Random Acts Of Light, Love, And Kindness - Improving Your Wellbeing And The World

12 min read MAY 25, 2024

After several days of dark, cloudy skies and pouring rain, how do you feel when you see the sun shining once again?

Personally, soft breezes, bright blue skies, and the warmth of the sun shining down on my skin, uplifts and encourages me in a powerful way.

These conditions are also why many folks look forward to beach vacations, complete with ocean air and, you guessed it, the mood enhancing power of the sun.

Despite its clear benefit, however, sometimes this phenomenon puzzles me.

After all, the sun is really only doing what it’s intended to do. Its purpose is to bring warmth and light to this world, and that’s what it does.

Still, only a few days without realizing the sun’s presence can leave us feeling somewhat lacking.

Which brings me to the following question: what is our purpose in life?

Sure, we all have unique talents, duties, and ultimately an individualized purpose in this world, yet at the same time, our collective purpose may not differ much at all from that of the sun.

In fact, what if we viewed our time on this earth as an opportunity, an occasion to shine our light before others?

Whether you’re fond of this catchy tune or not, there’s much truth in its lyrics: “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy, when skies are grey…”

Do you have someone in your life who shines their light so beautifully, their presence alone can make any grey sky disappear?

I’ve been privileged to know several people who truly “feel light sunlight.” And, while I’m not saying I’m a perfect example of this, it is my life’s mission to be this type of light in the lives of others.

When we look for the light in others, when we choose to see the beautiful light(s) in this world, and when we ultimately seek to be a bright and shining light, displaying kindness and genuine care for others, this world…simply put…is a much better place.

Random acts of kindness aren’t a mere trend on social media.

Such displays of light are proven to not only positively impact those receiving such kindness and grace but also benefit those imparting such goodness on the world.

In other words, when you shine forth a light of goodness, you benefit from those rays as well!

So, let’s put on some metaphorical shades and look at how displaying such random acts of light and kindness can benefit you and all of the wonderful people in your life, as well as some practical ways to shine each and every day!

The Powerful Impact Of Random Acts Of Kindness

When you think about what it means for you to give and receive kindness, I hope your mind rests on this profound truth - it is not difficult to be kind, in fact, it’s very simple to show kindness.

However, this simple act is unimaginably powerful!

If you’ve been the recipient of a random smile, a kind gesture, a helpful hand, etc, then you know how much of an impact such acts can have on your day to day life (and more).

When you show kindness, being a light to others in this world, whether you realize it or not, you are offering hope, encouragement, and compassion, even helping to ease the struggles (known or unknown) of others.

But, have you ever considered that you, being the giver or initiator of kindness, can benefit from such acts as well?

Now, we don’t initiate or engage in such acts in order to receive a reward, but the fact still remains, when we seek to be a light in the lives of others, we benefit from this “sunshine” too!

Actually, the benefit of being kind and helpful to others has such a powerful benefit, that scientists have set out, over the years, to examine how vast these rewards to our wellbeing truly are…and here’s what they’ve discovered:

- Benevolent and helpful actions done out of a desire to help others (not to obtain reward or recognition) have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

- Participating in acts of kindness has been shown to improve social connection more effectively than cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. 

- Showing kindness to others decreases stress levels (for the giver and the recipient).

- When you show kindness to others on a regular basis, this improves  your emotional reactivity, helping you to better regulate the intensity with which you emotionally react to various situations.

- Showing kindness is proven to improve your self-esteem and increase overall feelings of happiness as such acts (especially those which involve helping others) promote changes in the brain linked to increases in levels of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.

- Those hormonal changes mentioned above, these benefits are also why your overall mood improves when you seek to be kind to others.

- When you seek to show kindness by helping others, specifically, this has been shown to reduce feelings of isolation and provide a sense of belonging.

- Blood pressure levels may decrease when you engage in random acts of kindness.

- Your entire outlook on life changes for the better when you regularly seek to show kindness to others as such acts can lead to greater feelings of optimism and contentment.

- Some studies suggest that those people who regularly seek to show kindness to others actually live longer!

- When we help others, an endorphin-like chemical is released in the brain, and scientists have found this to effectively relieve pain.

- Researchers have found, specifically in cancer patients and those with chronic illnesses, those patients who volunteered their time to counsel others who were greatly suffering with a similar illness benefited from this kindness by having a more positive outlook, less depression, and even fewer physical detriments than other patients.

- Showing kindness may reduce cortisol levels and protect the health of your heart.

- As showing kindness can trigger the release of oxytocin, this may aid in reducing chronic inflammation, an underlying factor for nearly all chronic illnesses or diseases.

    With all of these powerful benefits to gain from simply showing kindness to others, an action that truly improves life for both parties, let’s now consider some ways you can go out and enact such positivity on the world!

    5 Practical Ways To Shine A Light Of Kindness In The World

    1- Coffee, Sunshine, And Kindness

    One of the most treasured times of day for me…and for many of you…is enjoyed through the first morning sip of coffee.

    For most coffee drinkers, that first, glorious sip is part of a ritual, a joyful way to start the morning, and for me, that feeling is amplified when I’m sitting on my back patio sipping as the sun shines down, illuminating the morning droplets of dew on my irises, roses, and dahlias.

    The feelings evoked from this scene and those first sips are nothing shy of miraculous…peace, joy, contentment, anticipation, and overwhelming gratitude all freely flow in this time and space.

    Now…what if I chose to share these moments of uplifting bliss with someone else?

    That’s right, I’m talking about sharing your morning (or afternoon, or whenever) moments of coffee-infused joy with others.

    One way to share your light, or show kindness to others is by sharing yourself, your time, and most treasured experiences.

    So, join me in this challenge: seek to invite a friend or neighbor over (in the morning or at another time throughout the day) and simply enjoy a cup of coffee together, preferably in the setting where you most enjoy slow sips.

    Take some time to simply enjoy one another’s company as well as the quiet, serene beauty in nature (if possible).

    2- Share More Than Just A Cup Of Joe

    Aside from sharing your time, space, and coffee ritual, you can also brighten someone’s day by gifting a mug or two…or more.

    Sure, you can do this by paying it forward, or paying for the person’s order behind you at a local cafe/restaurant, etc. but you can also do this by sharing an entire bag of your favorite coffee.

    Many Lifeboosters have told us they love gifting bags of coffee to their friends and family, and we absolutely love these stories, as they showcase much of what we stand for as a company…drinking clean, healthy, great tasting coffee and showing kindness to others and connecting with those around you.

    A win, win, win!

    Gifting bags of coffee is a great way to show kindness to your neighbors, your child’s teacher(s), your co-workers, local police, fire, or EMS personnel, and on and on!

    3- See The Good, Be The Good

    For years now, I’ve challenged myself to intentionally look for the good in this world.

    It’s so easy to see the negative. I mean, just an hour or so of typically aired news segments can be very depressing as it seems there’s little more than violence, devastation, and peril in the world.

    But…that’s truly not the case.

    Yes, there are some unfortunate events that happen each day all across the globe, but there are just as many wonderful, positive, beautiful things that take place as well.

    So, one way we can seek to be lights in this world, showing forth kindness, is to intentionally look for, and tell others of those wonderfully positive things!

    When you’re chatting with your friends or co-workers, when you’re posting on social media, when you’re talking with your children or grandchildren, seek to share some of the beauty that you’ve witnessed in the world.

    And, if you find yourself thinking, “I didn’t see anything beautiful today,” then I’d like to take that challenge a step further, asking you to go and do something good, kind, and positive in that moment.

    Is there trash on the floor at your gym? Pick it up, happily.

    Is your child struggling with their math homework? Grant a much needed break for a quick game of basketball, cards, or a walk around the block.

    Did your neighbor’s trash can blow down past your house after a storm? Return it to their yard.

    Could your parents use a little extra help around the house? Stop by and lend a hand.

    Send a random text to a friend, letting them know how much you care about them.

    It’s great to focus on the good in this world, it’s better to see the good while also seeking to be the good!

    4- Just Be Kind

    My daughter is currently in college and has a part time job in food service to offset some of that collegiate price tag.

    This being her first job, I think she’s kind of been in a state of shock.

    Unfortunately, I’m not referring to her work responsibilities, but the customers she encounters.

    It’s not uncommon for her to come home discouraged or even depressed due to the way customers often treat the employees.

    I generally make excuses for those she mentions in the stories she tells me - “Maybe they’ve just had a really bad day?” “Perhaps they’re exhausted, stressed, in pain?”

    These excuses rarely lessen the sting left by rude behaviors, but they have made us all the more conscious of how we treat those we encounter in public.

    The thing is, it is entirely true that we’re all going through things in life - from pains, sorrows, sicknesses, stress, and more.

    But, you know what else is entirely true? It costs nothing, not a dime, to simply be kind.

    Perhaps one of the best ways to show kindness is to just be kind.

    So, while you’re out running errands, make it a point to smile at others!

    When your food order is taking longer than you’d expected - be patient, show grace, offer a smile, and don’t take your frustrations out on others.

    When you’re in line at the grocery store, be considerate; maybe even let someone in front of you who only has a few items (compared to your overflowing cart).

    When you’re stuck in traffic, resist the urge to lay on your horn, instead making it a point to flash a heartfelt smile to anyone you make eye contact with.

    Find yourself on hold with customer service? Treat the person on the other end of the call in the same way you would like to be treated.

    Recently I needed to call our cell phone company about a billing error, and as we neared the end of the call, it absolutely broke my heart to hear the agent say “ma’am, I wish I could just stay on the phone with you a bit longer, because you’ve been the only kind person I’ve spoken with today, and I’ve been working for nearly 8 hours.”


    Have we lost the ability to simply be decent, kind people?

    I certainly don’t think so.

    So then, let’s do better! Let’s make it a point to greet others, meet others, talk to others, see others, speak to others…with kindness!

    Again, just be kind.

    5- Use Your Gifts

    We can impact this world in powerful ways when we share our unique gifts and talents with others.

    When inserting yourself and your unique abilities into any act of service, you’ve elevated a simple random act of kindness to an entirely new level…you’ve made it personal…in a good way!

    Do you enjoy gardening?

    Plan to clip a few extra roses and gift them to your neighbor.

    Such an act knows no age limit, by the way. I cut a few tiny magenta dianthus blooms the other day for our 3 year old neighbor, and she was so appreciative. She wore them tucked behind her ear all afternoon and couldn’t wait to show her mommy.

    Do you sing or play a musical instrument?

    See if your local nursing home has an opening for an afternoon where you can share your gift with the residents. Many places like this have an activities department that seeks to schedule these types of things anyway, so volunteering your time and talent could be a tremendous blessing.

    Are you the lawncare king?

    When you finish mowing your lawn, before stepping back to admire its pristine glory, perhaps you could seek to lend your neighbor a hand…you know, the one who’s been ill and not able to keep up with the daunting summertime chore of mowing, weeding, sweeping the porch/sidewalk, etc.

    Any avid bakers here?

    Plan to share your baked goods with your co-workers, neighbors, or local emergency personnel.

    Do you love to write and/or draw?

    Share your artwork/poetry with your community.

    Consider hosting an evening where you could showcase not only your artwork or writings but that of others in your town as well.

    You never know, this small initiative may be the encouraging spark someone needs to take their passion to the next level.

    I won’t drag out this list, but to sum it up…

    Showing kindness to others can sometimes mean stepping outside of our comfort zones. Thankfully this is often where beautiful things happen - it’s where we grow, it’s where we interact with others, and it’s where we positively impact this great, big, beautiful world!

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