Baratza Encore: A Comprehensive Review Of The Most Popular Home Coffee Grinder

11 min read MAR 31, 2023

As any coffee aficionado can tell you, the Baratza Encore is the perfect grinder for novice baristas and coffee geeks. Packed with a powerful motor, 40 grind settings, and often made of sturdy materials, this grinder is capable of producing a consistent grind that's suitable to all types of brewing methods. Further, it features an innovative burr calibration system, automatically adjusting the gap between the teeth of your device's burrs. The bottom line? You won't need to look beyond the Baratza Encore when it comes to grinding beans and making lattes right at home.

Baratza has been around for almost 20 years, providing cutting-edge products and stellar customer service to coffee aficionados. Founded in 1999, the American grinder company boasts a variety of professional-grade products for both shop owners as well as home brewers. While the Encore is their most basic model, it is also among the top-selling grinders currently on the market.

Moreover, the company believes in designing each model with repairability in mind: a testament to its commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. With an emphasis on unparalleled quality, Baratza's work speaks for itself - highly sought after by home users and professionals alike.

Review on Baratza Encore

The Baratza Encore is an exceptional entry-level burr grinder, worth absolutely every penny you pay for it. It provides strong performance and unmatched durability; further, it also offers a higher level of grind quality than most other grinders in this price range.

From a flavor clarity standpoint, the accuracy of the grinds that the Encore produces is unparalleled compared to other popular models like the Bodum Bistro, Wilfa Svart, etc. If you're searching for a reliable, economical burr grinder that can deliver consistent results every time, the Baratza Encore is undoubtedly your ideal option.

How To Determine If the Baratza Grinder Is Suitable for Your Purposes

Before investing in a Baratza grinder, it is essential to consider your individual needs and coffee brewing habits. If you are looking for ultimate precision and control when it comes to coffee making, the Baratza range of grinders can offer quality results that are consistent in flavor. Professionals recognize the brand for its finer details, like using mineralized waters or weighing coffee through a digital scale.

For those who buy most of their beans from a local roaster or aim for superior brewing recipes, opting for a Baratza grinder is worth the investment. However, if you just buy dried pre-ground beans from the supermarket and don't require more than a decent cup of drip-brewed coffee, then the Encore model will do fine.

The Encore has set the standard for grinders in its price range, offering consistently excellent grounds for any kind of coffee drink you can think of. French press, Aeropress, pour-over, and stovetop espresso makers are just a few of the popular beverages for which the Encore can provide perfectly-prepared grounds. Consumers trust in this machine's ability to deliver reliable results time and time again; plus, its impressive performance is backed up by glowing reviews from satisfied customers who have experienced first-hand its impeccable performance.

The Encore's dust is low compared to other entry-level grinders, so while some might not like it, they could easily sift it out to get better grounds; in fact, the grounds produced by Encore are better than anything else in this price range. If you want a significant step up in consistency, then you would need to either buy a manual grinder or be prepared to spend considerably more money. However, for its cost and the quality of grounds that it produces, the Encore is an excellent buy for those just starting out on their coffee journey.

While the Encore can pull a passable shot of espresso, the average coffee enthusiast will likely find its results underwhelming. The motor in the Encore isn't built for this task which could present problems down the line while missing out on a fine-tuning dial makes it difficult to tweak your brew and get a top-notch cup of coffee. If you're happy enough with pressurized portafilters, then you can likely make do with a regular 58mm option, but if you want professional quality espresso shots every time, investing in an espresso machine purpose-built for the task is strongly recommended.

Note: If you're looking to instantly upgrade your Baratza Encore coffee grinder, look no further than the M2 upgraded burr set. This cost-effective solution allows you to improve its performance right away, giving you the same particle distribution that would appear on the more expensive Virtuoso model. Enjoy grinding at a faster and finer rate - really getting the best out of your coffees and recipes. And with this upgrade being so affordable for just $35, it's never been easier to make your Encore into something more powerful.

Some Factors We Like

  • With Baratza's low RPM motor, you can grind coffee beans to perfection without burning or overheating them.
  • This grinder is incredibly versatile and offers up to 40 adjustable settings for your preferred brew style - from Aeropress through French press all the way to pour over. Unfortunately, it doesn't cut the mustard for espresso-makers.
  • They also offer fantastic customer service and are more than happy to help out should any issues arise.

Top-Quality Build

Baratza's Encore grinder has significantly improved upon the brand's earlier models. It boasts a quieter operation and a sturdier design that uses 15% glass-filled thermoplastic for its gears instead of plastic. The slow RPM that it works at, combined with its capability to mostly process coarse to medium grinds, makes the device highly reliable and unlikely to succumb to wear and tear. Thanks to the newly incorporated gearbox, the Encore is even more resilient than before, as it reduces jamming occurrences despite quick stopping without damaging internal parts.

Ease Of Use

Using the Encore coffee grinder is easy, boasting a front pulse button in the center of the device and power and grind settings located on the top and side. Additionally, the catch bin is designed to collect most grounds without making a mess while cleaning out the grinder. However, one issue that may arise when using this device is static, causing grounds to stick to the interior of the grinder or larger than average coffee beans not properly feeding through the hopper, which could leave some beans behind. All in all, ease of use does not lack, with Encore providing many practical features for optimal brewing efficiency.

Premium Features

Despite its minimalistic design, the Baratza Encore has some excellent features to please even the most demanding user. It comes with a calibration system similar to those found in professional grinders, giving you the ability to make any adjustments necessary for desired results. Further, it offers 40 different grind selections that have you covered no matter what your preference is. Its motor and gear speed reducers keep caffeine grains cool and quiet by operating at 550 RPM only, ensuring minimal heat exposure, which would otherwise evaporate the aroma oils of the coffee beans. When making a choice, the Baratza Encore should certainly not be overlooked.

Encore Wing Nut Easy Hack

If you've ever used the Baratza Encore and felt like the grinding process was a bit sluggish, there's actually a really simple fix for that. It turns out the wing nut above the cone burr is by design and has absolutely nothing to do with holding the burr in place. Instead, it's meant to add tension which helps to make sure that beans don't pop or fly away as they're ground.

Simply by unscrewing the wing nut, you can unlock higher speeds and more consistent grind size on your Encore. It's an ingenious solution that takes the device from good to great – making it easier than ever before to achieve perfect coffee extraction results every time. So, if you're looking for maximum performance from your Encore, don't forget to try out the hack!


The Baratza Encore may be the most basic model from Baratza, but it still has its disadvantages.

  • It is a slow grinder and lacks any convenience features like dose controls or timers which many people might find beneficial.
  • The grounds bin also tends to create a mess when removed due to static electricity building up, making for an unpleasant clean-up process.
  • Finally, this machine isn't suitable for espresso grinding, as attempting to modify it to grind finer may result in damage over time.

Some Alternatives to Check Out

1Zpresso Jx

The 1Zpresso Jx is a great choice for those looking for an economical and consistent manual grinder - it offers high-quality results that are comparable to some professional-level electric grinders. Best of all, the price tag won't make your wallet any lighter! Coffee made with the Jx packs smooth and clearly defined flavors, delivered every time.

The only drawback is that you'll need to spend a couple of minutes manually grinding your beans before you can enjoy your brew. If you don't mind some light exercise or are only making smaller batch sizes, this probably won't be an issue. But if convenience wins out over grind quality for you, then an electric grinder may be more suitable for your individual needs.

Fellow Ode

The Fellow Ode is a great choice when it comes to flavor. Its 64 mm flat burrs deliver a consistently uniform grind size, which allows for an even extraction of coffee oils and greater clarity in the cup. It looks gorgeous, too, with its sleek black design and gold accents that bring out its elegance and sophistication. Not to mention, the ambitious barista won't be held back by the speed of grinding - this grinder grinds significantly faster than its predecessor. Although it is higher in price than something like the Encore, if you're looking for a long-term coffee grinder solution, then investing in the Fellow Ode might be worth it.

The Bottom Line

The Baratza Encore is an exceptional option for coffee aficionados, both new and experienced. For those entering the specialty coffee world for the first time, the Encore offers a reliable, consistent grind – ensuring that you get your morning fix just right. And at a competitive rate, too! But if you want to take your home brewing up to the next level, then you may find a more advanced grinder like the 1Zpresso Jx or Fellow Ode more appealing. Whichever option you choose, you're guaranteed to begin producing delicious drinks that will impress your friends and family!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Baratza Encore work?

The Baratza Encore uses two cone-shaped burrs made from hardened steel to grind coffee beans evenly into granules of varying sizes. When you turn the dial on the bottom side of the machine, it moves the burrs closer or farther apart, changing the size of the grinds and allowing you to achieve different levels of fineness or coarseness in your coffee grounds.

Does the Baratza Encore have an anti-static feature?

Yes, the Baratza Encore boasts an innovative anti-static design that helps prevent static cling from building up during grinding; this means that less ground coffee will escape while grinding and makes clean-up easier too.

What type of beans can I use in my Baratza Encore?

You can use any kind of whole-bean coffee with your Baratza Encore grinder; however, if you are using pre-ground or instant coffee, it is not recommended as these types of coffees may cause clogging in the machine due to their smaller particle size.

Is cleaning my Baratza Encore easy?

Cleaning your Encore is relatively straightforward and can be done quickly by simply wiping down its parts with a damp cloth after each use. Further, you can remove any build-up on its burrs by occasionally running a few ounces of rice through them at a medium setting for about 30 seconds before wiping them clean.

How much noise does my Baratza Encore make when operating?

The noise level produced by the Baratza Encore when grinding is quite low compared with other models on the market; you'll only hear around 60 decibels when it's operating at full capacity – about as loud as a normal conversation in a restaurant setting.

What features does the Baratza Encore offer?

The Baratza Encore offers 40 individual grind settings, from fine for espresso to coarse for French press. It has an efficient DC motor with a thermally protected housing, which helps keep it cool during operation and prolongs its life. The Encore also features an easy-to-use pulse button for a quick one-time grind, as well as a front-mounted bean hopper capable of holding up to 8 ounces (227 grams) of beans.

What type of burr does the Baratza Encore use?

The Baratza Encore uses high-quality commercial-grade conical burrs made from durable hardened steel that remain sharp for years of dependable performance. These burrs provide excellent particle size distribution and uniformity in grind size with minimal heat build-up during grinding.

How does the Baratza Encore compare to other home coffee grinders?

The Baratza Encore has premium features compared to other home coffee grinders, such as its 40mm conical burrs and adjustable grind settings. Further, its digital timer and multiple pulse buttons allow users to customize their grinding experience and produce consistent results each time.

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