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My favorite Lifeboost flavor. Absolutely divine on chilly weekends or anytime. Like a joyfully decadent dessert.

No heartburn!

Great decaf coffee…does not give me heartburn!

Fran Heddings
Delightful for cold brew

One of my favorite Lifeboost flavors and the absolute best for cold brew. I wish it was available year-round.

Smooth taste

This coffee is easy on my stomach and very tasty

Nice balance

Very nice balance of coffee and natural seasonal flavor. I love it this time of year.


They are beautiful, but not sure if each scoop is for 1 cup? No information on it.

Love love it

Absolutely best tasting coffee ever! No acidic taste

Vanilla Chai Latte
Melissa Edwards
Creamy chai goodness

Loved this flavor! The vanilla is perfect addition.

Grata Medium Roast
Christine Story
Splurge! It’s worth it!

We love our Lifeboost coffee! I tell others about the importance of drinking organic clean coffee. I can hardly drink other coffee now that has higher acidity. For those fools who spend big money on Starbucks (overrated), wake up! My husband and I only spend $10/week on our high quality awesome Lifeboost coffee!

Caramel Macchiato
Gwenne Gorman
The Best Coffee Flavor Ever

Though I have been a fan of coffee for 40 years I have never been a fan of flavored coffee. I don't know what inspired me to try this one but am so glad I did. I love the taste, it just tastes delicious to me. I also started mixing Chobani's Caramel Macchiato plant based creamer with this Caramel Macchiato coffee and I am in heaven.

Clara Blackwell
The Rainbow is a treat!

Very pleasant taste and color. I was surprised at this limited edition coffee with the taste and smell. Very pleasant and different. I made both hot brewed and cold brew and really liked both. It is a real treat as it is a limited so I make this on weekends only and maybe for a visiting friend😊

Vanilla Almond
Debra St.Pierre

Vanilla Almond

Cynthia Bondy
Love the Espresso

I love the Espresso blend. It has full bodied flavor I look forward to enjoying every morning. Wish I had tried it sooner!

French Vanilla
Edith Stutts

French Vanilla is so yummy!

Vanilla Chai Latte
For the love of coffee
Vanilla chai latte

I wasn’t familiar with Chai so this taste was new to me. First sip was questionable, then I took another sip and guess what? I like it! As you first drink it; it’s smooth with a very mild flavor and then a second later you taste the Chai. That’s the part I like.

Highlander Grogg
Abigail Yoder
Highlander Grogg

This Highlander Grogg coffee is the BEST! Delicious with a very smooth flavor

MitoMushroom Mocha
Janet Callahan

Love the chocolatey taste of this brew! Makes eating what's good for me easy! Just mix it with my collagen, creamer and coffee.

Midnight Roast
Andre Motty

Midnight is a bit too charcoal forward..I like dark roast and thought the darker the better but not the case with midnight.

Embolden Dark Roast
cathy Williams

I Love this coffee. The Embolden Dark Roast is my favorite. I also love others that I have tried.

Highlander Grogg
Yvonne Tuttle
Highlander Grogg

Taste smooth and flavor is awesome!

Embolden Dark Roast
Bernadette Stump

Thought it was just wonderful

Cassie Miles
Dark and Thick

The Luxuriance Espresso lays thick on the palate like 70% dark chocolate does, with lingering tones that are smooth and not bitter. I like this roast with or without cream and find myself making a second cup often. Good for cool fall mornings and slow wake-up times!

Grata Medium Roast
Kristine DeRobertis
Love it!!!

This is the best coffee I’ve had in a very long time, and I feel very healthy drinking it

Vanilla Almond
Cynthia Murphy
Vanilla Almond

Excellent! Love the flavor. Frosted Cinnamon Roll is great too!

Embolden Dark Roast
Patricia Caron

I didn’t order embolden dark roast!! I only order pods!! If you sent this to me, I have it away! I don’t have a regular coffee maker, only a Keurig!!!