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A few recent reviews of Lifeboost Coffee...

“Lifeboost Coffee is my favorite! It’s extremely low acid and easy on the stomach. It gets my 5 star recommendation.”

Dr. Aaron Oxenrider

Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Regenerative Medicine Expert

“Best tasting organic low acid coffee ever! And it’s great on your teeth!”

Dr Gary Sanchez

Board Certified Dentist

“Found a great low-acid coffee called @lifeboostcoffee. Helpful if you suffer from reflux like I do.”

Jaimie Alexander


It’s YOUR Body, Protect & Support It Daily.
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At Lifeboost, we look at every day being a new beginning. And since coffee is a big part of your morning ritual, why would you ever treat yourself to anything less than the best? Meet our trademarked TRUSTPURE process that adds science and sustainability from farm to cup helping YOU achieve the healthiest, tastiest, lowest acid coffee that’s easy on your stomach.

We are surrounded by toxins from the land, water, air, and food. As we age, these toxins bioaccumulate in our bodies and can lead to potential health issues. That’s why we 3rd party test for 400+ toxins including mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides and even glyphosate. The result? A delicious, smooth coffee with all the health benefits and none of the toxins that most coffees contain. Sustained energy without the crash or jitters or stomach issues. Try our Doctor Recommended coffee for yourself. We guarantee it.

3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals & over 450+ compounds and toxins

How Is Lifeboost Coffee™ Different From Other Brands?

We have one mission: To be THE healthiest coffee company on the planet that supports our farmers while protecting the environment, and wildlife.

Only Organic

Our coffee is mold & chemical-free, non-GMO, shade grown, fairly traded, and single origin


We source the top 2% of specialty-bean coffee in the world from small farms


3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals & over 450+ compounds and toxins


Our coffee is roasted fresh in small batches only after you order

Delivered and Fresh

Shipped within 48 hours and ready to be enjoyed