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 What elevation is your coffee grown at?

When coffee is grown at higher altitudes (at least 4,000ft above sea level) has a number of beneficial effects on the beans. When you grow coffee at a higher altitude it slows the development and ripening of the beans. This is because the temperature of the environment is cooler which causes the beans to develop more slowly. The slow growth of the beans allows them to absorb more nutrients and become much more dense and harder than coffee grow at lower elevations. This means that there are more antioxidants in the beans, which means you will get more out of the coffee you are drinking. Not only is the coffee much more nutrient dense, it is also superior in taste. Most expensive high quality coffees are grown at higher elevations to maximize their flavor.

Is your product considered fair trade?

Yes, it is! When coffee has a Fair Trade logo it means that coffee is grown in a sustainable environment. Fair trade farmers grow their coffee which is an environmentally friendly way of producing crops. Not only is this good for the environment, but it is better for the coffee. By employing farming methods the fair trade farmers are improving the quality of their coffee. There will be less toxins present in the coffee because they do not use pesticides or other chemicals during the growing process. Fair trade farmers also produce shade grown coffee, which also improves the quality of the final product (see shade grown section).

         Fair trade farmers plant their crops in multiple areas of a region which is more environmentally friendly. When farmers grow all of their crops in one area they are quickly depleting the nutrients in the soil of that area which means that their crops will be of a lower quality. By spreading the crops out fair trade farmers are greatly reducing the nutrient depletion in the soil which is great for the environment and great for the coffee.

What does Shade Grown mean?

By growing coffee plants under a sun filtering canopy improves the quality of the coffee bean for a number of reasons. The trees provide shelter for the coffee plants from the sun. This allows the beans to mature at a slower. This allows them to become more nutrient rich, denser, and harder than coffee beans that are not shade grown. This means that the final coffee product will be much more nutrient rich and have a much better flavor.

         The trees that shade the coffee offer other benefits than just protection from the sun. The leaves that fall from the branches of the trees provide a naturally occurring source of nutrients for the coffee plants. When the leaves decompose they become part of the soil which the coffee plants use to grow. This helps to improve the nutrient density of the coffee plants. The fallen leaves also provide protection for the coffee plants from weed growth. The fallen leaves act as a “mulch” making it hard for new seeds from other plants to grow. This means that there is more nutrients in the soil that are readily available for the coffee plants to use which will improve the nutrient richness of the coffee beans when they are fully developed.

Is your coffee gluten free?

Yes, our coffee is gluten free. 

Where is your coffee produced?

Our coffee is grown in Nicaragua.

Is your coffee single origin?

Yes, all of our coffee comes from the same farm. Coffee being from a “single origin” means that all of the beans come from one area of one farm. This helps to ensure you that every bean that goes into your coffee is of the same high quality as all of the others. This also means that all of the beans are processed in the exact same way and roasted the same way. This keeps the other beans from mixing with others, which can affect the flavor of your coffee and introduce foreign things like mycotoxins that may be present in other coffee beans that could be blended in. 

What is the best way to store coffee at home?

Keep a week's worth of coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. If you wish to store it longer you can keep it in the refrigerator or the freezer.

If I am unhappy with my coffee, may I return it?

Yes, all you have to do is send back the unused product within 30 days and you will be fully refunded.