touchscreen display, which makes brewing even more effortless for coffee drinkers. This machine proves the perfect choice for a setting with many coffee lovers, especially a busy office.

If you enjoy adding milk to your coffee, this machine has a unique milk frother with automatic microfoam texturing.

9. De’Longhi Automatic Coffee Brewer

This coffee maker with a grinder functions perfectly and tops as one of the best coffee makers. This espresso maker makes you a delicious cup of cold iced coffee from your whole beans. Its programmable features help you get coffee at your desirable brew temperature.

The heat-up time works in less than 40 seconds, saving you much of your precious time. The bean-to-cup brewing guarantees the freshest cup whenever you get the urge for sweet fresh coffee.

It also comes with an integrated manual frother to maximize the flavor of your cup of joe. We find it easy to operate and clean, adding to the essential features of a good coffee machine.

10. Galanz 2-in-1 Grind and Brew Coffee Maker

This coffee machine makes the ultimate if you want a device to adjust your grind size. Galanz coffee grinder and brewing machine come with a digital LED touch screen, adding to its vibe and ease of use.

We find the stainless steel thermal carafe another addition that makes it a quality coffee maker. It also has a removable coffee filter basket and a clean indicator light.

You will enjoy serving twelve cups in one brew exercise, saving time and energy. In addition, you also find it easy to customize your brew. Customizing it will modify flavor strength and grind level in every coffee brew.

The grinds might be extra fine or extra coarse. To customize the flavor strength, you may set it at regular or bold strength. So, if you want an easy-to-clean and perfectly sized coffee maker, Galanz has all it takes.

11. Hipresso Super-Automatic Coffee Machine with a Burr Grinder

The Hipresso brew coffee maker has unique and classic qualities to match class and elegance. With this machine, you get to brew various coffee delicacies. This machine's common coffee beverages include Americano, latte, cappuccino, flat white, macchiato, and espresso drinks.

The machine also has a large 7-inches HD TFT display, making brewing easier and perfect. This machine makes an excellent investment if you have a business with frequent coffee lovers. You will grind and brew fresh coffee faster and more effectively.

With a single touch, this coffee maker allows you to brew and froth without delay. The eleven varieties you get with this coffee machine help you achieve different preferences your clients may require.

In addition, the programmable brewing options make work easier every time you brew. The conical burr grinder comes in the best material proving long-lasting. It will grind fresh whole beans of coffee to guarantee freshness in every cup. The grinder also uses pre-ground coffee whenever you need some coffee in a hurry.

This machine proves the best if you also value an easy-to-use and clean addition to your brewing. The automatic cleaning system saves you valuable time, especially during a busy day.

12. Cuisinart SS-GB1

Cuisinart brings the best brewing machines with grinders in the USA. The burr grinder operates under programmed pressure to guarantee excellent grinding. To brew a particular espresso, you must program the grinder and brewing machine to suit the requirements.

This single server brewer comes with superior functionality. It consists of a removable water reservoir. You will also get a removable adjustable drip tray for carrying travel mugs whenever you brew on travel.

If you want to grind and go, this gives you the perfect coffee brewing machine. Not only do you grind fresh coffee beans, but you also enjoy flavorful, freshly ground, and brewed coffee. The unique ground-off features also guarantee delicious coffee whenever you brew pre-ground blends.

This unique drip coffee maker will deliver warm or hot coffee depending on the temperature setting you set it to. Each espresso machine operates on temperature settings to guarantee you take your coffee hot and deliciously.
If you need coffee from freshly ground beans, the grind control feature in this coffee maker brings you that opportunity.

13. Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker

The brushed stainless steel makes the Breville coffee maker the leading fresh coffee maker. The silver color will make this device a great addition to your kitchen or office space. It also blends well with similar house décor items.

Make the grinding perfect if you want the device working at the optimum pressure for a proper brew. Too coarse, insufficiently tamping the grounds, or making them too little makes the coffee maker act up.

This grind control coffee maker makes third-wave specialty coffee. It captures the coffee beans' freshness from the essential oils in fresh coffee beans. This device uses the steep and releases technology to grind the fresh beans providing a flavorful brewing experience.

With this brewing machine, you get to set your expected brewing time. When the time reaches, the device automatically grinds the whole beans through the control grind feature and brews the coffee. Also, this coffee maker provides brew water at the right temperature throughout the brewing process.

In addition, this coffee machine has an LCD clear display. Here, you choose your grind time and the number of shots you need in a brewing procedure. The included accessories that make this a worthwhile purchase include the following:

  • A gold-tone filter
  • 12-cup dual wall stainless steel thermal carafe
  • A cleaning brush

14.  Gevi 4-in-1 Smart Pour-Over Coffee Machine

This fast-heating coffee brewer comes with an internal burr grinder with sufficient grind settings. The unique design makes it a must-have kitchen addition with excellent décor features.

Its attractive color corresponds to its superior functionality.

The consistent grinding that this coffee maker’s grinder brings remains unmatched. You will, therefore, not lose your coffee’s flavor but enjoy a blissful cup of coffee. You will refine your grinding and brewing techniques with this coffee maker.

You will love this machine if you have just started brewing drip coffee. It comes with beginner instructions displayed on the screen while experts operate on the master mode. In addition, Gevi has a rotatable dial with 51 grind settings. This grind control power allows you to produce various grounds to satisfy your brewing needs.

You will also find it easy to navigate the grinding and brewing procedures. So, if you wish to advance in pour-over coffee brewing, this will be the best coffee maker with a grinder.

15. Philips 3200 Series Automated Espresso Machine

The Philips brand has built a trustful reputation among electrical device lovers for years. The Philips 3200 series automated espresso machine with milk frother adds to this outstanding reputation. You will find the large capacity an added advantage to the fantastic features.

If you love programmable drip coffee makers, this one will make a perfect choice. Other unique features include a water filter, removable tank, milk frother, and an integrated coffee grinder. You will need to reprogram the machine to achieve your expected espresso amount.

Also, while grinding the coffee beans, note your grind sizes. If you make the coffee grounds too coarse or small, you may get less quality coffee drinks. This brew coffee maker makes Americano, espresso, hot water, and espresso Lungo very fast.

The intuitive touch display allows easy programming and functioning for making delicious coffee drinks. If you want to invest in a versatile coffee maker, this one will do. You will also find the grinder better than the ordinary blade grinder. Espresso drip coffee from perfect coffee-bean grounds comes from such a machine.

If you want to make a flavorful and fresh pot of drip coffee, try Philips 3200 series.

16. Silent Automatic Coffee Maker

The new Miele CM automatic coffee maker with an espresso machine combo adds value to your brewing process. Its unique design makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen equipment. This device comes with an integrated milk frother and burr grinder.

This device is ideal for a family or office setting since it has a 1.3 L capacity. This machine will also wow you with its dynamic brewing system. The grinder operates quietly and doesn’t wear off quickly. The diverse drinks you can make from this machine include:

  • Hot milk
  • Latte macchiato
  • Espresso
  • Regular coffee

One touch system allows you to process two cups of your favorite coffee specialty. The bean-to-cup brewing machine will wow you with the ground coffee drawer when you don’t have time to grind fresh beans.

You will love to know that this coffee machine comes with dishwasher-friendly parts. Don’t worry about the milk pipework because it cleans automatically after every milk serving. If you love silence, this silent brewing machine performs its brewing at the utmost, giving you a peaceful environment.

17. Café Bellissimo Semi-Automatic Coffee Device

Do you fancy smart home kitchen essentials? The Café Bellissimo espresso machine guarantees smart brewing services for everyday brewing needs. A drip coffee brewer with a built-in grinder proves to be among the best in brewing delicious coffee beverages.

This coffee maker has the best built-in burr grinder guaranteeing freshness in every cup. If you have invested in a smart home design, this machine comes Wi-Fi-enabled. The 95-ounce water reservoir holds enough water to pour over the freshly ground coffee beans.

This device also provides a precise coffee dosage for the desired coffee. We find the cup-warming tray a unique feature that guarantees coffee-warm temperatures every time you need one cup.

You may also use pre-ground beans to brew coffee. The device allows for drink customization technology and accepts updates. With this user interface, the drink strength and concentration get controlled using the SmartHQ app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coffee Makers with Grinders

What is the best coffee maker with a grinder?

Various brands produce perfect coffee makers with grinders. The best coffee maker will be one that suits your brewing needs and budget.

Is a coffee grinder worth it?

Yes, a coffee grinder proves essential in coffee brewing. The built-in coffee grinders in coffee machines make brewing much more manageable and convenient. You will grind fresh beans with the coffee grinder then make your coffee and enjoy the fresh coffee drinks in a few minutes.

What is the quickest coffee maker with a grinder?

Breville Grind Control Coffee Machine has been proven and reviewed to be the quickest coffee maker with a grinder to prepare your morning cup of joe.


Brewing coffee proves a fantastic experience for coffee lovers. If you decide to brew coffee professionally, you must invest in the best coffee machine. This article provides coffee machines that allow for small-scale and large-scale brewing. Since they come with built-in burr grinders, grinding and brewing take place in a single device. So, if you want to experience unique and Smart brewing, why not buy your coffee maker with a grinder today?

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