Guide: Making a Latte with Nespresso at Home

6 min read MAR 13, 2024

It is commonly believed that there is a secret latte recipe exclusively known to baristas. However, the truth is rather straightforward. Even a Nespresso machine can be utilized to create a delightful latte.

Over the years, I have crafted numerous lattes using Nespresso machines, consistently achieving delightful flavors. This article provides a precise method for preparing a latte with Nespresso.

It will cover the essential equipment ingredients and offer guidance on selecting the optimal pods for a latte. Let us now commence the brewing process.

How to Prepare a Latte Using a Nespresso Machine?

Making a latte is actually quite simple especially if you have a Nespresso machine at hand. The key role of Nespresso lies in its ability to consistently deliver espresso across all machines.

Without a doubt achieving the espresso is the challenging part of making a latte. Back when I used to work as a barista I spent months tirelessly extracting shot after shot, in pursuit of that espresso. However, with a Nespresso machine all that hard work becomes unnecessary. Now let's dive into this recipe.

Tools Required

If you already own a Nespresso coffee maker you probably know which model you have. Just to refresh your memory there are two series of Nespresso machines: VertuoLine and OriginalLine. Although both can make espresso but if you're interested in making espresso-based drinks I suggest considering the OriginalLine.


The OriginalLine Nespresso machines were primarily designed for making espresso. Some models come with built-in milk systems for added convenience. However, if you don't have such a machine I recommend using a milk frother especially if you frequently make lattes.

Nespresso offers the Aeroccino milk frother as an option for home use. I personally enjoyed making lattes with Nespresso coffee and frothed milk from an Aeroccino for a while and always got satisfactory results. To recreate this experience at home all you need is a Nespresso machine and a milk frother.


Lattes have become incredibly popular in coffee shops worldwide for valid reasons. They are known for their simplicity as they only require two components: Firstly, the espresso can be tailored to your desired strength through a single or double shot. Secondly, milk, preferably dairy, can be used, although non-dairy alternatives like almond or coconut milk, albeit with less milk foam.

While there is much to explore concerning each ingredient, such as the choice of espresso roast or the ideal temperature and texture of the milk, I always recommend newcomers to the coffee world to rely on their palate.

Does your latte taste delightful? Excellent! No adjustments are necessary. However, if you find the flavor unsatisfactory, I suggest experimenting with different Nespresso pods or adjusting the settings on your milk frother.

Remember, the coffee experience is highly personal, so feel free to explore and discover your preferences.


Now, it is time to begin the actual procedure.

With your Nespresso machine and milk frother prepared for action, let us proceed to the brewing process.

Crafting a latte is a simple task:

1. Insert your preferred espresso capsule into the Nespresso machine.

2. Select the desired espresso drink size (single or double).

3. While the espresso is brewing, pour milk into the Aeroccino or any other milk frother.

4. Froth the milk until it reaches approximately 145 degrees Fahrenheit or until the frother indicates completion.

5. Ideally, a fine layer of foam should be on top of the milk.

6. Once the espresso is ready, pour the steamed milk into the espresso.

One notable feature of this recipe is its exceptional reproducibility. Nespresso simplifies the process of making espresso, while a milk frother streamlines the preparation.

If desired, you can experiment with various flavors for your lattes. For this, a high-quality syrup is indispensable. Among my personal favorites are hazelnut and vanilla syrup.

I recommend adding the syrup to your mug before extracting the espresso. Then, use a spoon to thoroughly blend the espresso and syrup before pouring the milk.


The serving of a latte is at your discretion. However, for optimal enjoyment, serving the latte immediately after preparation is recommended to maintain its temperature and preserve the microfoam. Traditionally, lattes are served in mugs, occasionally presented on a platter.

To enhance the flavor profile, a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg on the surface can be a delightful addition. For those seeking a sweeter indulgence, whipped cream can be incorporated. If you prefer an iced variation, simply substitute hot milk with cold milk and pour the latte over ice cubes.

The Best Nespresso Pods for a Delicious Latte

Nespresso provides a variety of pods specifically designed for each coffee maker line, which can occasionally make the process of choosing the perfect pod for a latte a bit perplexing.

Best OriginalLine Pods for a Latte

Due to the OriginalLine coffee machine's espresso-first nature, many options for crafting delightful lattes have been discovered. Here are a few personal favorites:

  • Cosi – a mild and subtle espresso that imparts a smooth character to the latte.
  • Istanbul Espresso – bestowing an earthy and nutty coffee flavor to the beverage.
  • Vanilla Eclair – delivering a vanilla latte experience without additional syrup or sugar.

In truth, any OriginalLine Nespresso capsule can produce exceptional results in a latte. It is encouraged to explore various options to find the preferred choice.

Best VertuoLine Pods for a Latte

While the VertuoLine espresso may not offer the same level of flavor as the OriginalLine espresso, it still excels in creating a delightful latte. However, a more discerning approach is required when selecting the pods. Allow me to offer some recommendations:

  • Altissimo – is undoubtedly the finest espresso within the Vertuo lineup.
  • Melozio – a versatile and well-rounded coffee option.
  • Voltesso – ideal for those seeking a lighter and smoother latte experience.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use regular coffee instead of Nespresso pods?

While it is technically possible to use coffee of Nespresso pods it can affect the taste and consistency of your latte. Nespresso pods are specifically designed for their machines to ensure results every time.

How long does a Nespresso pod last?

Typically a Nespresso pod has a shelf life of 12 months from its production date. However, for the results, it is recommended to consume the pods within nine months.

Can I make a latte without a milk frother?

Yes, you can make a latte without using a milk frother by heating and whisking the milk. However, putting in effort may not necessarily give you the desired microfoam consistency. Also using a milk frother ensures outcomes every time. That's why it's highly recommended for latte enthusiasts to invest in one.

Can I use non-dairy milk alternatives in my latte?

Absolutely! You can use dairy alternatives, like almond or coconut milk to make a latte. However, keep in mind that these options might produce foam and slightly change the taste of the drink.

Can I add flavors or syrups to my latte?

Of course! Adding flavors and syrups is a way to personalize your latte experience. For the results, we recommend using high-quality syrups such as hazelnut or vanilla.

How should I serve my latte?

Lattes are traditionally served in mugs or glasses with the option of adding toppings like cinnamon, nutmeg, whipped cream or chocolate shavings. It's best to serve your latte after preparing it for enjoyment.


Can I make an iced latte with Nespresso?

Absolutely! You can easily create a latte by substituting milk, with cold milk and pouring the espresso over ice cubes. You also have the option to include flavored syrups or whipped cream to give it a touch.

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