Long Black Coffee vs Americano

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There are numerous drinks that can be made from a single espresso shot, and the drinks can be fairly similar in certain circumstances. 

The long black coffee and the americano are two drinks that are quite similar yet differ in one important way. So, what's the distinction between a long black coffee and an americano?

What is a Long Black Coffee?

A long black coffee, which originated in New Zealand and Australia, is made with one or two shots of espresso diluted with either cold or hot water. This helps to soften the strong flavors of espresso, allowing you to appreciate the complexities of your coffee.

The layer of crema on top of the coffee as well as the amount of espresso in the drink is what distinguishes a long black coffee. Long Black Coffee Vs AmericanoCrema is a rich and creamy froth that can only be found when espresso is brewed. Crema forms when the soluble oils present in dark roast beans interact with the air bubbles produced during the brewing process.

This frothy layer is what distinguishes a long black coffee from an americano. When compared to other black coffee beverages, the crema gives the drink a creamy consistency and enriches the flavors.

What is an Americano?

The history of americano coffee dates back to World War II. It’s a more popular alternative for coffee consumers who prefer a strong black coffee. 

The order in which the components are poured makes the difference between an Americano and a long black coffee.

The americano coffee drink is comparable to a typical black coffee made with a drip or pour-over, except instead of brewed coffee, it uses shots of espresso. 

When compared to other brewing methods, the process of an espresso machine produces a richer flavor, making an americano a well-rounded drink.

It has a strong flavor, depending on the coffee beans you use, but it’s not as robust as a long black coffee or a fresh shot from your espresso machine. An americano is likewise a thinner beverage because the crema of the espresso is instantly diluted with hot water.

Long Black Coffee vs Americano 

What you pour initially determines the difference between americano and coffee

Pour boiling water into your cup before adding espresso to make a long black coffee. An americano is produced by first pouring espresso into your cup and then adding hot water.

You need to understand the difference if you want to brew your own at home or if you want to be prepared for your next trip to the coffee shop. americano vs long black coffeeEven though the drinks have the same components, the differences in how they’re made produce a noticeable distinction.

It's also worth noting that putting water and coffee grounds through a coffee filter doesn’t result in a long black coffee or an americano. You'll get a tiny cup of coffee, just not an americano or a long black coffee. 

Below, we discuss the differences between a long black coffee and an americano in-depth:


Long black coffee has a somewhat darker color, a lot of crema on top, and a smaller volume. Because of the pouring method, the crema on top of the americano is thinner. 

Furthermore, because more water is added to the espresso, the americano has a larger volume.

Brewing Method

Double shots of espresso are required in the traditional recipes for both long black coffee and americano. The espresso is put into a cup pre-filled with hot water for the long black.

Hot water is poured over the espresso in the same cup for the americano. The order in which the water is poured and the volume of water used makes all the difference.


If you want a milder espresso drink but don't want to add milk because of the calories, these two drinks are ideal. Long black coffee and americano both have nearly no calories. They're perfect for folks who follow a strict diet, such as fasting or a low-calorie diet.


Both drinks contain the same ingredients: espresso and hot water. Long black coffee is made with an equal amount of espresso and water.long black coffee or americanoThe americano is made with 1:2 and 1:3 coffee to hot water. Most cafes serve both beverages with two espresso shots, although you can request a single shot if you want.


Long black coffee is for people who prefer their espresso to be a little less powerful. 

However, due to the equal amounts of espresso and water, the majority of the strong flavor remains. An americano, on the other hand, has a strong espresso taste due to its higher water content.

Making a Long Black Coffee

Making a long black coffee is an easy and amazing technique to learn. The first and most important step is to start with water. If you follow that, you'll be fine.

Here's the complete list of steps you'll need to take:

  1. 4 ounces of water, heated to 195 degrees Fahrenheit (about 90 C).
  2. Fill a small coffee cup halfway with water.
  3. Pour in 2 ounces of espresso from as close to the surface as possible.

When you see some crema, which is the amber or tan-colored foam that forms on the surface of a well-made espresso and floats atop the water, you know you've made a proper long black coffee. 

Americano Coffee Recipe

Knowing how to make an americano should be a top priority for any coffee enthusiast or aspiring barista. Once you've prepared your cup, follow the americano coffee recipe below:

  1. Heat 6 ounces of water to 195 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius) and leave aside.
  2. Fill an empty cup halfway with 2 ounces of espresso.
  3. Fill the cup halfway with boiling water.

It's worth noting that the hot water-to-coffee ratio is somewhat lower in the case of long black coffee. 

An americano is often made with a somewhat higher total volume; normally eight ounces of fluid instead of six. You can adjust the volume of each recipe to your liking, but it is advised that you keep the ratios at 2:1 for a long black coffee and 3:1 for an americano. americano or long black coffeeIt’s also possible to make an americano coffee with milk. Keep in mind that caffeine is best taken in moderation.

Which is Better?

While everyone has distinct flavor preferences for their coffee, some enjoy stronger black coffee. 

The crema in a long black coffee lasts far longer than it does in an americano, when it is usually broken up by hot water. Crema has a lot of flavor and is similar to drinking velvet.

Many folks prefer a milder flavor or aren't fans of crema. If this is the case for you, it is advised that you get an americano.

Each is delectable in its own right. If you like coffee and haven't tried it yet, put the long black coffee and the americano on your wishlist.

Final Thoughts

The quantity of espresso shots in an americano versus a long black coffee is the key distinction. 

An americano contains one shot and a long black coffee can contain up to two or three shots, depending on how powerful you want your drink. The crema in a long black coffee lasts far longer than it does in an americano, when it’s usually dissolved by adding hot water. Crema has a lot of flavor.

Many folks prefer a milder flavor or aren't lovers of crema. If this is the case, you should absolutely try an americano. Each is delectable in its own right. 

If you like coffee and haven't tried them yet, put the long black coffee and the americano on your list.

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