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13 min read FEB 02, 2024

While incredibly popular at the moment, foam toppers for coffee aren’t new.

Just think about it, most espresso based coffee beverages are made using varying amounts of foam - cappuccinos, macchiatos, flat whites, lattes, etc., and these have been highly popular since they were first served in the early 20th century.

But, as most of you have likely noticed, in recent years cafes and coffeehouses have begun a trend which has taken the notion of foam to the next level by introducing cold foams.

Have you tried one of these common coffee toppers?

If so, which do you prefer, a velvety smooth hot coffee topper made of light and airy milk foam, or a creamy, thick cold foam topper for delicious cold brews or iced coffees?

Or, are you like me, someone who loves foam no matter their coffee temperature?

Whether you love hot foam, cold foam, or all the foams in or on your coffee, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

In fact, even if you’re simply looking to boost your health and enhance the flavor of your brew, this is equally exciting news for you as well!

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Fit Foam, our premium protein powder made specifically for those individuals looking to add an extra measure of health, or an aesthetic and tasty topping, to their coffee, tea, cocoa, smoothie, and more.

We’ll give you all the details in a moment, but Fit Foam can serve to create incredible foam toppers for your iced or hot coffee, or you can simply use it to provide health and an extra measure of flavor, creaminess, and foam to many beverages!

So, let’s dig deeper into Fit Foam now to get a better look at what it is, what benefits it can bring to your body, and some ways you can use this tasty coffee companion.

What Is Fit Foam?

Foam toppers for coffee have essentially exploded in popularity in recent years.

I suppose you could even say there’s a near cult-like following for these aesthetic, foamy, creamy, velvety layers of tasty beverage topping goodness. And personally, I wouldn’t shy away one bit from saying I could be the head of this frothy, foamy fan club!

Why…because they add so much depth, flavor, and beauty to any ordinary mug.

Pretty much all foam toppers contain some element of milk, dairy or non, and this type of creamy addition to coffee works like magic.

And, whether folks realize it or not, this ‘magic’ is exactly why people have been adding milk or cream to coffee for generations.

The protein content of milk binds to the polyphenolic compounds, such as tannins, in coffee and this tames the bitter notes in your brew.

This phenomenon is similar in tea as well.

Being a hardcore tea fan myself, if I order an iced tea at a cafe with a foam topper, baristas often chuckle and ask if I’m British as adding milk to tea is often considered a tradition specific to the English.

However, just as in coffee, I enjoy the addition of these added milk proteins as they effortlessly transform any brew, coffee or tea, by taming the bitter notes while bringing out the authentic flavors - generally from the growing region - of the beans (or leaves).

This is because tannins can have a strong astringent flavor which can obscure the rich, bold taste of coffee or tea. So, the addition of a milk source to coffee allows you to reap the health benefits of those polyphenolic compounds but in a less bitter way.

Of course, milk sources slightly change the texture of coffee as well, and you can easily detect this as coffee tastes a bit creamier with this addition.

So then, if milk sources provide these taste enhancers to coffee, what’s the purpose of foam?

Why choose foam over the simple addition of milk?

Generally speaking, adding a layer of creamy foam to top your brew acts as a sieve of sorts.

It’s as if you’re sipping your coffee through a filter or screen of milk proteins (and often additional flavors) which tame bitterness and add texture to each and every sip.

Enter Fit Foam…

Fit Foam is a versatile protein powder that can be used, a single scoop at a time, to make delicious and healthy foams to top coffee, tea, cocoa, smoothies, and more.

You can also use Fit Foam, multiple scoops at a time, as a clean, tasty, complete source of protein in shakes, coffee (protein coffee or proffee), and smoothies.

Honestly, the opportunities are nearly endless when it comes to making Fit Foam a regular part of a healthy diet.

But, why use a protein powder to produce a tasty topper if you can simply froth some milk and be done with it?

Basically, because Fit Foam is a completely pure, clean, high quality, and bioavailable protein source, and an incredibly tasty one at that.

Some conventional foams utilize emulsifiers to keep foam stable for longer periods of time, and these ingredients, similar to what are found in many store bought coffee creamers, can be detrimental to your health.

Fit Foam, on the other hand, is made from only 4 ingredients - milk protein isolate, flavoring (real vanilla in our current selection), salt, and monk fruit extract for a touch of sweetness.

Making foam only using milk, dairy or non dairy, can be tricky as these foams aren’t always stable. And, overall, dairy milk indeed makes the best, most stable, and smooth foam, which can cause digestive distress for many.

Fit Foam is different from milk in that it’s made from an ultra-low lactose milk protein isolate, which means it’s safe for those with lactose sensitivities.

The milk protein isolate in Fit Foam comes from 100% verified grass fed cows, which means this isn’t only a clean source to use in your coffee, but it’s better for the planet as well since such a verification ensures the use of sustainable farming practices.

The clean, pure isolated milk proteins in Fit Foam are also what contributes to, well, a great foam.

Some protein shake enthusiasts commonly complain about any foam that forms when vigorously shaking, or blending, such beverages. However, this is actually a sign of purity.

A protein powder that produces a significant amount of frothy foam when shaken or blended is a great indicator that the protein is from a high quality, clean source. The foam that forms when these are shaken or blended is simply due to the proteins being blended thoroughly, causing the formation of teeny, tiny bubbles, or in other words, foam.

But, aside from using a superior milk source to produce a superior foam, Fit Foam is also free of gluten, soy, and artificial sweeteners.

Omitting the use of such health hindering ingredients is something we’re passionate about, as I’m sure you know by now. However, we’re also passionate about fueling our bodies with health promoting ingredients.

So, let’s take a few moments now to examine those benefits more closely…

Benefits Of Fit Foam

As we mentioned above, Fit Foam only has 4 ingredients, so how can something so simple have much to offer?

Well, I like to say that little is much, when it comes to some things, that is. And, Fit Foam happens to be one of those things.

So, let’s take a look at these benefits one by one:

1- In the above section, I briefly mentioned the sieve-effect when it comes to foams, and I would absolutely count this as a Fit Foam benefit.

Topping your coffee, cocoa, tea, even juice, with a thick foam is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also enhances the flavor of each sip.

So, simply put, one benefit of Fit Foam is its flavor enhancing qualities as it serves to tame tannins in coffee and tea and basically just adds a touch of texture and slight sweetness (from monk fruit extract) to your beverage.

2- We also mentioned above how most foams contain milk, and while we still must caution anyone with milk allergies, since Fit Foam is made with milk protein, this powder is still considered safe even for those with lactose sensitivities.

How so?

Well, Fit Foam is made from ultra-low lactose milk protein isolate, and this means it can fuel your body properly without causing the digestive discomfort that is common with most dairy products.

3- To expand on Fit Foam’s milk protein source, this milk protein isolate contains essential amino acids to support whole body health as well as muscle growth.

No, this doesn’t mean that using Fit Foam will automatically bulk you up, but it does mean your muscles will have a bioavailable source of needed nutrition.

As a prime protein source, derived from 100% verified grass fed cows, this blend ensures optimal nutrient absorption and utilization to support your gut, your muscles, and the health and wellness of your whole body.

4- We’ll get to the other three ingredients in a moment, but I’m sure many of you, like me, get excited when you hear that a product only contains minimal ingredients.

Why? Because those items with a laundry list of ingredients, most of which we can’t even pronounce, often aren’t made with health in mind. Instead, that laundry list almost always ensures the item to be filled with thickeners, artificial sweeteners, dyes, genetically modified organisms, and much more…none of which do anything for the health of your body.

Fit Foam only contains 4 ingredients, all well-known, and easy to pronounce.

And, that statement alone explains the following - Fit Foam contains no added fillers, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial ingredients at all. It also means this powder contains no soy and no gluten.

Fit Foam is made only from clean, natural, and pure ingredients, so it won’t frustrate your brew, and it won’t harm you!

5- Aside from milk protein isolate, Fit Foam also contains natural flavor.

Now, I realize this can sound alarming for some, as the word natural is not regulated, but you can rest assured that our focus on health remains intact here. Our current Fit Foam flavor is vanilla ice cream, and this means the natural flavor included in the ingredient section is referring to pure vanilla extract.

Vanilla extract contains vanillin, and this is a powerful antioxidant.

Most experts attribute the health benefits of vanilla to its antioxidant content, and those benefits include anti-cancer properties, neuroprotective benefits, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Aside from these, vanilla naturally possesses a touch of sweetness, which many of you have likely obtained from simply adding a ½ teaspoon or so to your freshly brewed or cold brewed Lifeboost selection.

By adding this flavor, Fit Foam tastes phenomenal and has a hint of natural sweetness.

6- The other element of sweetness in Fit Foam comes from monk fruit extract.

Monk fruit extract is a natural sweetener that’s loaded with health benefits.

In Fit Foam, as it’s combined with a high quality protein source, you’ll appreciate its satiating effects.

Alone, monk fruit has been lauded by fitness experts for its ability to curb hunger and promote weight loss, but when added to protein, those effects can be amplified (because protein offers satiating effects as well).

Monk fruit will not spike blood sugar, which makes this ingredient safe for diabetics. And, it’s also been studied for its anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and infection-fighting properties.

7- The last ingredient in Fit Foam is salt, and if you’ve ever asked your grandmother why her family-favorite chocolate chip cookies contain salt, you’ll likely know why we’ve included this element.

For health purposes, salt is an essential mineral. Your body needs it in moderation to maintain a proper balance of fluid.

Salt is also specifically used by your muscles for proper function and growth and by your nerves for optimal muscle movement and electrical signaling throughout your entire body.

And of course, as grandma can easily tell you, salt enhances and balances other flavors…all flavors. In other words, salt doesn’t just enhance the flavor of a juicy steak or bed of greens, it serves to enhance sweet ingredients as well.

In Fit Foam, salt serves as a fluid balancing mineral with added benefits to your muscles and nerves, and it enhances the flavor and sweetness of the vanilla and monk fruit. But, adding Fit Foam to your favorite beverage or in making a fabulous foam topper will also enhance the flavor of your coffee, tea, smoothie, etc.

8- Lastly, aside from the individual ingredient benefits, Fit Foam is also super easy to use. It’s convenient and versatile, so you can whip up incredibly tasty foam in a flash, or you can simply add it to your brew (or other beverages) for a healthy boost, a touch of velvety smoothness, and incredible flavor!

Speaking of uses, let’s list a few of those as we close things out…

How To Use Fit Foam

One glance at the back of your Fit Foam protein powder package will show you not only how to make a simple and delicious foam (we’ll detail that here for you too), but it also includes how to use it in a superfood cold brew and smoothie recipe.

Here, you’ll find the basic foam preparation method, then we’ve also included a few other tasty ways to use Fit Foam.

First, let’s cover the basics.

To make a simple foam to top your hot or cold coffee (or tea, cocoa, etc)...

  • Add 1 scoop of Fit Foam to 2 ounces of room temperature water.
  • Froth using a handheld frother until it reaches your personally desired consistency. You can also add the water and Fit Foam to an electric frother and let it do the frothing for you.
  • Simply pour your foam over a tasty cold brew or piping hot coffee, and enjoy!

To make your Fit Foam even creamier, add a tablespoon or so of heavy whipping cream to the 2 ounces of room temperature water and single scoop of Fit Foam, then continue and froth as normal.

Of course, you can also easily enjoy this Fit Foam topping over iced tea, hot tea, and hot cocoa.

But, you can also omit the foam topper, and simply stir, blend, or froth a scoop of Fit Foam directly into your brew.

To do so, all you’ll need to do is add a scoop of Fit Foam to your hot or cold coffee (or tea, etc), then I like to use a hand held frother to incorporate it completely. This will still produce a velvety, foamy layer on your brew, but it won’t be as pronounced as preparing the foam separately and topping your coffee with it.

You can also use multiple scoops of Fit Foam at once in a blended smoothie or rich and creamy proffee, (protein coffee).

For coffee, here’s one delicious way to do this:

  • Add 3 scoops of Fit Foam, 8 ounces cold brewed Lifeboost Medium Roast Coffee, ½ cup of ice, ¾ cup of oat milk, and ½ teaspoon ground ceylon cinnamon to a blender and blend until smooth.

This delicious cinnamon-vanilla blended cold brew is a protein-packed, delicious, and healthy treat.

And, remember to try Fit Foam in any blended fruit smoothies as well…or for a simpler option, try the following:

  • 1 cup fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 2-3 scoops Fit Foam
  • ½ cup ice

Add these to a blender and blend until smooth.

Personally, I think this tastes like a lighter version of an orange creamsicle, but if you’d like to add an extra element of sweetness and a more creamy texture, you can also add ¼ of a frozen banana prior to blending.


Check out Lifeboost Coffee Fit Foam.

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