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Doctor's Endorsements: Why We Recommend Lifeboost Coffee To Patients (And We’re Customers)

“Lifeboost Coffee is my favorite! It’s extremely low acid and easy on the stomach. It gets my 5-star recommendation!"

Dr. Aaron Oxenrider

Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and Regenerative Medicine Expert

“Best tasting organic low acid coffee ever! And it’s great on your teeth!”

Dr. Gary Sanchez

Board Certified Dentist

“Lifeboost Coffee is one of the healthiest, smoothest coffee's I've ever had. The ultra low acidity makes it perfect for those with stomach issues and digestive problems. Couple that with the rich, full bodied flavor and it's a treat I look forward to every day.”

Joseph R. Feste, M.D. FACOG, AACS, AACG, Natural Bio Health, Hormones & Weight Loss.

Member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians.

“Wow. Having studied health and anti-aging for years as well as owning several anti-aging medical clinics, I'm well aware of the health research behind a good cup of coffee. After tasting Lifeboost, I was WOW'ed by the difference. Most organic coffees don't taste that good! They seem bland in comparison. The ultra low acidity is definitely a PLUS as well. Keep up the good work!”


"Doctorate in Natural Medicine, Health Practitioner Diplomate in the Clinical Science of Anti-Aging, Fellow and Advanced Fellow of Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine."

From The Desk Of
Dr. Charles Livingston:

I know what you’re thinking… Not ANOTHER subscription! Give me just a smidge of your time to let me explain WHY this subscription is different from all the others. ( I appreciate you being open minded.) Our coffee is different. Our approach to customers is different. We want to be YOUR coffee concierge.

Put our number on speed dial, live chat with us, text us or email us. We’ll take care of you. If we don’t get your issue fixed? We’ll refund you.

There are no “accidental billings” here. We always make it right. Don’t know what roast or flavor to get? We’ll give you our best recommendation based on your preferences.

Stomach Friendly, Healthy Coffee

One of the biggest complaints about coffee is the digestive discomfort from some brews. You probably know all about it yourself… the heartburn, indigestion, bathroom trips, and more. Sometimes you just don’t know what a given coffee is going to do to your stomach!

Now, a lot of that discomfort has to do with the acid in your stomach. And you may also know the discomfort depends on the type of roast you drink. (Hint: darker roasts are easier on your stomach!) So it can be a gamble as to how your stomach will handle a new coffee.

But because of the steps you’ve just read about above, Lifeboost Coffee guarantees its coffee won’t bother your stomach! OR we’ll refund you. There’s nothing inside that can trigger excess stomach acid or affect digestion.

Light, medium, dark or decaf, you choose your beans and your stomach is happy.

On top of low acidity, Lifeboost Coffee has none of the junk swimming around in most coffees that aggravates your stomach. That means no pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or mycotoxins. That means nothing that careless farmers and profit-hungry manufacturers use to get their brews out the door fast.

Benefits of Lifeboost First Class

If you’re spending your hard earned money with us, we want to give you a first class experience that blows all other subscriptions away!

Best pricing (save up to 48%)

Don’t think about it (convenience - you don’t run out, no frustration, no grocery store trips)

Skip, delay or gift ANY shipment (you’re in control)

Complete control over your subscription and if you need help, just give us a call or email us! We’ll do it for you. (Think of us as your concierge)

Best coffee loyalty program out there!

Free coffee

Free swag

Free gifts

Do things and earn coffee perks! (Generous point system and easy to use your points!)

Referral Rewards

Give it away and someone uses it... you get points!

First Class Club Pricing - If you have a subscription, get extra bags for 15 dollars on select coffees monthly that you choose as add ons! (100 dollar a year value for this)

Helps farmers get a consistent paycheck (They know monthly how much they sell and what to expect so they can plan ahead)

Create even more social impact with us with our non-profit requests page! (Our subscribers can send us a non profit they are involved in and we will donate bags of coffee for the event or raffle!

The best fresh, single origin, low acid, mold free coffee delivered right to your door

Be Green with us! Order 3 or 6 bags to be sent every 3 months instead of 1 bag monthly! This will help us cut down on our carbon footprint nationally!

What our customers have to say:

Lifeboost shipped my order so fast that it felt like my first cup came right off the tree! This was the most vibrant experience of coffee I've ever had, and I highly recommend Lifeboost to anyone who wants to experience coffee as fresh and wonderful as it gets!

Karen M. 3x Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee 12 oz Bag

Life Boost Coffee is more than just drinking coffee - it’s an experience that no one should miss. It’s smooth with no bitter aftertaste and it’s delightfully pleasant. I’m glad Life Boost Coffee found me.

Everet K. 3x Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee 12 oz Bag - One Bag Free

We love Lifeboost coffee! been buying it for almost two years, with no plan to stop! Great taste, great value! Arrives right on time in super condition.

Deborah E. Single Origin Dark Roast Coffee 12 oz Bag

Love the product and you certainly can taste the difference.

Gay M. 3x Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee 12 oz Bag - One Bag Free

This coffee is so good and so much flavor. The decaf process was so clean with no chemicals and still retains the flavor. I served it to guests from Hawaii and he just texted me on how wonderful the coffee was I and I didn’t tell him it was decaf.

Kathleen M. 6x Decaf Coffee 12 oz Bag, Single Origin, Fair Trade Medium Roast

This coffee is very expensive, and worth every dime. I can drink without adding anything, no sugar or cream. So mellow and tasty! Thank you

Bonnie B. Single Origin Medium Roast Coffee 12 oz Bag - Bundle
Save up to 48% Now!

What Makes The Lifeboost Bean So Special?

Certified Organic

Only 3% of the entire world’s coffee is organic.

So while Lifeboost’s beans aren’t the only beans in the world, they are part of a tiny, healthy minority.

Of course, this means there are never any pesticides, herbicides or other toxic material used on our coffee plants. There are no genetically modified organisms or lab-made substances of any kind. Just honest-to-goodness, individually hand-picked coffee cherries. (Perfectly ripened the way nature intended.) How can we assure that? Because of the next process that separates Lifeboost from the rest.


Lifeboost Coffee beans are shade-grown. That means no sun beats down on the beans, allowing for natural maturation (and a rich, complex taste). Only 2% of the entire world’s coffee is shade-grown.

In fact, it’s because of the shade that no pesticides are needed. You see, coffee farmers need pesticides and herbicides to ward off bugs and pests that visit uncovered coffee plants. Why? Because there are no birds to rid the plants of the bugs. Without any shade, birds have no trees to land on and use for their natural hunting ground. No birds means more bugs. More bugs means pesticides are needed to keep the coffee plants intact. This crucial “cause and effect” directly impacts what you’re feeding your mind and body. (Are you starting to see how these rare processes put Lifeboost beans in the top one half of 1 percent of coffee beans in the world?)

Single Origin

Did you know most of the coffee for sale in retail stores and coffee shops are actually bean blends? That is, the coffee you’re consuming comes from various coffee plants and countries from around the world. (Yet it’s sold as one variety.) This may not sound concerning, but it might if you appreciate pure coffee. You see, because of these blends, it’s possible you can get beans mixed with pesticide-soaked beans. It’s possible you can get premium dark roast beans mixed with under-dried, toxin-filled lighter roast beans. There are too many combinations to list. At the end of the day, chances are you don’t know for sure what you’re drinking in your cup. But that’s just the way most coffee producers are.

Not Lifeboost Coffee though. Every bag of Lifeboost Coffee is guaranteed single origin.

Glyphosate Free

Glyphosate is the most widely used herbicide in agricultural history. In many countries Glyphosate is classified as a “non-food” crop which means that these herbicides sprayed on coffee are not highly regulated. Coffee is also the #1 pesticide/herbicide-sprayed crop in the world.

The bad news: Not only is glyphosate linked to cancer and reproductive issues in humans, but it’s linked to outbreaks of both animal and plant diseases due to the accumulation of the weed killer in the environment. This is also damaging the ecosystem by disrupting reproduction of aquatic creatures and altering essential gut bacteria in pollinators such as bees. If you’re anything like me, you definitely don’t want that in your daily cup of Joe. That’s why Lifeboost 3rd party tests specifically for Glyphosate. We want to ensure that YOUR health is a priority as well as the safety and protection of our wildlife and ecosystems.

Tested for Mycotoxins Twice (Before and After Roasting)

Mycotoxins are mold toxins that can occur in many substances. Naturally, that means they can grow inside coffee beans too. (Unfortunately, they’re far more common than you may think.) Mycotoxins can trigger anything from painful, full-body-inflammation to debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Several studies have also strongly linked mycotoxins with kidney diseases. Unfortunately, mycotoxins can end up in your brew if coffee farmers aren’t careful during the harvesting and roasting processes. But again, that’s where Lifeboost is different.

3rd Party Tested For 450+ Toxins

Trust but Verify. That’s something that we take to heart and just to make sure that our coffee is the cleanest, healthiest version we can find, we test for 450+ toxins including heavy metals, pesticides, acrylamide, bacteria and many other chemicals.

Clean Energy Boost

You know that feeling after drinking a cup of coffee where you suddenly feel sluggish again? And you feel like you need that next cup to give you the burst of energy the last one didn’t? Yeah, we’ve all felt it. But it’s not because of a lack of caffeine. That sluggish, brain fog-feeling has to do with (again) the unsavory, invisible guests in your coffee. After all, mycotoxins alone are proven to be neurotoxic (damaging to the brain)… never mind any other poisons lurking around.

Lifeboost Coffee on the other hand, gives a clean, lasting energy boost. Your concentration and your ability to get through the day will improve. You’ll feel alive and energetic— without the coffee “jitters”.

I should know. I experienced it firsthand when a generous individual sent me a sample of their premium medium roast beans from the fertile soil on the peak of Mt. Kilambé...

Everyone Is Talking About Lifeboost Coffee Including:

Adina Porter

Jordan Sparks

Terrence Terrell

Viola Davis

Wilmer Valderrama

Jaime Alexander

Guarantee The Love Your Coffee Guarantee

Coffee is personal. The source of beans and roasting process make each coffee unique. At Lifeboost, we want you to love your coffee so you realize the long-term benefits of drinking our clean, low acid, non-GMO, single origin coffee.

If you don’t absolutely love your Lifeboost Coffee product, let us know within 30 days of your order and we’ll exchange it for free or give you a full refund.

We encourage you to open a bag of our coffee, take in the aroma, make a cup, and try it for yourself. If you don’t love it, even if the bag is opened, we’ll help you exchange it for a roast or flavor you might like better or give you a refund.

At Lifeboost, we want you to love your coffee so you realize the long-term benefits of drinking our clean, low acid, non-GMO, single origin coffee.

The fastest way to get help with an exchange is to call us at 1-800-479-1596. Or, you can email us at and we’ll help you with your order.

Who You’re Supporting

Farmers Just Like Oscar. They all have their own unique story.

Drink Coffee And Save The Planet

Rainforest Project Alianza

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