Clean, Low Acid Coffee For Your Health

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A passionate kiss of vanilla wraps itself around perfectly roasted Nicaraguan beans, resulting in a creamy, bright flavored brew.

Get The Best Single Origin Coffee Beans In A FRENCH VANILLA FLAVOR! Act Now As We Have A VERY Limited Supply

  • Medium Roast Coffee Beans (Specialty Arabica Beans)

  • Single Origin From Small
    Farms In A Nationally Protected Area

  • Shade And Elevation Grown (Slow Grown In The Mountains Of Nicaragua For Optimal Flavor And Low Acidity)

  • Fairly Traded (Our Coffee Farmers Are Paid A Fair Wage)

french vanilla natural Essential Oil Extract

  • Derived Only From Their Natural Sources And Ingredients.
  • Zero Added Sugar.
  • Zero Added Calories.
  • We Use Only The Highest Quality Essential Oil Extracts.
  • Natural Oil Based Extracts Versus Artificial/Chemical Extracts
    Mean A Flavored Coffee You Can Really Taste
    And Is Not Unhealthy For You.

Escape to a Quaint Parisian Café with Our French Vanilla Blend

On a brick-lined street in Paris, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sits a quiet café where catching up over coffee is a daily pleasure. Seated at a small, white table outside, you catch hints of real vanilla and rich cream drifting from the open café door, mingled with the unmistakable aroma of freshly roasted coffee. It’s a moment you can’t help but savor

Our French Vanilla Single Origin Coffee captures the essence of a secluded French café with its tantalizing notes of vanilla and satisfying flavor of fresh cream. It’s no wonder so many people wouldn’t trade it for any other coffee – after all, you deserve to indulge. Try it today and discover your own quiet place

“Drink Coffee and Save the Planet”

A portion of the profits are donated to Rainforest Trust and Project Alianza for conservation of the wild life and to build schools in local areas for the farmers children.

I have a big sweet tooth. When I'm looking for something to satisfy this craving during the day or after a meal, I make a cup of Lifeboost's Specialty Flavored Coffee and add a couple tablespoons of heavy whipping cream.

You have one of the most delicious healthy treats on the planet.

It's quite possibly heaven in a cup"

- DR. Charles Livingston D.C., C.C.W.P


Single Boost




About a 2-week supply of coffee for 1-2 Lifeboosters drinking daily and appreciate a premium coffee drinking experience.


(+S & H)

Triple Boost




A great fit for 1-2 Lifeboosters who start every morning with a mug of coffee. Three bags include enough coffee beans to last about a month an a half.


($23.00 Per Bag)

Turbo Boost




About a 4-week supply of beans for 3 to 4 coffee drinkers. Great for the office or a home with multiple coffee connoisseurs.


($21.00 Per Bag)

STEP 2: do you prefer whole beans or ground?

Coffee Beans:

If you want the absolute freshest cup of coffee, then you'll want to choose beans and grind them yourself. It's a little more work, but coffee connoisseurs have their rituals!

Ground Coffee:

If you want quick and easy, choose this. You will sacrifice a bit of freshness, but the speed and simplicity may be worth it. Don't worry, we seal it airtight to preserve the highest amount of freshness possible!