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One Last Thing...

I love hearing people's reactions when they finally discover what the world has been keeping from them for decades.

So please do me a favor, okay?

After you've savored your first cup of this extraordinary coffee, shoot me a quick note at support@lifeboostcoffee.com and let me know how you liked it!

You'll look forward to sharing this luxury with close friends and family like a fine wine only brought out on special occasions.

To Your Health (and Amazing Coffeee),

Dr. Charles Livingston

Opportunities Like This Don't Come Along Very Often. And When They Do, They Don't Stick Around Long

Right now, you have the opportunity to get your hands on up to 6 10oz bags of these Microlot Specialty Java Blue coffee beans. I'm limiting availability to 6 bags per customer because I want to give as many coffee lovers as possible the chance to savor this extremely RARE opportunity.

Once we receive your order, we'll delicately roast your coffee beans and rush them right to your door. That way, you get the freshest flavor and aroma possible!