Meet Taylor Dukes, Lifeboost Ambassador Of Health(y) And Happy Lives

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Sustainably grown, organic, non-GMO, chemical-free, mycotoxin-free, elevation grown, shade grown, single origin, low-acid…pure, healthy coffee.

If you’ve been a Lifeboost Coffee customer for long, you likely know the above descriptions to be vitally important to what we do here at Lifeboost.

And, these details are important to us for a variety of reasons.

How we source, grow, process, roast, and even ship our coffee is important to us because this affects the health of our environment.

These things are also extremely crucial when it comes to producing truly great tasting coffee.

Of course, each measure we take in producing planet-friendly, delicious coffee is also vital when it comes to supporting a healthy body.

And, our passion for supporting whole body health here at Lifeboost is one shared by many, from our customers who enjoy more energy, better digestive health, improved focus, a reduced risk of disease, etc., to a large number of health professionals who’ve also found Lifeboost to be a perfect fit in not only their own lives, but in the lives of their patients and clients as well.

The health professionals I’m referencing are each a part of Lifeboost’s Ambassadors of Health Program, an elite group of licensed doctors and certified health professionals who not only believe in, but also embody our message, namely that health is your most valuable asset in life.

We believe and have seen the following principle in our own lives: if you want to feel your best, you need to feed your body with the best source(s) that you can find.

As our CEO, Dr. Charles often says, “what we eat and drink on a daily basis, it matters. What we put into our bodies affects our health, our happiness, and our overall well being.”

And coffee, well, it’s one of the most consumed beverages in the world, which means our health ambassadors understand that many of their patients are putting the nectar of this beloved bean into their bodies on a regular basis.

Lifeboost Coffee is one of the cleanest, healthiest, low acid coffees on the planet, so as our health ambassadors seek to recommend the best, health-supporting products to their patients, this naturally includes Lifeboost.

And today, we’d like to highlight one of our amazing health ambassadors, Taylor Dukes.

With this introduction, we hope to better connect you to our health professionals as well as provide a glimpse into how clean, pure coffee plays an integral part of supporting a healthy, happy body and life.

Meet Taylor Dukes 

Taylor is wife, mother, and board certified family nurse practitioner who practices functional medicine.

Taylor helped thousands of patients through her private practice in Texas and now focuses her time on her online store where she offers supplements, protein powders, and basically all things health and wellness as well as TDW Community, an online group for those passionate about living a more natural lifestyle.

Taylor’s passion for functional medicine is a personal one.

Why? Because back in 2013, Taylor could describe herself with two simple, yet dreadful, words: sick and desperate.

“I had all sorts of symptoms that I’d never had [before] and was really struggling with hair loss, joint pain, gut stuff, skin issues, fatigue, and no one could figure out what it was. I ended up going to so many specialists, trying medications, doing procedures, even invasive procedures, and no one really had answers.”

Thankfully, this series of dead-ends, no answers, and continued desperation led Taylor and her family to a functional medicine doctor, and this is a path that changed the course of Taylor’s life both personally and professionally.

With the knowledge and help of her functional medicine provider, Taylor changed her diet and lifestyle, was able to treat some imbalances that were discovered through further testing, was able to get off all of the medications she was taking, and she finally felt normal again…better than normal actually.

And, this journey from sickness to health is what led her to pursue a career as a functional medicine provider.

“I just thought how I felt was normal. But, I actually felt better after I’d gone through that process. I got into this world because I was a really sick patient, and then it (functional medicine) changed my life.”

At the beginning of her career, Taylor worked for functional medicine expert and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Amy Myers.

Dr. Myers owned and ran the functional medicine clinic where Taylor worked, and as she (Taylor) was a registered nurse at the time, she knew she could only do so much.

So, in pursuit of more autonomy, and fueled by a desire to work with patients, treat them, do lab testing, and prescribe when necessary, Taylor went back to school.

This is where/when she earned her board certification as a nurse practitioner, which has now led to her specialty - functional and integrative medicine.

What is functional and integrative medicine?

I love Taylor’s practical definition here, so I’ll simply replay her words to you: functional and integrative medicine, “That’s just a fancy way of saying we get to the root cause of illness. Instead of just treating symptoms, we ask the why question to help people feel better and live healthy, happy lives.”

As a health professional, Taylor has described one of the most rewarding parts of her career as being able to help moms that have unexplained infertility.

Many of these women have been to several fertility specialists, endocrinologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, etc. to help them conceive. And, with the help of God, she explains, she’s been able to look into underlying imbalances, providing a helpful contribution to a healthy fertility journey for such women.

“It’s been such a blessing to be able to see them not only get healthy and improve their lives, but also be able to conceive. It’s just the miracle that keeps on giving. And, it’s such an honor to get to play a role in that process.”

But, like any profession, there are some frustrations with the healthcare system and
misconceptions about functional medicine.

And personally, I see Taylor’s care, concern, and overall desire for optimal health and happiness for her patients best expressed in her descriptions of these misconceptions.

She explains a common frustrating thread for both her and her patients is the frequent occurrence of individuals seeking help and health from the healthcare system only to be told “your labs are normal,” or “I don’t know why you don’t feel good.”

This is frustrating to her as a provider, but as a former patient, she offers understanding for her own patients.

Taylor knows from personal experience that just because your “labs look good” doesn’t necessarily mean there’s nothing wrong.

So, the frustration here is that oftentimes when a general panel of labs are run, this is a basic screening, and these aren’t thorough, nor are they optimal.

Functional medicine works past the basics, past the “normal levels” to get to the root of the problem.

And, as a functional medicine practitioner, Taylor seeks to battle these misconceptions and run of the mill answers through a better understanding of the body, what lies beneath, what aids, what hinders, what fuels, and ultimately what facilitates true health.

She is encouraged by what some refer to as a new trend in society, namely that folks are taking their health more seriously, and in many ways taking their health into their own hands.

Of course, we’re not referring to self-diagnosis or self-prescription here, but Dukes has seen a trend that seems to have started since Covid where individuals are researching more, putting more effort and care into their personal health and wellbeing.

“They’re asking questions. They’re advocating for themselves. I’ve seen it with my practice more and more, people wanting an integrative or functional medicine provider to help them. I think people are waking up to the reality that you really have to advocate for yourself, do research, and ask questions.”

And truly, what she’s saying here really resonates with me, and likely with many of you, as I’ve even seen in my own life, when we have a personal desire, when we’re personally invested, wanting to know more about how we can support the health of our own body, that’s when implementing any changes or improving our lifestyle truly “sticks.”

Of course, when we’re talking about lifestyle changes, this encompasses many areas, from getting quality sleep, reducing and appropriately handling stress, drinking enough clean water, having meaningful relationships, getting enough sunshine and fresh air, and eating clean.

Essentially, as Taylor described to us, a healthy lifestyle gets down to the basics. It’s not about the next new expensive gadget and tactic, but simply focusing on the foundations of good health.

And, here’s a glimpse into what that looks like in Taylor’s life as it pertains to coffee…

Lifeboost Coffee And Taylor Dukes

Any health professional worth their salt, in my humble opinion, knows that living a healthy, happy life isn’t about jumping from one diet to the next.

Instead, this involves making appropriate changes over time, living a life with health at the forefront as opposed to journeying with only a finish line in sight.

A healthy life is a life that’s lived with health in mind, and this is why Taylor describes her incorporation of healthy foods, drinks, and decisions as a lifestyle, which she says is “nothing that happened overnight.”

Of course, there’s a lot of things she does on a regular, daily basis to facilitate health, things like disconnecting from her phone at a certain time at night, taking supplements throughout the day, etc., but she says if someone were to follow her throughout any given day, they’d notice that health is seen in her life as the small (but important) decisions she makes repeatedly.

These decisions don’t feel like a diet or even restrictions, she says, but those small changes over time, well…they’ve simply become her lifestyle.

And, when it comes to coffee, Taylor believes herself to be somewhat of an anomaly.

She does drink coffee, but not every single day, as she enjoys drinking matcha for its many health benefits as well.

And, on the days she chooses java, here’s why she loves Lifeboost - “I’m kind of a coffee snob,” she says. “When I drink coffee, I like it black. And, that’s one thing I can do with Lifeboost.”

Many of you know there’s just some coffees that nearly necessitate the addition of creams and sugars just to mask the bitterness, and sometimes to even mask the overall taste. But, this isn’t the case with Lifeboost.

In fact, many of our customers have discovered the same thing Taylor notes, with Lifeboost “your coffee is so pure…brands like you guys make it good…so then you can drink it black.”

In other words, the low acidity and lack of harsh chemicals, molds, heavy metals, and other toxins results in a smoother, cleaner, more pure cup, a tasty one you can enjoy even without all the extras.

The times Dukes does enjoy adding other items to her Lifeboost cup, these are simply for the added health benefits or even for a special treat or a fancy coffee as she calls it.

For instance, an at-home fancy coffee for Taylor might include a bit of full fat coconut milk, a touch of real maple syrup, and maybe some of her bone broth protein.

She describes her fancy coffee as “really good, and it can have antioxidants, health benefits, and help people with blood sugar, instead of having these really, really sweet lattes, especially in the morning, which is like a blood sugar roller coaster ‘preparing’ yourself for the day.”

Actually, Taylor shared a lot with us in regards to how such drinks play a role in our lives and our health, and we couldn’t agree more…

“I think beverages can make or break someone’s nutrition and healthy lifestyle.”

For example, someone might choose to eat a healthy breakfast, but then decide to go to Starbucks for a latte later that morning. Then, for an afternoon pick me up, that person chooses a frappuccino, and before you know it, the sugar, the additives, the toxins, these all add up.

People often neglect to realize that it’s not just what we eat that has an affect on our health, positively or negatively, but what we drink is just as important.

So many drinks contain added sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, gums, and basically just so many additives. And, that’s one thing Taylor greatly appreciates about Lifeboost Coffee, it’s clean and toxin, mold, heavy metal, and chemical free.

And, if someone does make a latte or coffee treat at home, they can control the creamers and additives they put into it.

She explained that she truly loves educating people about this:

You know, this clean, non-toxic lifestyle, it’s not like you’re eating air and only drinking water. There are great brands out there, like Lifeboost and other companies when it comes to health and wellness that are providing high quality things.

So, all the things I look for, like organic, mold-free, especially the triple toxin screening, that’s really important to me. It aligns with me personally and professionally, because I’m not going to recommend anything, and I wouldn’t professionally recommend anything that I couldn’t do/drink myself.

…and Lifeboost, I can recommend.”

Taylor’s Passion

Taylor keeps up to date on the latest health and wellness trends and research by connecting with trusted colleagues, other professionals, and even companies (like Lifeboost), in the field.

But, she also enjoys spending time reading research articles as well as publications and studies from the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

“I’m constantly researching, even for fun.”

And, besides seeking ways to further educate herself, Taylor is also very passionate about educating others, equipping them with resources and empowering them to take charge of their health.

Gut health is one of her greatest passions, improving gut health that is.

Dukes explains that “gut health is everything, truly it’s the gateway to health. Whether it’s hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, allergies, parasites, fungal overgrowth, skin issues, so much of it can be traced back to gut health, even detoxification. Once you get your gut right, so many other things fall into place.”

She also explains that getting gut health right is a collaborative approach; it involves overall lifestyle changes, eliminating toxins, especially in your diet.

And, this is why it only makes sense for Taylor to happily recommend brands like Lifeboost to her patients.

When it comes to health, people can be tempted to “do all the things,” and in some ways, they can make health an idol, even prompting an obsession over having a sense of control over every last thing (health related).

But, that stress of trying to be perfect, this can actually be worse for your health than simply enjoying a meal out with friends for the sake of a relaxing evening where you don’t have to cook and can connect with others.

That’s one thing we all love about Lifeboost Coffee, as Taylor has expressed, it can so easily fit into a healthy lifestyle, one where you don’t need to obsess over every small detail until it becomes more stressful than satisfying.

In fact, I guess you could say we take the obsession out of the equation for you.

Our commitment to health begins on our small family owned coffee farms and continues through each and every practice we implement to ensure you’re getting the healthiest, cleanest coffee possible…a coffee that supports your digestion (which Taylor has rightfully emphasized as a pivotal part of whole body health), fits effortlessly into a healthy lifestyle, and supports your best, happiest, healthiest life.

So, thank you, Taylor, for sharing your journey, your lifestyle, and your passion for health with your patients, your circle, our Lifeboost team, and the world!

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