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12 min read AUG 03, 2022

For some, making the perfect cup of coffee requires the use of a French press. For others, a moka pot is a must. 

Some folks couldn’t imagine their kitchen countertop void of their prized espresso machine or drip coffee maker, while others smile in sheer delight upon opening their refrigerator and seeing a freshly made batch of cold brew. 

Yes, our coffee brewing appliances and apparatuses help us perfect our preferred brewing methods, but what are the real MVPs of your morning mug or afternoon pick-me-up cup? 

Coffee, of course! Good, clean, pure coffee…and…water! 

We Lifeboosters know we’ve got the coffee portion of the perfect cup equation correct, but if you’ve been further upping your coffee game, you also know that water straight from the tap just won’t do. 

This is why many of us opt for methods like reverse osmosis, purification, and filtration when it comes to making a truly wonderful cup of coffee. 

But, did you know that these filtration methods, while removing harmful contaminants, and minerals or particulates that affect the taste, can leave your water (and your health) lacking? 

That’s right, the water you’ve carefully selected as part of your tried and true process for making your delicious, delightful, and downright perfect cup of coffee is likely deficient in minerals your body needs!

This is because most water filtration methods are nondiscriminatory, removing the good, needed minerals along with the harmful contaminants, minerals, and particulates.

Large coffee chains and fine restaurants often use elaborate and expensive water treatment systems to remineralize the water they use, but let’s face it, this isn’t necessarily affordable or practical for most homes. 

So, before this begins to sound like a problem a bit too reminiscent of Samuel Coleridge’s famous line “water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink,” let’s get right to the solution

Our new EverLo Coffee Drops are a mineral supplement that you can add to your coffee (or water, tea, etc.), allowing you to replenish those vital benefits normal filtration efforts deplete from your water, boosting both the health and the flavor of your morning, afternoon, or ongoing all-day cup of joe. 

How can EverLo Coffee Drops boost the health and flavor of your already healthy and delicious Lifeboost cup of coffee? Let’s find out…

The Magician’s Trick: A Tasty Sleight Of Hand

Magicians are known for their skillful ability to deceive. Now, obviously we’re not referring to dishonesty here, but rather an intriguing skill known as sleight of hand. 

And, believe it or not, adding mineral drops to your coffee can achieve a similar feat…a sleight of tongue, if you will. 

The right mixture of minerals added to your coffee can actually affect the way you perceive the taste/flavor of what you’re sipping. 

But wait, you already love the taste and flavor notes of your Lifeboost brew, right? Me too! 

But, give me just a few moments of your time to look at a few minerals that can trick your tongue into improving that already magnificent flavor of your brew…


For centuries summertime enjoyment of ripe, juicy, deep red watermelon has been enhanced for many folks through the addition of a small sprinkle of salt. 

And, those who prefer this method of savoring this sweet fruit will proudly proclaim that such an addition actually highlights the notes of sweetness found in the fleshy, soft center of these melons to a much greater degree than enjoying this sweet treat sans sodium. 

The same can be said of many foods and beverages, including coffee

Now, a quick look at the back of your EverLo Coffee Drops bottle will prove that we’re not talking about adding blood pressure raising, high amounts of sodium, but the “a little dab’ll do ya,” method works quite well here when it comes to flavor enhancement. 

Sodium ions zone in on compounds in foods and drinks that cause your taste buds to detect bitterness and essentially these ions diminish that bitter flavor.

When bitterness is blocked, sweet flavors are more noticeable. 

In the case of watermelon, obviously sweet flavors come to the forefront of this taste bud tantalizing experience. 

And, with coffee, the natural bitterness isn’t as recognizable to the tongue, making the overall sipping experience slightly sweeter, and much more palatable. 

Yes, this is even detected in an already smooth, enjoyable cup, like Lifeboost! Trust me, even I was shocked at the improvement in what I thought couldn’t be improved upon!


Another mineral that can trick the tongue, enhancing an already spectacular beverage, is magnesium. 

Magnesium is a mineral that adds to the complexity of a beverage. 

When we refer to the mouthfeel of coffee, we’re specifically referring to the heaviness, thickness, or even richness you feel and experience as you swish or move the prepared brew around in your mouth. 

Magnesium adds to both the complexity and the mouthfeel of coffee. 

Magnesium also tends to be a big fan of flavor compounds that are both tiny and full of oxygen. So, this natural attraction results in this mineral easily bonding with said compounds. 

When such a bonding occurs, this causes a greater extraction of flavor. 

Win, win, right? 

The magnesium is happy because it’s bonding with its preferred flavor compounds, and you’re happy because you’re experiencing a richer mouthfeel and greater depth of flavor! 


Chloride is the negatively charged ion of chlorine, a mineral your body needs to properly balance fluids. 

And, while the greatest benefit to adding such a mineral to your coffee pertains to your health (which we’ll discuss in a moment), like sodium, chloride also enhances flavor in a similar way. 

The flavors you experience as you sip your brew come from the aromatics and oils found in coffee that are naturally brought out through the roasting process. 

So, pertaining to flavor, chloride acts in sync with sodium to further enhance the pleasant flavors and block the bitterness typically associated with coffee. 


Incorporating sustainable farming practices, and working in step with the environment, means we grow our coffee amongst native plant life that serves to nourish the soil in which our coffee plants are grown. 

This natural nourishment results in greater amounts of nutrients and minerals in our coffee, including potassium. 

Potassium specifically influences the sweetness of coffee as well as the citric acid content. 

And, because of this, we enjoy a smoothness amidst the bold flavors typical to Arabica coffee. 

However, the addition of potassium, through mineral drops, to an already smooth cup of coffee can accentuate those subtle, pleasant, sweet notes, resulting in an even smoother cup!

Adding A Few Drops For The Health Of It

Flavor isn’t the only thing EverLo Coffee Drops can enhance when used regularly in your brew. 

We often describe our love affair with this blessed bean in regards to taste and smell, because let’s face it, those aromas and flavors simply can’t be ignored. 

But, if you’re here already enjoying Lifeboost or simply curious (and thus investigating), chances are you do make the health of your body a priority, so flavor isn’t the only thing that you look for in the perfect cup of coffee.  

It’s been my mission to bring you the healthiest coffee possible, and that’s exactly why we incorporate such strategic and meticulous practices from growing, to hand-selection, spring water washing, 3rd party testing for mycotoxins and hundreds of other chemicals, and perfected roasting practices. 

So, if we’re bringing you something to add to this already spectacular cup of coffee, you can rest assured there are health benefits here as well! 

First, the minerals included in EverLo Drops are essential, meaning your body cannot produce them on its own, making it necessary for us all to find ways to include these minerals in our diet, either through food sources or supplementation. 

Which leads us to the next strategic element surrounding the making of our EverLo mineral drops: We most often think of incorporating supplements in pill form. 

But, by using liquid drops, the essential minerals included in EverLo Coffee Drops can be easily added to your beverage and more easily absorbed by your body.

And, once absorbed by your body, these mineral wonders work in fascinatingly beneficial ways! 

1- Bone Boosters

You’ve probably heard that your body needs calcium to keep your bones and teeth healthy. But, did you know that magnesium helps your body to properly absorb and metabolize calcium?

Getting adequate amounts of magnesium helps your body convert vitamin D into an active form, aiding in the absorption of calcium which is needed for proper bone formation and maintenance. 

2- Improves Digestive Health

Magnesium is also needed when it comes to gut health. Without it, the bad bacteria in your gut can run amuck. 

When the bacteria within your gut become unbalanced, toxins are secreted, slowly motility and causing constipation. 

Magnesium attracts water to your intestines, improving the consistency of your stool and keeping you regular. 

This mineral also helps to relax the muscles within your gut, another way to keep your bowels moving regularly, one needed method for regularly removing toxins.

3- Lowers The Bad, Raises The Good

…cholesterol that is! 

Magnesium and potassium work together to both lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol and raise your good (HDL) cholesterol. 

Mineralized water, or here adding EverLo mineral supplement drops to your coffee (or water), helps to maintain proper heart function by keeping your blood freely flowing to your heart, uninhibited by arterial plaque. 

4- Improves Blood Pressure

Cholesterol isn’t the only thing essential minerals can improve when it comes to the health of your heart. 

Low magnesium levels have been associated with increases in blood pressure.

High blood pressure causes your heart to work harder just to pump blood throughout your body. This can often cause a thickening of the left chamber of the heart, increasing the risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest. 

Potassium, magnesium, and calcium (which we learned above is better absorbed with an adequate intake of magnesium) each aid in the regulation of blood pressure as well as helping to improve overall blood circulation. 

Improvements in these areas can keep your heart rate and rhythm healthy. 

5- Keeps Your Digestive Juices Flowing

Digestive juices? Ewww, right? 

Actually, not so ewww!

The process of digestion begins in your mouth, and beginning there these digestive juices contain enzymes crucially needed by your body to break down the foods you eat in order to benefit from the nutrients they contain. 

The essential minerals included in EverLo Coffee Drops, such as chloride, are the building blocks of these enzymes, fueling the juices that keep your digestive system effective and healthy. 

6- Balances Fluids

Aside from these digestive juices, your body is largely made up of fluid, and keeping these fluids balanced is critical! 

Chloride, magnesium, sodium, and potassium, each of the minerals included in EverLo Coffee Drops, work to keep your bodily fluids balanced. 

  • Chloride keeps an internal and external balance of fluids in your cells. 
  • Potassium regulates the fluid in your body to keep you from retaining water.
  • Sodium keeps fluids balanced within your cells aiding them in the absorption of nutrients. 
  • Magnesium helps to move electrolytes in and out of cells, keeping fluids balanced.

What’s more, the fluid balancing abilities of potassium may prevent kidney stones, osteoporosis, and stroke. 

And, magnesium’s contribution to fluid balance is also thought to contribute to the maintenance of normal nerve and muscle functioning. 

7- Boosts Brain Health

Potassium and sodium are also thought to keep the nerves in your brain functioning properly. 

The nerve messages sent to and from your brain can keep your muscles contracting (like your heart), and these nerve impulses are thought to be generated by potassium ions moving out of your cells and sodium ions moving into your cells. 

8- Reduces Acidity & Balances pH Levels

If you’ve been drinking Lifeboost coffee for very long, like most of us, you recognize one thing after the first sip…our coffee is low acid! 

But, in general, coffee can be acidic. And, if you’re drinking this beloved beverage often, your body’s pH levels may reflect such an addiction…I mean habit…I mean treasured American pastime. ;) 

Earlier we talked about how the addition of magnesium can help to make coffee taste smoother, adding to the complexity experienced in the mouthfeel. And, we also learned of potassium’s ability to add to this smoothness by accentuating the sweet notes in coffee. 

In both cases, these adjustments in how we experience the taste and feel of coffee in our mouths are the result of the alkalizing effect each mineral has on a liquid. 

Did you know that even filtered water can vary from being acidic to weak alkaline

So, when you’re brewing your perfect cup, even when using low acid coffee, depending on the type of water you use and how many cups you enjoy throughout the day, you may still benefit from a bit of balance…pH that is. 

Our bodies crave this balance. Specifically seeking a healthy pH level of around 7.34-7.45. 

Such an alkalized level allows your body to effectively flush out toxins and fight disease. 

Bluntly stated, when your body’s pH levels are unbalanced, you’re operating in disease-fueling mode. 

So, while the simple addition of EverLo Coffee Drops improves the taste and mouthfeel of your brew, those noticeable differences are actually improving the overall health and balance (pH) of your body as well! 


Wow! We’ve covered a lot of ground surrounding the notion of simply adding 4-6 drops of liquid to your coffee.

So, let’s take a look at a concise run-down of how EverLo Coffee Drops can boost your cup and your body!

When it comes to flavor: 

  • Sodium blocks bitterness and enhances sweetness. 
  • Magnesium enhances mouthfeel and improves complexity. 
  • Chloride enhances the natural flavors found in coffee. 
  • Potassium accentuates the sweet notes and smoothness of coffee. 

When it comes to your health, EverLo Drops: 

  • increase the absorption of calcium to improve bone health.
  • improve digestive health, keeping you regular. 
  • improve heart health by lowering bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol levels. 
  • improve blood pressure and overall blood circulation. 
  • provide building blocks for needed enzymes aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption. 
  • keep the fluids in your body balanced. 
  • keep your nervous system, and your brain, functioning properly.
  • reduce the acidity of your brew and balance your pH levels. 


Grab some EverLo Drops for an even Healthier Cup of Coffee

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