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Natasha Blackburn
Espresso bean coffee: Mmmmm!

These espresso beans, freshly ground at home, are the most decadent, delicious cup of coffee! I cannot stop at just one cup!
Absolutely Love It!

Great rich flavor

Glad I switched from medium to embolden. Richer flavor and great aroma!

Love coffee but too spendy.


I actually bought these for my daughter for her birthday. She as usually loved them. Both of us will continue to purchase them in the future.

Great Coffee!

We are coffee snobs. No stomach upset and absolutely the best coffees I’ve ever tasted and best I ever had overall.

All the way from Africa!

I really enjoyed a great enjoyable flavor from this medium smooth coffee

These were really good and came in handy. The problem I had was there weren’t enough of them. They were gone just like that. I may have gotten two weeks out of that box if that. Good Coffee though. No heart burn just a good cup of coffee to be able to enjoy.

This coffee is good but the Cognitive Mushroom coffee is so Daggone Good.

This code is so Daggone Good. I need to order another one now.

Yummy new one I tried!

Love Pumpkin Spice always! Especially in the Fall!

Did the price increase?

Honey Lavender!

Is lovely over ice with half & half sweetened with stevia the flavors are my favorite. I love iced coffee during the summer. Honey Lavender is my favorite for this. Before brewing it has a honey floral fragrance so pleasant! ❤️

The BEST coffee!

If you like coffee, you’ll love Lifeboast Highlander Grog. It’s well worth the money


Definitely one of the more flavorful coffees in the lineup. Highly recommended if you like blueberry.

Fit Foam
Tastes great

Love adding this powder to my cold coffee, hot drinks anything to drink! Adds a little sweetness.

Great taste and love the low acid taste

I only received 1 bag of coffee today, instead of the six that report having been delivered.

I only received one bag of coffee today and it was none of these flavors.

Great Option

This is a great option if you want to cut back the caffeine. It tastes great.

Lifeboost™ Subscription

Great flavor! Low acid, no toxins.


Best beans!

This is really a great product! My exhaustion from over activity wouldn’t let up until I started drinking HPAdapt everyday. I’m feeling much better.

Always a wonderful coffee!

Its delicious & one of my favorites... i love that is a organic flavor as well