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Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea

Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea - Lifeboost Coffee

Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea

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Crimson Hibiscus Tea: A Symphony of Flavors and Wellness

Discover Crimson Hibiscus Tea, where each sip is a fusion of health and exquisite flavors. This tea isn't just a drink; it's an adventure. It begins in Egypt's radiant fields, with the harvest of organic hibiscus and orange peels, giving your tea a rich, ruby hue and a burst of citrus.

In Chile's highlands, we add organic rosehips, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, complementing the Egyptian zest. The journey continues to Cedarburg, South Africa, where the finest organic rooibos adds a smooth, earthy base. We enhance this blend with a trio of organic fruit flavors - mango, blueberry, and passionfruit - creating an aromatic symphony.

Each cup of Crimson Hibiscus Tea is more than refreshment; it's a wellness experience. Its natural ingredients promote digestion, boost immunity, and soothe your mind.

Embrace this flavorful journey with every sip, feeling its warmth and recalling the simple joys of life. Crimson Hibiscus Tea is not just tea; it's a discovery of flavor and health.

Product Facts

    Loose Leaf

Net Weight: 3.25 oz

What's in Lifeboost Tea?

  • Bolder Flavors
  • High-quality
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Antioxidant-rich Ingredients
  • Supports Immune Health
  • Certified
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The Lifeboost Difference

Discover the exceptional qualities of our unparalleled tea: Lifeboost offers 100% pure, USDA-certified organic tea, brimming with beneficial antioxidants. Rigorously third-party tested for over 400+ different toxins such as Mycotoxins, Mold, Heavy Metals, Pesticides and Glyphosate, Lifeboost stands out as the epitome of health and sustainability.

Save with Subscriptions

Enjoy up to 15% savings and experience the world's healthiest tea, freshly delivered right to your doorstep. With Lifeboost, flexibility is yours - stay subscribed for as long or as briefly as you desire, with no commitments.

What We Stand For

CLEAN - 80% of the time, put clean foods AND clean beverages in your body such as Lifeboost tea. The other 20% of the time, enjoy life and treat yourself!

CAUSE - Support something you believe in. We support the farmers, their families and communities. We also definitely support sustainable farming methods, wildlife protection, and our first responders.

CONNECTION -Tea connects us. Whether it's conversations with friends or family, business meetings or simply just spending time with yourself. Life is about connection.

KINDNESS - We believe that in order to make the world a better place, it all comes down to treating people how you would like to be treated... with LOVE, HONOR, and RESPECT.


What is the Origin of Hibiscus Infusion Tea?

How to Brew?

What are some Health Benefits?

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Is it Kosher?

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What Makes Tea Lifeboost Great

Our teas utilize a trademarked process that we call TRUSTPURE to help ensure that we are doing our best to bring you the healthiest, tastiest tea blends from farm to cup. The goal is to make sure your tea is clean and as healthy as it can be by taking advantage of the health benefits of tea without toxins!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love It! Need a Green Tea!

Amazing! I cold brew mine and get 32 oz out of just 3 grams. Now we need a green tea!

We're so thrilled to hear that you love our Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea. Your suggestion for a green tea is noted, and we appreciate your support! :)

Shirley Rhodes
Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea!

The first thing you notice is that heavenly smell, then the delicious flavor! I can highly recommend this delicious and smoothing tea!

Thank you for your review, Shirley! We're thrilled to hear that you're enjoying our Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea.

Kathleen Griffith

This tea is flavorful and has a delicious taste.

Kathleen, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on our Crimson Hibiscus Infusion Tea! We're delighted to hear that you enjoyed its flavorful and delicious taste. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to enjoy our tea. Thank you again!


Delivered on top! Nothing was ruined. Love this stuff.


Flavor is great, I didn’t realize it was loose leaf instead of individual bags, luckily I had a steeper, doesn’t take long to make just not as convenient.

Thank you for your feedback! We're glad you enjoy the flavor. We understand loose leaf tea may not be as convenient as tea bags, but we're delighted to hear you found a solution with your steeper. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out anytime!