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Healthier Never Tasted better!

Healthy isn't a trend, its a lifestyle! Not only does this coffee have a smooth robust yummy taste, but its actually better for our systems! I look forward to my mid morning or mid afternoon indulgence, black or with add ons, like I did today on this cold, winter, windy afternoon I blended Lifeboost Decaf Medium Roast, Caramel Macchiato, and Mocha Caramel Latte in my pour over coffee maker. A half a cup of black to enjoy the blended flavors in front of the fireplace on my break, then making another INDULGENCE mug to take back to my office while working, adding a scoop of raw cacao powder, collagen and a bit of non dairy milk, frothed it up with unsweetened coconut cream whipped and the flavors were an enjoyable indulgence while working! I <3 this coffee! Smooth, not bitter and bursting with flavor!

Oh my! That sounds and looks DELICIOUS Cyndie!

Medium Roast
Dennis Day
Med roast review

Really good, tasty coffee. I add vanilla flavoring, love it. Glad I tried it.

So happy you enjoyed your medium roast Dennis! :)

Josh Park
Reliable and great fresh roasted coffee

I have a monthly subscription on this beans. The beans are organic, clean, and freshly roasted upon your order confirmation. The crema on this beans is incredible and lasts a few weeks in a great condition.

BEAUTIFUL picture Josh! Happy you are enjoying the coffee!

Love this coffee!

We’ve been enjoying this coffee for more than a year. It’s healthier, oh so delicious, and is delivered right to our door! What’s not to love??

So happy you are still enjoying your dark roast coffee Sandi! :)


Perfectly smoothe coffee. Light but robust. Love it!

So happy you are enjoying the light roast Renee! I love that cup by the way! :)

Lifeboost Africa Light
Thomas Saluto
Coffee to remember

I am very pleased with Life Boost Coffee. It has a wonderful aroma and the thing that really impresses me, is that I do not get heart burn from this coffee nor a sour stomach. I like my coffee strong and black, and this LifeBoost coffee really delivers... Much thanks for this product and other selections as well...

This is so great to hear Thomas! So happy you are able to enjoy your coffee without the adverse side effects!

Horrible top to the pod

The coffee may be great but the pods are not made for keurig!
They made a mess and I ruined several trying to force it to work!
I stopped trying and want a refund.

Hi Lisa! We do have 2 seperate types of pods to work in different Kueirg machines. Our original pods are are compostable (plant-based, proprietary Blend, NON GMO) and work in the regular Keurig (the machine that pokes one hole in the top) Our newer pods are recyclable plastic and work in the newer machines (the ones that poke 5 holes in the top)
No worries though! Our roaster is working on new pods that will work in all machines!

Annoying K-cups

The material the 1/2 caff k-cups are made from are junk. I continue to gimp them
along because I prefer less caffeine. The top and bottom don’t puncture properly because of the material they’re made from. I have to manually push the k-cup down onto the needle then slam the lid of the Keurig down to (hopefully) puncture the top. At least a 1/3rd of the time it causes the entire top of k-cup to pop open and sometimes I end up having to puncture the area where the holes are supposed to be with a knife. It’s a big pain and waste of money for coffee that is already more expensive.

Crème Brulee
Laurie Pearson
No more stomach issues!

I have stomach issues, but love iced coffee. I've been drinking Lifeboost, decalf coffee for about a year now with no more stomach issues. My favorite is the decaffeinated Cre`me Brulee for it's sweet flavor. All my Mason jars are filled with Lifeboost Coffee, decalf for me and caffeinated for my husband. I'm so glad I found this company!

This is such great news Laurie! So happy you and your husband are enjyoing your coffee!

Cinnamon Cappuccino
Girolomo Bevinetto

I wish they have k cup on Cinnamon Cappuccino and Lavender Honey which will be easier for me to put in the Keruig coffee machine.

We take all suggestions into consideration Girolomo!


I loved this espresso, I use it everyday! Will definitely buy again!

Beautiful pictures Mona! Happy you are ejoyinig the Espresso roast!


My husband is a coffee lover and when I bought this as a surprise, so he can enjoy his cup of joe but with healthy ingredients and beans that haven’t been treated with pesticides and from farms who take pride in quality, he was impressed. He said the coffee is super smooth and bold. There’s no turning back to the other stuff. Thanks for bringing this into our home.

So happy to hear your husband is enjoying the coffee Mart! :)

French Vanilla
Timothy Michael Walker
Rewards program

LifeBoost coffee is the absolute best and by my purchases, you can see that. My issue is the restriction on how I or other customers use our reward points. Life is short, and it is my fervent belief that if I want to us some, most, or all of my purchase points, I should be able to. Thank you. Timothy Walker

So happy to hear you are enjoying the coffee Timothy! We do take all suggestions into consideration!

Medium Roast
Debbie Speights
Medium Roast

Love this coffee, no indigestion from drinking it is a winner in my book. It tastes amazing! Can't wait to try my Caramel Macchiato!

So happy to hear you are able to enjoy your coffee without the indigestion afterward Debbie! :)

Just like Baby Bear’s Soup…

Not too much. Not too little. Dark Chocolate Coconut medium roast ground/Tbl. Organic honey.Just a hint of coconut. not that expensive if buying bundles. I like cup but not photo/need one saying Lifeboost

So happy to hear you are enjoying the Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle Drue! Thank you! :)

Good coffee

Coffee usuaslly gives me that restlesness that cofee for some people do, but this decaf does not have that effect at all. Very smooth and non acidic. Love it. I would buy it more often if it wasn't that expensive.

So glad you enjoyed your coffee Krista! The reason we are on the “pricier side” is because we take pride in giving you the cleanest healthiest cup of coffee possible. Our coffee beans are single origin, shade grown, pesticide free, and we 3rd party test for mycotoxins. We do have ways to bring the price down such as subscriptions and bundled pricing.

One bag of liquid too big for fridge, only for party

So disappointed in packaging. I thought this came in refrigerator friendly packaging but 96 ounces in a big soft flat bag with no support is ridiculous!

So sorry for the confusion in packaging. The bags are supposed to stay in the box when put in the fridge. There is a perforated spot for the spout to come out of.

Finest Coffee Available

This coffee is so smooth. Never upsets my stomach and so rich in flavor! I like to use it as the foundation for my morning sugar free iced vanilla late. Made with sugar free vanilla syrup and unsweetened almond milk! A very high quality coffee. The best part… if you ever have an issue, the owner and CEO will answer all concerns promptly! How many companies today offer that kind customer service/support?! Sold for life!!

That sounds delicious Eric!! So glad to hear you are enjoying your coffee!

Deliciously Yummy!

No one ever really wants to get out of their warm bed and start their day, but it’s a little easier for me knowing I’m gonna have a deliciously yummy cup of coffee to get out of bed to! Whether you like it plain or add some pumpkin spice, it’s yummy either way!
I love it so much, I subscribed to the Auto-Ship and never have to worry about running out of my favorite coffee!

Love the picture! So glad you are enjoying your coffee! :)

Awesome coffee

Smooth great quality coffee! Love

Thank you Tina! Happy to hear you are enjoying your coffee!

Coffee every day

We are enjoying the Lifeboost medium roast beans this was our 2nd order and plan to order more very good coffee” no more store bought beans for us, I’m glad we seen an add for Lifeboost great coffee as advertised

So great to hear Thomas! Great picture too!

Happy then sad

I bought this and for a while I absolutely loved it. I gave my other two pots away because I felt I'd found the perfect one. Then a couple days ago with no warning at all it just died. I checked outlets and everything else I could think of. Unfortunately I didn't keep the box it came in. Very disappointed but as they say buyer beware..

1x Medium Roast
Naomi Scott

Love the coffee!

Great picture Naomi! So happy to hear that you are enjoying the coffee

Embolden Dark Roast
Susan Ribeiro

First time ever I have been able to sit and sip a cup of black dark coffee. Wanted to wean off of dairy, your coffee has been a game changer

Thank you so much for such a kind review Susan! Beautiful picture as well!!

Medium Roast
Stephen Jones
Good Coffee

It's really good stuff. Drink a pot a day.