1. "Pioneering Health Creamer: The Secret to Double Energy, Disclosed by Respected Physician"

"Participate in the 20-Day Experiment - No Benefits? We're Handing Your Money Back!"

From the Desk Of Dr. Charles

Well. Doesn’t THAT sound ridiculous. A “Double Energy” Creamer? What the heck does that even mean??

Let me explain:

I LOVE coffee, but… I wanted to:

1. MAXIMIZE the energy boost that I got while drinking coffee
2. Find a way to enhance the energy centers of my cells so they produce energy throughout the day.
3. Get as many additional health benefits as possible.

If you’re anything like me, at age 44, I’m doing whatever I can to “turn back the clock” because I want to feel great and look great as I age, fight off disease, and be full of energy throughout the day.

When I was in practice, I used to tell my clients… GARBAGE IN = GARBAGE OUT. Think about THAT for a moment… If you are putting processed foods, toxic food and beverages, and tons of sugar and unhealthy fat into your body, your body has to take that, assimilate it, and create new cells with it. ( Remember in biology class when you learned that your bodies replace BILLIONS of cells every day)

"Cells Make Up Tissues -> Tissues Make Up Organs -> Organs Make Up Organ Systems -> Organ Systems Make Up YOU… Feed Your Cells Healthy Nutrients To Support A Better YOU! "

I formulated this for myself, LOVED the results I personally was feeling, so I figured out a way to make it available for everyone, and cheaper than how I was doing it. ( buying each ingredient separately, SHEESH)

How Does It Work?

It’s all about THIS little guy… Your mitochondria. Mitochondria are essential components of nearly all cells in the body. These organelles are the powerhouses for cells, providing energy to carry out biochemical reactions and other cellular processes. Mitochondria make energy for cells from the chemical energy stored in the food we eat.

In Other Words…

Mitochondria can be thought of as the "power plants" of a cell, converting fuel (in the form of molecules such as glucose) into usable energy (in the form of molecules such as ATP). Just as a power plant converts coal or natural gas into electricity, mitochondria convert fuel molecules into energy that the cell can use to carry out its functions.

"Another way to put it: It’s the equivalent of building your house out of straw versus building a house out of bricks. When a storm hits, which house would you like to live in? "

Hear Me Out:

IF you want to optimize your body for energy production, wouldn’t it make sense to OPTIMIZE the power plants of your cell that make usable energy?

Now, this doesn’t happen overnight, because you have to provide it with building blocks to assimilate into those cells.

And that’s also why I wanted to add some nutrients that would support a short term energy boost while also giving my body building blocks to optimize for the long term.

It’s sensible, right? Create something that can impact short term energy levels AND long term energy levels.

Decoding The Science: What Makes These Trademarked Ingredients So Revolutionary?


How Does It Work? Mitoprime, a trademarked form of L-Ergothioneine (known by scientists as the longevity vitamin) naturally occurs in mushrooms, organ meats, black and red beans, oat bran, and garlic.[8] It is a powerful, natural amino acid antioxidant shown to outperform other popular antioxidant ingredients.

The human body has a unique and specific ergothioneine transporter and storage system to use when defense is needed. It is an essential nutrient that the body DOES NOT produce on its own.

Cutting right to the chase…

Research has demonstrated that ergothioneine outperforms the three most popular antioxidants — glutathione, vitamin C, and coenzyme Q10 — and is anywhere from 3-30x more effective when it comes to scavenging free radicals!

What Are The Health Benefits To Support Sustained Energy?

A study from Johns Hopkins University found that ergothioneine exposure protects mitochondrial DNA from oxidative stress…

Furthermore, they found that ergothioneine can directly protect against DNA damage, intercepting damage induced by UV radiation before it could negatively affect cells. Both via direct and indirect means, ergothioneine helps maintain mitochondrial integrity, thus protecting cellular proliferation (The ability for cells to reproduce)!

What Are Other Health Benefits?

L-ergothioneine: The Master Antioxidant That The World Forgot. Modern research now supports claims that ergothioneine is the most effective antioxidant available (outperforming vitamin C, glutathione, and coenzyme Q10), with potential effects spanning across the entire body!

It has numerous studies that demonstrate its benefits in Longevity, Antioxidant, DNA & Genomic stability ,Immunity boost, Anti- inflammation, and Cellular & Organ health.

We're continuing to conduct many clinical trials with MitoPrime.

Currently, studies done specifically with MitoPrime have shown these benefits to help with:


How Does It Work?

Rhodiola is an herb known as an adaptogen, meaning it helps the body adapt to stress, regulating various neurotransmitter, enzyme, and hormone levels. As an adaptogen, rhodiola helps the body resist biological stress. Since stress impacts everything, rhodiola can yield many benefits, such as enhanced mood, endurance, energy, and cognitive function.

What makes RhodioPrime 6x so special?

RhodioPrime amplifies concentrations of the herb’s main bioactive ingredient, at 6% salidroside. It’s formulated from Rhodiola crenulata, a close cousin of Rhodiola rosea. In this case, it’s used to extract and isolate salidroside.

To put this into perspective… Many standardized extracts of Rhodiola rosea generally contain 1% salidroside, the main active ingredient in Rhodiola. (That’s 6x more with RhodioPrime 6x!)

What Are The Health Benefits To Support Sustained Energy?

Here’s what the research says… In a 2000 edition of Phytomedicine, researchers tested the effects of Rhodiola supplementation in individuals who were taxing their mental energy (university students studying for exams).

In this double-blind, placebo-controlled experiment, half of the students were given 100 milligrams of Rhodiola for 20 days, while the other half was given a placebo.

At the conclusion of the 20-day treatment period, the students who had taken Rhodiola displayed significant improvements in markers of mental fatigue — cognition, mental clarity, physical fitness, and general well-being — compared to placebo.

What Are Other Health Benefits?

Mental/Cognitive Support:

  • Support for fatigue and stress management

  • Support for mood and feelings of wellbeing

  • Support for healthy BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) levels - a key molecule involved in changes related to learning and memory.

  • Support for feelings of anxiousness and stress Support for healthy cognitive function

Exercise and Physical Performance Support:

  • May help attenuate physical fatigue and promote performance

  • May help improve exercise capacity

  • May promote glucose uptake in skeletal muscle cells

Antioxidant Support

Provides support for healthy antioxidant status

Hormonal Support

Provides support for healthy estrogen metabolism

C8 Vantage MCT Oil

How Does It Work?

MCTs are relatively short in length, which allows them to be metabolized quickly in the body. This makes them an efficient source of fuel because they convert to usable energy for the brain and body at a faster rate than other fats.

Besides being used to fuel the body, MCTs also have cognitive-boosting capabilities.

MCTs are converted into ketone bodies, which can serve as an alternative fuel source in the place of glucose. Though often discussed in the context of the ketogenic diet (due to severely low access to glucose, ketones are the primary source of energy), ketones produced in the body or taken orally can still be used as an effective source of fuel for everyone, even if they aren’t doing a keto diet.

What Are The Health Benefits To Support Short Term Energy?

C8 Vantage® is a revolutionary medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powder containing 95% C8 MCTs with no maltodextrin, corn-based ingredients, or GMOs.

Our proprietary extraction technology removes inferior C10 and C12 MCTs and less ketogenic long-chain fatty acids which means it produces 300% more ketones (units of energy) than coconut oil and 21% than standard MCT oils.

C8 Vantage® also contains Tapioca Fiber, a prebiotic that aids in gut health while the formula maximizes the production of ketones, promoting increased energy, mental clarity, appetite control and performance.

What Are Other Health Benefits?

  • Fuels human performance & body composition

  • Supports appetite and weight management

  • Helps enhance focus and cognitive function

  • Supports increased energy, metabolic rate, gut health, and fat burning

L Tryptophan

How Does It Work?

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid used to make proteins. The body does not make it, so it must be consumed in the diet. After we eat tryptophan, the body converts some to 5-HTP and then into the neurotransmitter serotonin. The body also converts some tryptophan to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), which is why tryptophan is also considered a dietary source of niacin.

What Are The Health Benefits?

L-tryptophan is important for many organs in the body. It’s known for mood support because it gets converted into Serotonin (a hormone that transmits signals between nerve cells.)

Changes in serotonin levels in the brain can affect mood.


Your body's production of collagen naturally slows as you age. After about age 20, people produce about 12% LESS collagen in their skin each decade on average.

Which means by age 40, you could be producing about 25% less!

What’s even worse, various "lifestyle factors" you may have been exposed to – like poor diet, smoking, pollution, stress, and excess sun exposure – can deplete your collagen levels even faster. 😳YIKES.

What we’re trying to avoid…

  • Skin that sags and wrinkles – it's like you're carrying around a face you don't recognize

  • Thinning hair that makes you look older than you are

  • Weak nails that chip and break easily

  • Stiff joints that slow you down and make everyday activities a chore

  • Exhaustion that sets in after the slightest bit of physical activity

  • Digestive issues that come out of nowhere – and make you miserable

  • And an overall feeling of betrayal as your body seemingly turns against you

Getting the Right Collagen from Food Alone Is TOUGH…

So, what are "the right types" of collagen you should consume, and where do they come from?

Out of the 28 different types…

Five types of collagen in particular are important for healthy, youthful-looking skin and hair, flexible joints, and all the other benefits mentioned above – types I, II, III, V, and X.

Here’s why it’s tough to get collagen from food alone…

Like in humans, collagen is located in the skin, bones, cartilage, and other connective tissue of animals, such as fish, chickens, and cattle.

And to get the five types you need requires you to eat a lot of these various "parts" from a range of different animals. That's because no single source provides you all 5 different collagen types.

5 Critically Important Type of Collagen & What They Do In Your Body

  • Type I

    The most abundant type in the body, essential for healthy skin, tendons, organs, bones, and digestion.

  • Type II

    Almost exclusively for cartilage, such as between bones to form joint.

  • Type III

    Usually found with type I, it helps give skin elasticity and firmness and also form blood vessels and heart tissue.

  • Type V

    Also crucial for optimal skin health and formation as well as healthy hair.

  • Type X

    Particularly important for bones health.

Our ancestors were really good at making sure nothing went to waste. They ate the skin, organs, and bones from a variety of different animals to get the most out of their meals.

Now, most of us don't even consider eating those parts, let alone from different animals.

Preparing and cooking these parts would be a lot of work, and even then, you wouldn't be consuming the most ideal forms of collagen…

Hydrolyzed bioactive collagen peptides. This is EXTREMELY important because hydrolyzed bioactive collagen peptides enable your body to digest considerably more of the collagen and use it faster, meaning greater benefits to you!

The Health Benefits of COLLAGEN

Science has shown that supplementing our daily diet with collagen offers a wealth of benefits to the body… like:

Smooth & Radiant Skin

Collagen is a key factor in the strength, elasticity, and hydration of our skin. When collagen levels go down, the skin becomes brittle and dry. And wrinkles begin to form. Wrinkles are the most evident sign of aging. A daily dose of high-quality collagen can help restore the skin to a more youthful state

Shiny Hair and Nails

Thousands upon thousands of users have noticed that restoring the levels of collagen in the body has a direct impact on the strength and natural shine of both hair and nails. Many of them report that hair thinning and hair-loss have considerably slowed down or completely stopped after just a few weeks of collagen supplementation.

Strong & Healthy Bones

The bones in our body are mostly made out of collagen. It is collagen that gives our bones their strength and structure. When levels go down, bones become porous and lose density. Leading to conditions like osteoporosis and makes bones frail and vulnerable to fracture. Collagen supplements may inhibit bone breakdown.

Pain-Free Joints

Cartilage is the rubber-like tissue that protects our joints. And collagen is in charge of keeping it strong and healthy. As the levels of collagen lower with age, the risk of developing certain joint disorders increases significantly. Keeping our collagen levels healthy minimizes the risk of diseases like osteoarthritis and lupus erythematosus.

Stronger Muscles

Between 1-10% of muscle tissue is composed of collagen. Once we hit 30, the body starts losing as much as 5% of its muscle mass per decade. This is called “sarcopenia” and it’s a natural part of the aging process. Studies have shown that muscle mass loss can be halted and even reversed through dietary collagen supplementation.

Improved Heart Health

Arteries depend on a healthy level of collagen for structure. When collagen levels get too low, arteries become weak and fragile. This, in turn, leads to atherosclerosis and further dangerous complications like heart attack and stroke. Studies show that a frequent dose of collagen may reduce artery stiffness and help increase good cholesterol levels (HDL).

Better Gut Health

Studies are showing promising information that collagen may strengthen intestinal permeability and help alleviate leaky gut syndrome. Other studies are being conducted into the role that collagen plays in metabolism and how it may be even used to promote weight loss.

MitoCreamer Longevity

Fuel For The Metabolic Engines Of Your Body, your Mitochondria!

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