The Welcome Module

  • Welcome to the Program!
  • Coffee and Inflammation: The TRUTH
  • Introduction to the Inflammation Elimination Game!
Week 1

  • How Toxic Are We?
  • How to Replace Your Most Common Toxic Products
  • Simple Strategy to Reduce the Toxicity of Your Food
  • Detoxifying Your Environment
  • Tools to Implement a Simple Detox Program
Gut Health
Week 2

  • Why Gut Health is Critical to Reducing Inflammation
  • Your Gut and Its Impact on Inflammation
  • The Sneaky Truth About Gut Bacteria
  • Breathe to Improve Gut Function and Reduce Inflammation
Week 3

  • The Importance of the Right Nutrients
  • Your Relationship with Food and Inflammation
  • Specific Foods to Avoid
  • Critical Nutrients to Reduce Inflammation
  • The Science Behind Specific Diets
Week 4

  • The Powerful Effect of Sleep on Inflammation
  • How to Improve Your Sleep Quality FAST
  • The Most Effective Mental Practice for Better Sleep
  • Specific Foods and Supplements to Improve Your Sleep
  • Congratulations and Next Steps!

  • Welcome to the Bonus Content + Hydrogen Water Secrets
  • The One Stretch to Reduce Inflammation
  • Your Mind as a Weapon Against Inflammation
  • A Simple Anti-Inflammatory Home Workout

The Inflammation Code: An Online Program to Help You Reduce Inflammation Fast

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